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Heroes, Jackson comes again and he'd like to bring event!

From Jackson
Hi everyone, Do you guys remember me? I'm Jackson. A few days ago, I sent a video telling you that I'm going to explore an unknown land. During the expedition, I found out this place is called the Demon Continent. And it's filled with monsters! But there's the thing. A Goddess is imprisoned in this terrible land. I must help her, but I can't do it alone. So I'm asking you for help. Help me free her!

Event Time:9.14-9.18
1. Event duration: 5 Days
2. Collect the Goddess Shards in time to exchange.
3. Send a screenshot of the obtained Goddess in the comments below. Remember to leave your username and server.
4. The first 12 players(Depends on the sending time) to send the screenshot following the rules will receive a reward within 3 work days.
Visit September 13, 2018

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