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Wartune Community added 3 new photos.

Thank you for sending precious drawing to us!
Wartune will keep these and share with all of you. :) :)

@Mentari Puteri; @Syam Arifin; @Mazen Alzohairy

Stay tuned! Anyone else would like to have a try?! :D :D

More information about Wartune Novel and Browser to Book Project, please visit:
November 30, 2015

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Wartune Community added 4 new photos.

Fan Arts from lBella, Akhtar, Ever and Teresa!

Thank you a lot for supporting Wartune Community. We're waiting for your own drawing. Come on!

More information about Wartune Novel and Browser to Book Project, please visit:
November 29, 2015


Wartune Community added 2 new photos.

Fan Art from Chris and Irwan Hatake! <3 <3

Thank you for taking part in the novel art contest. Join us and have fun!

More information about Wartune Novel and Browser to Book Project, please visit:
November 29, 2015


The Wartune Novel Art Contest starts now!
<3 <3 :D :D Welcome to Like and Share this post!

Since the Browser to Book Project began we’ve received a lot of ideas and suggestions from friends and fans. To support us, some of them have sent us some drawings! Thanks to everyone who did! You are talented, kind, funny and adorable.

We've decided to select a few pieces to add to the novel, so if you like to do art please send us some of your Wartune related works. Draw your favorite character, weapon, or boss, or paint an epic battle scene, or an unforgettable dungeon. Pick up your pencil and express what's in your mind, then send it to us in the comments or by Facebook messenger. We don’t care if you're good or not, we just want to see what you can do! We'll send you in-game rewards no matter what, and we've even got a few limited edition postcards, which will be sent by a mysterious figure from Wartune!

Themes we’d suggest:
1. Any game character; class, or a team you like.
2. Who do you think is the most suitable couple in Wartune?
3. What do the Wartune Bosses (dark side) look like in your mind?
4. Other themes (as you like).
Duration: Nov. 27th to Dec. 6th, 2015(PST).
For more information about the Wartune Browser to Book Project, please visit:
Play Now.
Wartune official website:
November 28, 2015


Our Wartune novel is no longer a dream! We're launching Browser to Book on Indiegogo to finally get it done. The novel will act as an extension of the game, and will give explanations for what's going on in the world. There will be adventure, battles, betrayal and of course, so much Wartune. We'd love for you to help us support this project, and we're thankful for every time you take an active part in our events!

Wartune launching a novel project on Indiegogo! For more details and events, please check your in-game mail! 

You can play the game at, check out the book’s website at, or become a backer at

For more information, events and rewards, please keep following our Facebook page, thank you! Have a nice day.
November 27, 2015


Thanksgiving Day 2015 has quietly arrived, and the Wartune Team wants to express our sincere gratitude and love to all of you players! Giving thanks is an essential part of life.

There are a few bugs in our newest version which have caused some unpleasant game experiences and we’re truly sorry about this. We’re fighting to get everything fixed. Just give some time to Wartune.

On a more pleasant note, we’ve prepared some great rewards and events for you on Thanksgiving Day. Are you interested? Come and check it out!

We’ve taken a look back this Thanksgiving, and have reaffirmed how thankful we are for all of your participation. You’ve sent us lots of pictures and stories these past 3 years, especially during the 3rd anniversary event. You are what motivates us to do better.

Today, we’ve prepared a special gift for you. It’s special and unique, want to try and guess what it is?
To see the present, please watch this 40 second video we’ve made! Happy Thanksgiving Day.
November 26, 2015


<3 <3 Happy #Thanksgiving Day <3 <3

Thanksgiving is coming!
Who will you invite to have Thanksgiving dinner together this year? I’m pretty sure you’ll all prepare a rich meal and a delicious turkey!
Share pictures of your Thanksgiving with us!!
We’ll be choosing a few random participants and send them rewards.

Duration: November. 25th to December. 2st, 2015 (PST)
<3Eudaemon Resistance Essence * 30
<3Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence * 30
<3Eudaemon Warpath Crystal * 30
<3Blood of Zeus * 80
<3Bound Balens * 200
November 25, 2015


Dear Lords, have a guess how the #tattoo system can be used in the new version?! :) :) Please leave your messages in comments, thanks.

There will be a Tattoo system in the new #Wartune. They say it’s much cooler than any clothing you can find, and it can directly boost player’s attributes! Do you want to have a try as soon as possible?? :D :D <3 <3

Stay Tuned.

Wartune Tattoo System, Version 5.2.
November 24, 2015


Wartune Community updated their profile picture.

November 24, 2015


Wartune Community updated their cover photo.

Guess what's new in the 5.2 version?!
Lots of new functions and updates are waiting for you, stay tuned! :) :)
November 24, 2015


Sylph themed packs on sale and recharge rewards. All on Black Friday! November 24, 2015


★★ What are you thankful for in 2015? ★★

It’s already been over three years since Wartune was released, which seems to have gone by pretty fast. The Wartune team decided to launch a mystery project of Wartune as a commemoration. We’re inviting you to make a 5 to 10-second video to express your wishes for the coming Thanksgiving or your personal thoughts on the mystery project.

◆Participants whose videos we choose to use will receive a Thanksgiving Card Chest, and we’ll select some others randomly and send them limited Wartune postcards and mystery packs.

◆Duration: Nov. 20 - Nov. 25, 2015(PST).

How to participate: record a video (better with a resolution of 1280 x 720) and send it to or send it to us through Facebook Message.

If we use your video: Thanksgiving Card Chest x 20 (there’s no limit of players that can receive these)
Lucky players (We will select five players from those whose videos we will use): Postcard + Violet Night Wings x 1+ Emblem of Fire & Electro x 50

Thank you very much for joining us! Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you soon.
November 20, 2015


Wonderful gaming show from i-Muiz!! November 18, 2015


Feel like your wardrobe is missing that special something? Come and check out the stylish Fashion set we have prepared for you lords this month!! What? You haven't got the new fashion set yet? Keep up the hard work!
November 17, 2015


Wartune-Thor and Tyre: Fire & Electro Sylphs are in Wartune 5.1, stunning our CloudyCity with its grandeur!! November 16, 2015


Pray for Paris

A terrible thing has come to pass in a country that has already seen too many terrible things.

We at Wartune would like to send out our hearts to everyone in Paris. These are troubled times, but we know that you have the strength to persevere.

Wartune Team
November 14, 2015


New Guild, New Rules and New Challenge!

It’s been a while since our new version has been updated. In order to allow more players to participate in the Guild battle, the new version has opened a new Guild in which players of Level 6 or above can join and all members of the Guild can participate without having a level limit. You’ll also be able to participate several times. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

In the new Guild, members can accumulate Warpath by donating their Darus, so as to upgrade the Boss’ level. The Guild Master can choose the level of the Boss as he desires! Successfully Challenging the Guild Beast would give 300 Fangs of Fear and Luck Stones. If you lose the battle, you’ll receive 150 Fangs of Fear.

It takes only half an hour to complete every battle in the new Guild. So, are you ready to take the challenge?
November 12, 2015


Wartune Community shared their photo.

WOW~ Until today, there are 6 achievements have been done!! Lords, keep fighting for full server together!!! GO!!

1. Going Viral: Create a brand-new Wartune meme.
2. One-Punch: Do 1,000,000+ damage in one hit.
7. Devoted: Complete all Devotion quests.
13. Faster!: Finish the Run Circuit Quests .
19. Can't Touch This: Reach top 3 in Guild Battle Rating.
25. It's Over 9000!: Reach a battle rating of 1,500,000.
November 11, 2015


Dear lords,
Thanks for your support! Wartune's Youtube Channel (Wartune PCL) now has over 300 fans! As promised, we are sending server rewards to everyone! Check it out!

Thank you again and hope you all have fun!
Wartune Team
November 9, 2015


We’ve got a challenge for you this November!

We’ve made up a list of 25 achievements, and we want to see how many you can get done. Finish at least 20 and we’ll give rewards to everyone who plays Wartune. Do one of the achievements and get your own special rewards! Leave your comments and pictures under the post. And send videos of you completing the achievement by Facebook Messenger with your server and character name.

Help out your fellow players and have some fun!

Achievement Details:
1. Going Viral: Create a brand-new Wartune meme.
2. One-Punch: Do 1,000,000+ damage in one hit.
3. Tell The World: Draw a 2m long WARTUNE on the sidewalk.
4. Stabby Stab: Draw five Wartune weapons.
5. Speed Run: Complete Tara Temple within 5 minutes.
6. Friendly Faces: Reach 425,000 Likes on Facebook.
7. Devoted: Complete all Devotion quests.
8. Artsy Fartsy: Draw 3 Wartune comics.
9. A Single Step: Use an app to write Wartune by running or biking.
10. Planking: Plank for 10 minutes.
11. Share the love: Take a picture by a bride of yourself holding a sign that says 'I Love Wartune'.
12. Riches Beyond Imagining: Get 6000 points in Jewel Hunt.
13. Faster!: Finish the Run Circuit Quests .
14. YMCA: Take a picture of a group of people using their bodies to spell Wartune.
15. Zoom Zoom Wartune: Decorate your car Wartune style.
16. Hey Meow: Take 3 cat-beard pictures.
17. On top of the world: Make a video of someone doing a handstand for 3 minutes while singing a song.
18. Home of the Brave: Complete the Braves' Battle (Guild Boss).
19. Can't Touch This: Reach top 3 in Guild Battle Rating.
20. Nom Nom Nom: Make a Wartune themed dessert.
21. Easy As...:Take 5 pictures of people stealing candy from a baby.
22. Use That Degree!: Take a picture of some Wartune coffee art.
23. Autumn in the Air: Exchange a set of November Fashion.
24. Bloody: Upgrade Guard Blood Warrior to max level.
25. It's Over 9000!: Reach a battle rating of 1,500,000.
November 6, 2015


Let's share fun together!! November 5, 2015


Wartune Community shared their photo.

November 5, 2015


Dear lords,

Thank you for having supported Wartune for so long. We would like to announce you that our official YouTube channel is available now!

You can find some of our own game videos, but also some amazing videos made by our talented players.
Subscribe to our official YouTube: Wartune PCL!

If the number of fans on our YouTube channel reaches 300, we will send the following rewards to all servers!!

Gold*30000, Daru*30000, Mahra*50, Fashion Core*10, Eudaemon Warpath Crystal*50, Blood of Zeus*50, Bound Balens*100, 7-Day VIP Card*1.

Please like and share the post. Thank you!

Wartune Community
November 4, 2015


Warriors, do you know what name the mount is?
No? Find it on this picture!! (tips:what will be hiden in clouds :P)
November 3, 2015

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