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New Mount Released

Stolen from its parent in the dead of night, this baby griffin is likely to become a very intimidating beast one day…
February 28, 2014

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Hey guys, can you guess what the magic Card system is? February 27, 2014


[Announcement]Wartune 2.1 Part IV Launches

Wartune 2.1 Part IV will be pre-launching on S1 @11:30 PM PST(Feb 25th), it is expected to take approximately 2 to 3 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

Patch Notes:
-Unlocked New System: [Treasure Hunt].
-Unlocked New System: [Card System].
-Adjusted several item descriptions.
-Resolved various typographical errors.

Thank you for your patience!
February 26, 2014


Hello my friends!

WARTUNE will have update maintainance from 23:30 24th February to 02:30 25th February. 2014. (PST), it's expected to take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Fixed the issue in which the Jewel Hunt, Fishing, Circuit Quests, Tower of Kings and EXP Recovery were not resetting.

【Compensation Pack Details】
All characters may receive:
2,000,000 Gold
2,000,000 Daru
Soul Crystal x80
Lvl. 1 Gem Pack x20
Runestone x5
Extreme Stamina Potion x1
Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1

Character Level ≥ Lvl. 38 may also receive:
Bronze King Chest x10
2,000,000 Gold
2,000,000 Daru
Soul Crystal x100
Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x5
Runestone x10
Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x3
Extreme Stamina Potion x2
Skeleton Key x15

Thank you for your support!
February 25, 2014


“And thus was mighty Dark Souls cast down, its people swallowed by darkness—never to rise again.”

Like & Share!
February 24, 2014


REMINDER: WARTUNE is going to have Emergency Maintenance from 11:30 20th February to 02:30 21th February. 2014. PST, to fix the issues of using Magic pot, Daru and Kyanite, it's expected to take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Please leave the game in advance before mentainence to avoid unnecessary loss. Thank you for your patience!
February 21, 2014


Warriors, behold!

Class Wars are coming again, let the furious battles for glory begin!

February 21, 2014


After the Maintenance, we removed Winter Snowy background so that you can experience the fresh and bright world now.

When Cloud-city is full of melting snow, you'll see the new version's coming.

LIKE & SHARE to let everyone know.
February 20, 2014


Attention, everyone!

Wartune is having its Maintenance now, it is expected to take approximately 4 hours. After, you can check back for a new bounty. We're very sorry for this bit of unplanned maintenance!
February 19, 2014


-Dude, your Mount always run faster than my Motocross, why?
-Hey Johnny, exactly, it's Wildfire Steed…

Question: To surpass Dan, how could Johnny do in the long race?
February 19, 2014


Just Imagine: Clad in shining armour, riding your trusty white Mount, sweep to the rescue of a beautiful woman.

What New Mount would you like to ride in the next Version?
February 17, 2014


Let me be your Valentine!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
And so are you.

LIKE & SHARE if you get presents ready!
February 14, 2014


This is destined to be a Special Valentine's Day, we have received many photo-shoots from you in the Valentine’s Contest, all we want to say is thank you and wish you happy forever, and you'll get Valentine's gifts in recent days.

Now let's cheer for you!

P.S Don't forget to give me your char name with server in the Comments if you joined Valentine’s Contest.
February 14, 2014


Check out February HOT Events, and don't miss your chance!

February 12, 2014


Reward The Romance: Valentine’s Contest
—Love is definitely in the air with our fantastic Valentine’s Contest

Do you have a romantic story with a special person in your life? Did you have a romantic dinner with your lover, have your first kiss on the Skyride or take an exotic tour? Or have a romantic moment in Wartune? This time, we’re here to reward your romance!

In honour of Valentine’s day, you have to do something romantic. We’d love to hear your voice about love, whether you’ve only just met the love of your life, or whether you’ve been married for 50 years!

To enter Valentine’s Contest, just tell us on Wartune Community. From my last post, I have heard so many moving stories, like how they met each other and their vows of love. To my surprise, some guys met their lovers in Wartune, so that we have a good idea: If you have photo-shoots of your romantic moment for Valentine's Contest, you will get special Valentine's prize. Also, we’ll post the photo-shoots on Wartune Community, and let us cheer for you! As well, the best ones will be shown as Facebook Ads.

Prize Details:
Free Hot Packs, Rose, 11 Roses, Heart-Shaped Box, Valentine’s Box, Chocolate, Gold etc.

Have a terrific Valentine's Day!
February 11, 2014


The result of Wartune Banner Ad Design Competition

The winners of Wartune Banner Ad Design Competition have been announced, we appreciate your active participation, and your fabulous designs. Now it's a great honour to report the result of Wartune Banner Ad Design Competition, although it's a bit late, we sincerely hope you get the prize for the first Wartune Banner Ad Design Competition.

—The 1st Prize: Gold x5,000,000, Daru x5,000,000, Soul Crystal x800, Bound Balens x800, A suit of Clothing from the game shop(Weapon,Armor and Hat);
—The 2nd Prize: Gold x3,000,000, Daru x3,000,000, Soul Crystal x500, Bound Balens x500;
—The 3rd Prize: Gold x1,000,000, Daru x1,000,000, Soul Crystal x300, Bound Balens x300;
—The other Shortlisted Entries: Gold x600,000, Daru x600,000, Soul Crystal x100, Bound Balens x100;

Thanks to these designers, please connect with G.M on Facebook as soon as possible!
February 11, 2014


Roses are red,
The devils are too,
You are my sunshine,
And my summer sky blue.

My dear all, are you ready to join Valentine's Contest?
Check out the details below:
February 10, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Put down your weapon and prepare to raise your ideas to the Game Developers in the COMMENTS below.

What New Clothing would you like to see in the next Version?
February 8, 2014


My dear friends, Valentines Day is coming soon, which means New Events will begin in the Love.

SHARE if you’re ready!
February 6, 2014


Hello Weekend!

Select the best ways to spend your weekend!
A.Play Wartune with your good friends
B.Make new friends and Play Wartune
C.SHARE this post then Play Wartune ^_^
February 1, 2014

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