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Black Screen in the Mini Client:

Dear Lords,

Due to current version issues with Flash a black screen is sometimes appearing in the mini client. If you would like to continue to use the mini client we suggest you use an earlier version of Flash.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience. The problem is being taken care of by our technology support team, and we will publish a notice on our official website when the problem is solved.
All players will receive compensation for this glitch.
Thank you for supporting Wartune.

The Wartune Team
December 31, 2015

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December's New Mount - Christmas Bear is coming to the city! He's going to bring lots of presents to all of you, so stay tuned. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016! December 22, 2015


Get tattooed with the new tattoo system, then build and plunder in the Henna Labs! After you got the stats, then you can get more tats! Do it fast, the tattoo system is a must for the second class advancement, which will be coming in January, 2016.

Happy New Year and enjoy the new functions. Here’s a video to show you more.
December 18, 2015


Don's miss the lasts reward event: Christmas Connection! Win an iPad Pro!

The Proficient City Christmas Connection event has started. Wartune, Legend Knight, DDTank Mobile, DDTank Browser, and Eternal Fury are giving away prizes, post your picture and get your friends to participate. (Please note we have an example in the comments).

(y) 1. Join the event on our website or post your photos directly under this post(we will help you upload it).
PS: ★★You can also post the same picture on both the website and here under this post so that you have more chances to win prizes from the website and on Facebook. Thank you! ★★
(y) 2. Choose the Christmas picture you want to post.
(y) 3. Choose one of the five categories and upload your picture. (If the pic is related to Wartune, there are more chances to win!:) )
(y) 4. The fifth category is open, so post any Christmas photo you like! #UgliestXmasSweater, #biggestchristmasham, #bestchristmaslights...the possibilitiles are endless.
(y) 5. Don’t forget to write your character name, server and email, so that we can contact you.
(y) 6. After posting your picture, share it with your friends and have them like it!

Duration: 2015/12/14-2015/12/29

★★Facebook Rewards:
✔✔If we receive 10 pictures, we'll send rewards to all Servers: 200,000 Gold,Hennax5,Monthly Chest x5;
✔✔If we receive 30 pictures, we'll send rewards to all Servers: 400,000 Gold,Hennax10,Monthly Chest x10;
✔✔If we receive 50 pictures, we'll send rewards to all Servers: 600,000 Gold,Hennax30,Advanced Hennax5,Monthly Chest x15;
✔✔If we receive 80 pictures, we'll send rewards to all Servers: 1,000,000 Gold,Hennax50,Advanced Hennax10,Monthly Chest x20

PS: These rewards are seperate. Players will only receive one of them, please note it. Thank you for supporting us.

★★Website Rewards:
The person with the most likes in each category will win prizes including $100 gift card, limited edition postcards, and the photo with the most Likes over-all will win an iPad Pro!
December 14, 2015


Wartune Community updated their cover photo.

December 14, 2015


The news is spreading!

Help fund the novel at
December 14, 2015


Win an iPad Pro in Wartune! Merry Christmas!
--Christmas Connection Event (12/14 to 12/29, 2015)

White December is coming~ What will you do to commemorate the last month of 2015? Wartune, along with a few other Proficient City games, is holding its first annual Christmas Connection event with from 12/14 to 12/29. Post pictures of you and your loved ones enjoying Christmas on our contest website, then get your friends to like and share them.

★★★The person with the most likes in each category will win prizes including in-game rewards, limited edition postcards, and the photo with the most Likes over-all will win an iPad Pro!

★★★The contest will have 5 categories, so start thinking of the photos you want to take
1. Best Xmas Tree
2. Best Xmas Gift
3. Cutest Xmas Pet
4. Coolest Xmas Selfie
5. Open Category

We will announce details on Dec. 14th, 2015.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page so you don't miss your last chance in 2015 to win Wartune rewards!

Wartune fan page:
Wartune Instagram: wartunecommunity
December 12, 2015


Version 5.2
Your feedback is important to us!

How do you like the newest Eudaemon the Frost Panther Warrior in Version 5.2? And how do you think about the new tattoo system, and the Modifications to VIP System & Spirit Covenant?

Do you have any comment or suggestion for this new version? Please "Like" if you love it. Also, if you think there's something that should be improved, please feel free to leave messages under the post. Thank you for your Likes, Shares and Comments!

Here's a video! Please Like and share. <3 <3
December 11, 2015


Wartune Community added 3 new photos.

Thank you for your art. Hope more and more fans will send later.

The wartune novel art contest is over though, we'd like to reward players who have drawing talent and send us fan arts for a long term. Will you join?

For these players, we've prepared rewards and will announce name list later. Thank you.
@jasonc s173; @Kawaiyuuki S359; @Anubis75 s74 smile

For more information about the Wartune Browser to Book Project, please visit:
Play Now. Wartune official website:
December 10, 2015


Sweet. <3 Thank you very much for your fan art!

What are the names of these three cute knight girls?

:) :) @eley s173

For more information about the Wartune Browser to Book Project, please visit:
Play Now.
Wartune official website:
December 10, 2015


Who do you want to send you a Wartune postcard?

Which character, boss, or NPC would you like to get a postcard from? Let us know by leaving a message in the comments with @character in it. Maybe you'll guess right, who knows?!

We hope that you'll like the postcard. Here’s a sneak-peak of the back side, there's six in all.

We'll soon be announcing the winners of the art contest, so make sure you get your drawings and paintings in right away!
December 9, 2015


Introduction of New Eudaemon in new version
(y) (y) (y)

Frost Panther Warrior★★★ Please like and share. <3 <3

★★Level Requirement: Lvl. 70+ players can exchange the items required for Frost Panther Warrior with God Timo.

★★How to use Frost Panther Warrior: Open the Eudaemon panel and click “Deploy” to send the Eudaemon into battle with the character.

★★Eudaemon Growth: Eudaemon Upgrade, Equipment Upgrade, Skill Upgrade.

★★Eudaemon Traits
Frost Panther Warriors have High PATK and low MDEF, and they have the special abilities to reflect damage at enemies and increase healing effects received. Plus, attack range is larger when compared with other Eudaemons.

✔✔Passive 1 - Tit for Tat: Chance to reflect a certain amount of damage when being attacked.
✔✔Passive 2 - Refined Willpower: Increases PATK and healing effects received by a certain percent.
✔✔Active 1 - Violent Puncture: Deals damage to a random enemy.
✔✔Active 2 - Death Warrant: Deals damage to the target with the lowest HP.
✔✔Active 3 - Primitive Power: Deals damage to a random row of enemies.
✔✔Active 4 - Violent Rage: Deals damage to the whole enemy group.
✔✔Active 5 - Motivator: Motivate self, increasing damage dealt by a certain percent for 2 turns.
✔✔Active 6 - Inspiration: Generates an inspiring buff for all party members, increasing damage dealt in the next turn by 50%.
✔✔Critical Skill 1 - Primeval Awakening: Increases damage dealt by 300% for 3 turns, no crit.
✔✔Critical Skill 2 - Delphic·Unstoppable Barrage: Ignores enemy's damage for 2 turns. 100% chance to reflect damage to the enemy.

Can't wait to meet this new Eudaemon in Wartune?! Play Now. :D :D
December 8, 2015



Here are some questions that players mentioned about these days, we’d like to post this and please keep following Wartune’s new update, thank you very much!

1. Some players have said Tower of Kings is too difficult after the update.
We are constantly adjusting the game difficulty to make it appropriate for all players. We will soon update to version 5.2, and will adjust Tower of King's difficulty.

2. Lag issues.
Updates Nov. 26th's maintenance:
** Simplified crit numbers and canceled the blood effect.
**Fixed the “hide the object” bug button for the World Boss.
**Optimized the battle auto-hide function so that the system will actually stop clicking when the player hits cancel.

Update in the Version 5.5 of Mid-January:
**Skill resources format will be optimized, which will reduce the amount of resources that need to load.

3. Some players mentioned that there is less gold dropping after the update.
Please note that the gold drops in hot events will be increased. Please stay tuned.
December 7, 2015


Wartune Community added 2 new photos.

Fan Art from @Jasmine Gatchalliane and Ever Chan.

Thank you! Welcome to draw some pictures for Wartune Community. :D :D
December 4, 2015


What are your predictions for the Wartune Novel? Read the summary and guess what will happen next! Let us know what would excite you most in the Wartune novel? Thank you for your passion and support! Have fun.

★★★The young prince once had everything - a life people envied, doting parents, a caring master, and a bright future that only come with being the son of King Ferrero. Those times have been forgotten, swept away by tragedy and war. A war driven and dictated by the whims of one man. No, not a man.

A god.

But now the King is dead, and Knight crusader Yannick, the prince's master and friend, is charged with raising a man worthy of his father's throne. The boy only needs time - time to heal, time to live. But will humanity endure that long?

War approaches. A chilling prophecy drives the rapidly turning wheel of events fed by the greed and thirst for power of one god. Where will Earth's salvation come from? The forgotten Prince or the seasoned warrior Alkorn? Will humanity survive?★★★

The Wartune Team
December 3, 2015


Fan Art by @Mikann Lee

Is she a lonely hero? <3 <3

More information about Wartune Novel and Browser to Book Project, please visit:
December 2, 2015


Fan Art from @Irwan Hatake

Thank you! Three couples in Wartune! :D :D

More information about Wartune Novel and Browser to Book Project, please visit:
December 1, 2015

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