Differences between Wormate.io and Worm Zone

Wormate.io and Worms Zone are among the most popular Slither.io-like games around but they aren't exactly the same game. Today, we'll take a deep dive into these games and figure out what makes them different. Differences between Wormate.io and Worm Zone large

Slither.io is one of the most popular IO games around that’s an innovative take on the classic Snake game. It has inspired many “offsprings” including the highly-popular Worms Zone and Wormate.io. Although both games are generally similar as they came from Slither.io, these games do have a few crucial differences that players, especially those who are looking to hop to the “other side”, might want to take note.

The most important difference is the power-ups between the two games. If you’re familiar with Worms Zone, you’ll know that the game has 6 different types of potions that you can pick up. There’s the green one that will increase the speed of your worm; the blue which will increase the amount of food eaten by 5 times; and the yellow potion that lets you see farther than usual by zooming out the screen.

Wormate.io, on the other hand, only has 3 potions. Only the green potion here corresponds with the green potion in Worms Zone, but all the other potions are different – the purple potion makes your worm bigger while the blue potion makes your worm more agile so you could turn better. Since there are no tooltips in both games, you won’t know that the potions will have effects that are different from the other game you’ve played before, and sometimes, that mistake can be costly, resulting in dying prematurely.

Not to mention, Wormate.io has multipliers (x2, x5, and x10) that you best make full use of if you aim to grow fast. Couple the multipliers with the yellow coin, which will grant you 5 desserts per coin, you’ll definitely be able to grow your worm a lot faster, if you’re strategic about it, then say in Worms Zone.

Of course, there are also aesthetic differences. Wormate.io has a black, gridded background and personally, I prefer the nicer-looking black background in Worms Zone. The types of food your worms eat are different too. Wormate.io is all about snacks, desserts, and other comfort food, like cakes, muffins, and a doughnut, while the worms in Worms Zone are able to have a much balanced and varied diet. Besides the usual tasty stuff, Worms Zone will also spawn healthier options like veggies (broccoli) and fruits (kiwi) too… and no, we’re not going into the argument on whether or not tomatoes are vegetables or fruits, but know that your worm can gobble up some sweet tomatoes too in the game!

Customization is another important aesthetic difference between those two games. Personally, I find that Wormate.io has organized all their available worm skins and other accessories in a more orderly manner, and thus, it is a lot easier to browse especially if you’re playing on the PC. Worms Zone may have slightly more customizations but it’s designed to be more convenient for mobile users. The way you get new skins can be different as well. You can share your worms on social media to unlock new skins in Wormate.io but you’ll need to farm for coins and purchase what you want on Worms Zone.

So, these are the main and important differences between Wormate.io and Worms Zone. That said, both games are insanely addictive and fun to play and there’s really no need to restrict yourself to playing only one or the other. Give both games a try and decide which one suits you the most!