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As we know, Spirit Covenant mainly includes 5 Buff effects, which one is better for you? (P.S. Spirit Covenant Pack is now live, please check it in the shop if you like, it's on sale for 899 Balens.) September 30, 2013

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Some Wartune fans are real geniuses, make some art photos. Look at the picture below, 2 in 1 anime art xd, a knight with 40 legend set feat a mage with 30 set armor plus special wings on their back, enjoy & share it! September 29, 2013


Some friends asked me why he couldn't recharge by phone, as well, Mobile phone payment Mopay is now live, get right to it! September 27, 2013


The Monsters control the road, can you stop them? Take a weapon and join the combat! September 27, 2013


Why was I always killed by the last boss in the Garden of Death?? I need great warriors to join me!!! September 26, 2013


Wartune's normal weekly maintenance is coming soon, S1-S155 will go offline from 00:00 26th September.2013 to 03:00 26th September.2013. (PDT); S156-S158 will be down from 00:00 to 01:00 26th September.2013. Please leave the game in advance before mentainence or update time to avoid unnecessary loss.
Thanks so much for your patience!
September 25, 2013


Woohoo, it's my cool mount, what's your mount? September 24, 2013


We always imagine embark on a new journey, no matter how dangerous it may appear, the warriors fear nothing at all. September 22, 2013


Hey, warriors, are U ready for the Class Wars? Guys, let's enjoy crazy Wagers time!
September 18, 2013


Reminder: the game is currently down for maintenance. It goes from 0:00 to 6:00 on 09/12 (server time). Besides the routine update, we will be fixing the Null problem on facebook app.
Thank you for your Patience.
September 12, 2013


Hall of Fame 2013
What's your current Battle Rating and which Tier are you working towards??
Reach the following Battle Rating by end of 09/29 to receive:
105,000: 3 pieces of Apollo's Clothing Set
95,000: Darknite Panther x1, Mount Training Whip x 800
80,000: Soul Crystal x 2,000
65,000: Warlord's Medallion x 1
62,000: Wings of Apollo x 1

What do I have to do? Just play the game and work on increasing your battle rating! You don't need to send in forms or applications.

What counts as part of my base battle rating? Potions, scrolls, spirit covenant and such type of buffs do not count. Academy buffs and Blessing Wheel bonuses do count.

When do I get my reward? Within 2 weeks after the end of the event.

This event focuses on Battle Rating! At the end of the event, the development team will pull the battle rating data and distribute prizes! Only your base battle rating will be evaluated at the end of this period to determine what prize you qualify for. If your battle rating crosses over several of the prize thresholds, you will receive ALL the prizes you qualify for; both for your highest battle rating threshold and those prizes below it!
September 11, 2013


Wow, Wartune September Series Events is coming now!

Perhaps, you guys have defeated lots of enemies, won plenty of titles and honors, so have you entered the Hall of Fame?
Click the link to check out September Hall of Fame:
September 10, 2013


Come on, how to build your own class [Mage]?

You choose a mage to start. Congratulations, you will be the Master of Elements, powerfull spell binder with abilities to heal and destroy your enemies with outstanding mass attacks.

Thats what they say:

Lets get it started

[Tip №0.07]
Girls LOVE Mages

Similar to any class in the game, at the very beginning you need to complete your training and enter the adult world by reaching level 11.

[Tip №1]
Place your troops to the rear row in the dungeons

At the beginning (before the lvl 11) you don't have health potions, so you will be healed automaticly after the fight to the full health. While holding the front row position, you take all the damage, that provide you troops economy, because they simply wont die.

Ok, so you are lvl 11 now

and ready to travel to the Autaric Plains where you'll start to interract with other players

From now on, if you set your hero front, you will be loosing hp potions to restore your health after fight. Do remember that they can gone off , so watch for the amount you still have carefully. You can forget about hp potions if you have activated Spirit Covenant , or bought Power of healing from the Shop.

Pass through 11th lvl and become lvl 12, your skills should look similar

[Tip №2]
Look forward for your troops, hold your daru for future upgrades, as you may raise your level pretty fast.
I suggest Mages to choose this troops to date with levels I've screened (the best way to save daru for the last troops in the game).




Knights or Angels

I Suggest to take Angels, because they can help you to reach last level of the Catacombs pretty fast, other part of the medal is that Angels almost useless on the World Boss.
Watch Forgotten Catacombs for Mages Guide.
Or you can use Knights. They provide damage itself, so you gonna get more rewards at the World boss and give you a great support in Campaigns.


Raise your level to 20 and you are ready to join the dungeons.
Don't forget to reset your skills for free if you messed up before the level 25.

You skills at lvl 24 should look like

Towards the main goal to become most powerfull mage you'll change lot of armour, rings and jewelery.

Through the many dungeons, campaigns, bounty quests, an lof of other stuff that can privide you exp, you'll achive last easy gear - level 55 PvP Arena set.

Now let me show you three different ways of Mage skill build development.

1st one (Priest)
Mage Healer - needed in every dungeon since lvl 55 and further.

lvl 56 Priest build

This build can help you in dungeons only, its almost useless on Arena 3/3, absolutely useless on World boss and of course its useless on Battleground.
Though you can activate Double skills for balens to have this build for support.

2nd one (Cleric)
Mage with powered massive attacks supported with heal.

lvl 56 Cleric build

This build is outstanding for Arena 3/3 and Battleground, but absolutely useless on the World boss.
You still can have it as a second skill build with a Double skill option purchased.

3rd one (Delphic Destroyer)
Mage with powerfull Ultimate and massive attacks. As you can see, abbreviation of Delphic Destroyer is DD, that you can spell out as Damage Dealer.

lvl 56 Delphic Destroyer build

This build is perfect for the World boss, usefull for Arena 3/3 and can really help as a Damage dealer in any kind of dungeons (if you can't find a proper archer). It also can be a good set for battleground, but still its loosing to Cleric build a lot, because you don't have any heal in this build at lvl 56.

This was 3 ways you can choose to raise your skills, now lets turn to the Mage stats.
There's also 3 ways you can go.

1st Way:
HP + defence

2nd way:
Attack + defence

3rd way:
Attack + hp

It is necessary rather for PvP then PvE content.

1st way - one of the most popular. You wont have quick fights in battleground or Solo Arena, but you'll have higher chance to win. High defence + high amount of health points, supported with Suntoria can provide long life full of hope for

2nd way is more for the damage dealers with a high critical stat.

3rd way not used much by players, since you wont live long without good defence. And if you wont live long enough, you don't need high attack, because you won't be able to use you attack skill much while you are dead.

You can choose different astrals to achive your goals.

Critical Mage should use:

or any other sniper astro


that will provide your critical hits more power

Anti-critical Mage should use:

that will raise usual damage


saving you from critical hits

Critical Mages have move benefits fighting the World boss, but less in the PvP (Solo Arena, Arena 3/3, Battlegruong).

Common 6 Astrals for Mages are follow

or any other Willpower astro

or any other Fortitude astro

or any other Mysticality astro

or any other Brilliance astro

Next thing about Mages usual life is Talents.

Wanna be a PvP Chief?
Raise your Holy seal


Wanna be a PvE traveler - feel free to add Survival, Barrier and Focus talents for your benefits. It also can be usefull in PvP though, but Seal decides.

You choose wich Mage you wanna be. Critical mage or Anti-critical. To be a healer, or a support Mage, or to be unstoppable Damage dealer.

To be the Devil or an Angel

You are Allmighty Mage, that can rule over the Balenor! Start to ride up and prepear for battle!
September 9, 2013


What makes it new after maintainence? Let us know in the contents!

The Blessing Wheel
Unlocked at level 41, the Blessing Wheel is found in the Academy and is used to boost pre-existing technology bonuses.
Players may use Kyanite or Gold Gears to spin the Blessing Wheel. The wheel may be spun as many times as a player wishes. The Technology bonus percent will only change if the number spun is higher than the current bonus percent. For example, if the current bonus is 40%, but a 20% is spun, the bonus will remain at 40%. However, if 80% is spun, the bonus will change to be 80%.
Note: Technology bonuses reset to 10% daily at 5:00.
September 6, 2013


Dear players, update maintainance is coming!!!

S1-S149 will go offline for update maintainance from 00:00 5th September to 3:00 5th September.2013. ( PDT ), lasting for 3 hours. S150,S151 will have maintainance from 00:00 to 00:30 5th September.2013. ( PDT), lasting for half an hour, to match with the updated cross-server battle.

Please leave the game in advance before mentainence or update time to avoid unnecessary loss. If there is any emergency that causes extension of the downtime, we’ll announce separately then.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. Enjoy wartune!
1. New System -The Blessing Wheel has been optimized. Each Blessing Wheel spin will earn a random bonus with a higher bonus taking precedence, up to 200%.
2. The output of Treasure Chests in The Tower of Kings has been increased. (Refering to teammates).
3. The stamina icon has been changed.
4. Solved a language issue with the Ancient Rune Pack.
September 4, 2013


Hi, guys, plz check your compensation for “Ultimate Refiner”.

During the event “Ultimate Refiner” from 00:00-23:59 on September 1st, due to the unclear explanation to the detail, many players have refined their green or blue gears to Lvl.10 on all attributes, yet, they cannot claim the event reward. Therefore we will make following compensation to these players:

Refinement Lock x5
Lvl. 3 EXP Book x20
Lvl. 2 Refinement Crystal x30
50,000 Daru
The compensation will be sent by email, please have a check after log in your account!
September 4, 2013


To celebrate the Labor Day, did you claim the great rewards? The rewards are Login Bonus, Online Bonus and Double EXP Party, so don't miss it! September 3, 2013


Ultimate Refiner(S1-S133)
9/1 - 9/3 23:59:59
Refine any piece of equipment until all of its attributes reach lvl.10.
200,000 Exp, 100,000 Daru, Beast Mark x3, Refinement Lock x10.
Refine any piece of equipment until all of its attributes reach lvl.10 to receive fantastic rewards.
September 2, 2013

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