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We've done some optimization and improvements since we've collected some suggestions and ideas on our Facebook. Please note it and if there is any query, please feel free to leave us messages in comments, thank you.

1. Thanks when we know that most players seem to really like Tara Temple, because it’s difficult and challenging.

2. Players think the new Sky Trail is good, but we need to develop new functions for the Star Tear Shard since many players have complaint that it’s useless, yet unable to sell directly.
--We've already updated and now altering Star Tear Shard can be sold now.

3. Kitten Club is not so worth playing, but it’s not about its playing tactics. Players wish they could raise the gold output.
--Because we have significantly increased the rewards, we decided not to make any changes to this feature for now. Moreover, it would take too much time and effort to change it.

4. The mouse is always disappearing randomly. This doesn’t allow players to fully enjoy their game.
--We've fixed this already.

5. Players have grumbled about the time limit of Eudaemon Arena. It would be better, in this situation, to extend the duration.
--We've added another duration: 18:00-20:00
--Update date: It’s expected to be updated on October 29th, during the maintenance.

6. Players hope that the delay issue would be fixed properly.
Update date: All servers will be updated by November the 5th.

Thank you for supporting us all the time.
October 30, 2015

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★★★ The W.T. Lag Survey - 2 ★★★

As it was mentioned in the Wartune Lag Issue Notice on Oct. 10th, we've already optimized the images in Version 5.0. And all the optimizations are expected to be finished in November's Wartune Version 5.1. We'd like to put on another survey now and ask for feedbacks from you.

We'll keep looking into this problem in order to solve it and improve your game experience more in the coming new version. Please select in the following list the features where you encounter lag issues, and write the name of the scenes in the comments. It would be very helpful if you could send us some screenshots too. <3 <3

Thank you for helping us solve this problem. We are looking forward to your reply. If you think there is something else that needs to be improved, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. :) :)

② Cloud City
③ World Boss
④ Multi-player dungeons
⑤ Multi-player Arena
⑥ Land Of Twilight
⑧ Others (if any, please fill it here)

PS: You can select more than one option.

Thanks for supporting Wartune all the time.

The Wartune Team
October 30, 2015


We know some of you will be putting on Halloween costumes to party with your friends. Please take some pictures and share them with Wartune. Participate in War-lloween and you can win some spooky Wartune rewards.

Please don't forget to leave your character name and server in comments with the pictures!

Duration: Oct. 28th to Nov. 1st, 2015 (PDT) :D :D

The Wartune Team
October 29, 2015


Do you like to paint your nails? Here's your chance to do it with Wartune! You play too many video games but doesn't like to play them? Now you can get them involved! :) :) Please join Wartune's Halloween nail design contest.

Send us pictures to win some rewards, thank you!

Duration: Oct. 24th to Oct. 27th, 2015(PDT).

Thanks for following Wartune's page!

Welcome to share and like the post. <3 <3
October 25, 2015


Welcome to visit Wartune's Instagram!
Account: wartunecommunity
October 21, 2015


Dear Lords,

As a core gamer, have you ever recorded any great gaming moments, such as personal videos on game strategies or game guiding? From now on, you can share any Wartune videos recorded by yourself with us. If they get picked up and we upload your videos on our channel, you get rewarded. The more great videos you share, the more rewards you are likely to receive.

Duration: Valid forever
Participation method:
Please send us videos through facebook messages or our official mail:, specifying your character name and server so that we can send you rewards.

Thank you very much for joining this Wartune Event. Have fun!

The Wartune Team
October 20, 2015


War-lloween is coming soon! Will you make some pumpkin decorations at home for a party with family and friends? Better start getting ready! We'd love for you to share pictures or videos of your preparations with us. If you do, you have the chance to get some fun gifts from us!

Thank you and have fun!

Duration: Oct. 19th to Oct. 23rd, 2015

Thanks for sharing this post to your friends! <3 <3
October 19, 2015


Warlloween is coming soon! Dear Lords, please stay tuned and we'd like to give each of you an invitation on the Facebook. :) :) :)

Keep this invitation and remember to come to all our parties and events then! Have fun, we really wish you can enjoy Halloween 2015! :D :D

A little reveal of what's coming up: Can you make us a pumpkin? B| B|

The Wartune Team
October 16, 2015


Wartune Community added 3 new photos.

Interesting Fan Arts by @Leeara Yeager @Nancy Mislan @Noy Delacruz October 15, 2015


Thank you for sharing these pictures with us! :D :D

Who will be winners and get some gifts~ Stay tuned, lucky stars.
October 12, 2015


★★Wartune Lag Issue Notice★★

Dear Wartune players,

Many players reported having lag issues. We investigated and found the reason for these problems.

Please refer to the picture in details, thank you.

We will optimize the reading cache sequence and loading resources.

All the optimizations are expected to be finished in November's Wartune Version 5.1.

Thank you for supporting Wartune. We really appreciate your feedback and we will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible!

The Wartune Team
October 10, 2015


Cool Fan Art!
By Shiori, S373

Thank you for sharing with Wartune!
October 10, 2015


Blood Warrior’s Make-up PvP

SOS, SOS, SOS…. We have a new guard coming in October called the Blood Warrior. He wants very much to go to a Halloween party. Unfortunately our designers are too busy coming up with new content to draw him a Halloween costume(just draw him a hat and a mask...)! Could you please help design some scary decorations, some cool costumes, some spooky backgrounds or weapons for our new guard?! Thank you so much. He will be the talk of the party. How else is he going to get a beautiful dancing partner? Please note that we will POST his original picture below in the comment. Please pay attention to that picture, thank you! :D :D

Duration: 19:00, Oct. 8th to 19:00, Oct.13th, 2015(PDT) B-| B-| B-| Rewards: Spooky Halloween Gift Pack

Please send us pictures in the comments as well as your character name and server so that we can send you rewards. Thank you very much for joining this Wartune Event. Have fun!

The Wartune Team
October 9, 2015


Dear Lords,

Thank you for your great support all the time!

Our legitimate staff will never ask you for users' accounts and passwords in any way. Don't believe any mails or messages which ask for passwords. If you find someone send you this kind of message in the game, please immediately report to the game customer service and we will have the appropriate punishment for violators.

The Wartune Team
October 6, 2015


Werewolf Chests and Witch’s Gifts

Werewolf and witch costumes have always been a key Halloween costume. For women, the make-up and costumes are always very sexy and fashionable, and it's a lot of fun to dress up in your own. Have you ever tried a spooky witch or a beautiful vampire? Get prepared and have fun on War-lloween night! Coming soon!

We've added Werewolf Chests and Witch’s Gifts to Wartune this October. Get collecting those boxes as soon as possible, Lords!

Werewolf Chest: 09/30-10/6
Witch Gift: 10/7-10/13
October 3, 2015


There are lots of traditional Halloween recipes such as apple wine, toffee apples, pumpkin pie, candy corn and many other creative, creepy Halloween specialties! I've seen frozen banana ghosts, freaky finger red velvet cake, chocolate bat biscuits, Frankenstein cupcakes, eyeball pasta, spooky spider cakes, and chocolate orange spider jellies…:D :D What other Halloween recipes can you think of~?

Treat or Trick?!!! It seems like I'm already listening to the sounds of the neighborhood kids!!

We've added candy pieces to Wartune this October. Get collecting now, Lords!
October 1, 2015

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