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Wartune Community added 4 new photos.

September is going to end soon. Thank all the players who have joined us and sent many wonderful pictures to us!

See you soon in Oct. Have a nice time and enjoy the game. :) :)

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September 30, 2015

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Do you like Tara Temple or Eudaemon PVP in the new version? I think it's fantastic. If you think so too, remember to "LIKE" us. Also, if you think there is something that should be improved, please feel free to tell us!

Thank you for your like and share! <3 <3
September 25, 2015


Lovely...<3 <3
Thank you guys for sharing so many pictures to Wartune!
Be happy with your pets every day!

@Nancy Reed
September 25, 2015


Meow meow~~ :D :D

Bennigan: I'm ready for travelling now, take me!

Thank you guys. @Karen Boldosser
September 25, 2015


Meow meow~~ Maybe I just need to lose a little bit weight to fly away....ahahah

Cat's Halloween Costumes?! Love your cat! <3 <3

Thank you guys! @Janka Ryza
September 24, 2015


Somebody help! I think my cat is an alien!!!
⚡ ⚡ ⚡
Thank you guys for sharing so cute pets to us!! <3 <3 <3

Please like and share!
September 23, 2015


Baby, you're cute!! <3 <3

@Jun Nuevaespana
September 23, 2015


<3 Meow meow~~~

Tripèdè: I'm really sleepy now...let me get some sleep first..

Thank you guys! @Tommy Hunter
September 22, 2015


Dear Lords,

We launched an official Wartune Public Group on our official Facebook page! Join us and post or share your Wartune experience and find friends to play with!

Check our Group, you will have the chance to receive exchange codes. We will post codes on 20:00, Sept. 21st, 2015(PDT). Link:

Come to claim them! Lots of rewards are waiting for you! Be fast, only the first one to use it will receive the rewards. The first codes will be available at 20:00 on Sept. 21st(PDT). Hurry up to get yours! Are you ready?!

Please follow Wartune’s official fan page and public group for more details.

<3 <3 Please like & share, thank you!
September 21, 2015


<3 Meow meow~~~
Furão: I'm too sleepy...
Thank you guys! @Artradis Bottini
September 21, 2015


We already launched the new feature - Kitten Club. Cute cats must have brought you a lot of fun?!

Reply to the post with a photo of you and your pets or your story with them to take part in the event (stories with photos are preferred). Also please don't forget to post the house of the pet, hahah. Cute cats are most welcomed in Wartune now! Thank you! :D :D :D

We will select some lucky winners and reward them with mysterious gifts!

Duration: 20:30 Sept. 20th to 20:30 Sept. 24th, 2015(PDT).

Have fun sharing your cats, your pets!

★★★Play Now:
September 21, 2015


In Wartune V 5.0, we added a new Eudaemon with high PATK and MDEF - Wind Ranger. In addition, a new feature, Eudaemon Arena, is now launched, in which Eudaemons can fight against each other! ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ More details, please find out in the game! Run out of the Tara Temple. Good luck and enjoy the game! September 18, 2015


We have launched an official Wartune Public Group from our Facebook page! Join us, share your Wartune experiences and find friends to play with!

Join the Group to share more about yourself and get more Wartune information.

The Wartune Team
September 18, 2015


Wartune V5.0 -- Tara Mystery--Temple Run

After launching the Dark & Light Sylph, Wartune will add a new powerful Sylph - Wind & Water Sylph. It's a perfect combination of wind and water power. The Sylph can help you complete the Temple Run faster. Hurry and get the Wind & Water Sylph!
September 15, 2015


Version 5.0 -- Tara Mystery--Boss Hakam
September 14, 2015


Dear Lords. Play Wartune! Thank Angelika and Amr Hamdy for sending us nice pictures! They are really wonderful players and are generous to share their stories and pictures with Wartune. We will send some rewards to them later for supporting Wartune all the way. :) :)

Welcome more players to share pictures with us by Facebook Messenger and we will post some more later. Have fun! Enjoy Wartune.
September 12, 2015


:) :)

Dear Lords! Have a nice weekend.
September 11, 2015


Wartune V5.0 -- "Tara Mystery"--Temple Run

Please Like & Share, thank you! <3 <3

He is born in chaos and grows from the darkness. Gods are fighting with each other and demons are conquering the world. Everything is in complete disorder. Seeing the evil power devouring the whole world, will Tara be able to stop it? (y) (y) (y)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
Tara Temple Dungeon Introduction
★★★ [How to Join] :D :D

Players who have completed class advancement may participate in the event via the Hall of Heroes in Cloud City. Click on the event icon to host or join a multi-player dungeon. Players can edit the dungeon name and set a password when choosing to host a multi-player dungeon. Players can create a 4 person party (minimum 2 players) to challenge the dungeon, and the team leader can adjust battle formation.

★★★ [Requirements] Class Advancement
★★★ [Event Time] Available all day
★★★ [Attempt] Players can enter Tara Temple multiple times but will only receive rewards the first time they enter each week.
★★★ [Difficulty] Harder than Nightmare dungeons
★★★ [Rewards] BOSS and monsters may drop Holy Forge materials for Mythic Equipment. :) :) :)
September 11, 2015


Wartune V5.0 - "Tara Mystery"--Temple Run! Event I

In "Tara Mystery" , the new Wartune version, a new multiplayer Dungeon and Eudaemon will be added. Now imagine what kind of new contents will be added to the two features. Leave your guess and suggestions here! <3 <3

1. Stats needed the most in the new dungeon: Resistance, HP, Magic Defense or Physical Defense.
2. Class of the New Eudaemon: Knight, Archer or Mage.
3. Rewards for the new Eudaemon PVP feature: ★★★Blood of Zeus,Eudaemon Warpath Crysta, Eudaemon Skill Chest, Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence. ★★★

★★We will reward 20 random players who give us the best suggestions and correctly guess the updated contents.

★★Duration: Sept. 9th to 11th, 2015(PDT).
★★Rewards: Have a guess too? :) :)

★★Reply to the post and show us your guesses and suggestions in the following format:
Server: Proficient City S1; Character Name: xxx
1. Resistance
2. Knight
3. Blood of Zeus
Please feel free to leave your suggestions here. :) :)
September 9, 2015


Wartune Community shared their photo.

NO. 1 Burning Soul Dragon (left) and NO. 6 Draco Borealis (right) win the most votes! Congrats! These two names will be the official names for our new mounts.

NO. 1 : 172 votes NO. 2 : 96 votes NO. 3 : 101 votes
NO. 4 : 95 votes NO. 5 : 113 votes NO. 6 : 136 votes

Thank you very much for taking part in our vote event!

The Wartune Team
September 7, 2015


We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who’s liked our Fan Page! We've got over 420,000 fans, and we’re not stopping. We're giving rewards(Gold*50W; Daru*50W; Sylph Sepulcrum*15; Mahra*15; Mount Hoof*20; Fashion Core*2 ) if we get 430,000 Facebook LIKES before September 20th, 2015(PDT) !!! ✌ ✌ ✌ Fighting!!

Thank you again for supporting this game.
September 2, 2015

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