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When warriors fight the devil on the volcano, the world is cheering for him.
KNOW MORE about Wartune 1.66 Version FAQ -
August 31, 2013

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Hi, all, how to build your own class [Archer]??? Well, let me show the guide, I am not the owner nor maker, but I just want to share this goodness to you guys.

For those of you who are new to this game i would like to point out that the archer is a very easy class to play with... i the early 1-45 levels archers are the best , but in order to keep up with the knights and mages after level 45 either you have to be top player on the server or you will need a lot of cash to keep up.
The archer class has a very good burst dps and this is one of the main reasons for them to be the best option for world boss.
The bad thing about the archer is that he doesn't have enough AOE skills , the only AOE skill he has is Lunatic Fire (Multi-Shot doesn't count as an AOE since it's random and it can hit 1 target twice)

Conclusion: If you play for fun , don't care about being the best on the server and you are used to pick archers in most of the MMO's then go for it.
If you are a serious player looking for reaching the top ranks without using cash then i don't recommend you picking the archer class.
If you are a serious player looking for reaching the top ranks and can allow yourself to pay "some" cash then i definitely recommend you picking the archer.

I will share information on several sub-topics

1. Skills

Skills on level 57

The priority on the skills is:
1. Arrow Strike (keep on max available)
2. Multi-shot (keep on max available)
3. Eye of the eagle (upgrade to the max)
4. Acumen (upgrade it once to open Focused Attack)
5. Focused Attack (upgrade to the max and get back to Acumen upgrade in order to unlock level 3 Focused Attack)
6. Delphic Sniper (upgrade step by step together with Lunatic Fire)
7. Lunatic Fire (keep on max available)
8. Bloodthirsty Strike (try to upgrade it when there is nothing else left from the mentioned above)
9. Battle Prowess (it's a good passive skill but it's more for long fights , that's why i prioritize it less then the rest of the skills)

2. Academy

The Academy skills have to be picked very wisely since you will probably never have enough Kyanite to upgrade them all.

Here is the priority of the skills:
1. Hero Patk (keep this skill equal to your character's current level)
2. Hero Pdef (keep this skill equal to your character's current level)
3. Hero Mdef (keep this skill equal to your character's current level)
4. Hero HP (i am suggesting to upgrade this skill to level 30-40 and then leave it since the bonus from every upgrade isn't worth the kyanite you pay for it)
5. Troop Patk and Troop count (upgrade those 2 skills as much as possible if your troop enlightenment is Patk)
6. Gold Production , Troop Pdef , Troop Mdef and Troop HP (upgrade them at the same time and try keeping them at the same level)

3. Mount stats

As soon as you reach level 40 you would like to throw all of your Mount Training Whips into the Strength stat and upgrade it till level 10.
When your mount's Strength stat reaches level 10 , you would like to start doing the same with Endurance and Armor stats , start with the stat that your character is currently missing most.
After reaching level 10 on all 3 stats , start focusing only on Strength unless your character is missing more Armor/Endurance , in this case you know what to do.

Bonuses for every upgrade:
For every strength upgrade you get 20 Patk and 5 Pdef. (Example: Mount Strength level 10 = 200 Patk and 50 Pdef)
For every endurance upgrade you get 100 HP. (Example: Mount Endurance level 10 = 1000 HP)
For every Armor upgrade you get 20 Pdef and 20 Mdef. (Example: Mount Armor level 10 = 200 Pdef and 200 Mdef)

4. Astrals

PvE/PvP Astrals

Here is the priority in astrals:
Level 25 = Patk and Pdef/Mdef
Level 30 = Patk , Pdef and Mdef
Level 40 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef and Crit.
level 50 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef , Crit and Increase crit damage by x% (on the level 50 astrals if you know who are you facing and in case if you don't need Mdef or Pdef vs that opponent then replace one of them with Goddess Blessing astral)

World Boss Astrals

Astral priority:
Level 25 = Patk and Crit
Level 30 = Patk , Crit and Crit damage increase
Level 40 = Patk , Crit , Crit dmg increase and charisma

At level 50 you can add Pristine Brilliance for more HP if you are going to tank the 5 boss hits.

5. Gems

For each pvp set to 7 soketing road
For rings and jewels (if you do legendary) 12 soketing road

I advise you not to spend soketing race at junior levels. Рuncture only 55 set and 50 jewels adn rings.

pvp gems

4. Crit/HP

World Boss Gems

2. Crit
3. Charisma
4. HP

6. Troop

About their development written in other guides. For example, in this guide
Only for the archer is better to take Knight, not angels.

7. Forgotten Catacombs

I will answer only the question: How at 55 lvl to pass the forgotten catacombs level 100?

1. Astrals

Patk , Mdef , Crit , Crit dmg increase and charisma

2. Gems

2. Crit
4. Charisma/HP

3. Runes

and if you can buy Rage or Guardian

4. Troops

Rear: Templars
Front: Сharacter

Use all the potions and scrolls. I hope you will succeed.
August 30, 2013


It's our Tree of Ancients, everyday you have a good harvest.
God favors hard working and never let down a willing heart.
August 29, 2013


Do you enter the Spire? Each lvl boss are harder, but each lvl you do, you'll win more Exp and a spire chest.

Anyone who wants to share that how to use Spire Skills to defeat the boss?
August 27, 2013


In the desolate marsh, it's full of unknown dangers and temptations, countless bones buried here! August 26, 2013


How do you feel like the Tower of Kings in the new version? Try your power now!

Following is Magic Box Pack, maybe you like it! -
August 23, 2013


Wartune will be having an Emergency Maintenance on August 22nd at 4:30 AM EDT (1:30 AM PDT, 8:30 AM GMT, 4:30 PM GMT +8). Servers are expected to be down for 1 to 2 hours while we work on fixing the issue with voucher rewards giving out the wrong amount. We apologize for this downtime and appreciate player's patience while we work to improve the game. After maintenance is over, please check the hot events section for a compensation package. August 22, 2013


So sorry for the last long time update!!!!
So if you log in the game you will get your compensation.

Now, let me introduce the VIP-exclusive mount, the Panda Guardian. Upon activating a VIP subscription, you will unlock this special mount. The Panda Guardian will remain active as long as your character has a VIP subscription, however once it expires, you will no longer be able to use it.

The Panda Guardian offers:

Strength +10

Intelligence +10

Endurance +10

Armor +10

Max Attribute Level +5

Mount Strength +300
August 22, 2013


Wartune 1.66 new version update for all servers.
Time : 19:00 to 23:00 20th Aug (Servertime)
More details -
August 20, 2013


Who is powerful?
The Class wars are coming again.
Join now! -
August 20, 2013


Usually when I play video games, I look for some pretty basic elements, such as Story, Soundtrack, Gameplay and so on.

So what do you like best about Wartune?
August 19, 2013


When Goddess rides the Heavenly Peganus to the world, everything glows with the new vitality!

Wartune Protips -
August 17, 2013


Which Pack do you like best? Wings Pack, Clothing Pack or Rune Pack? Click the link to know more - August 16, 2013


What upcoming Wartune feature are you most excited for?

To see the Rivalry between the Strong, watch the Class Wars video by Redoga Wartune below >>
August 15, 2013


Wartune servers S1,S137,S138 will go offline for an update
maintenance for up to 4 hours starting at 19:00 on 08/13.
Once we iron out the kinks, we will release the update to all servers NEXT WEEK.

Exciting changes:
1. ONLY 1 Multi-player Dungeon run a day to receive the reward for 3 dungeon runs. Huge time saver!
2. New [Wheel of Fate] system
3. New Event Dungeon [Tower of Kings]
4. New [Blessing Wheel] system
5. Rune Exchange
August 13, 2013


What sort of special Event would you like to see next?
Following is the Anniversary Daily Recharge:
Recharge reaches 1,000 Balens.
500,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Insignia x300, Crypt Tokens x50, Beast Mark x1
Recharge 1,000 Balens at one time to earn extra rewards.
Rewards may only be redeemed once.
August 13, 2013


Help me skip the guide for newbie, plz! ~lol August 12, 2013


The hot August,the hot Events. More rewards,and more packs.
Which do you like best?

Following is the Soul Collector’s Pack
Soul Crystal x20, Lvl.1-Lvl.3 Gem Pack x3
Price:199 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.
Soul Crystal x200, Lvl.1-Lv1.5 Gem Pack x3
Price:1599 Balens. Limit of 20 per day.
Time:8/9-8/12 23:59 Server:S1-S122
August 9, 2013


Good News for all players, get it as you like, so don't miss it! August 7, 2013


All you have to do is log in, and collect Gold, Anniversary seals, and Gem packs! Come Celebrate Wartune's 1 year Anniversary! What are you waiting for ?!

100,000 Gold, Anniversary Sealx3, Lv1-3 Gem Pack x1
Bonus Reward for VIP:
VIP Token X10, Lv 1-5 Gem Pack x1
August 7, 2013


The Big Day is the 1st Anniversary of Wartune, more Events, more surprise!
August 6, 2013


Who will be the king of Tank Trails on the battlefield?

Join us on server time 21:00-21:30!
August 5, 2013


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the magic world, I'm Wartune GM, and I'm very glad to serve for all warriors!

Sorry for this bit of unplanned maintenance, but the fantastic journey is still waiting for U!
August 2, 2013


the Game is currently **** DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE **** .
We are sorry if you were automatically sent to a new server. Please do not worry. Once the maintenance is completed (expected to be done at 3 am server time), you can click on "SERVERS" tab on the top, and then find your old server at the "Most Recent Servers" section on the left.
Thank you for your patience!
August 1, 2013


Proficient City was invited to the Facebook Marketing meeting!

Proficient City Ltd and other well-known companies like DeNa, Kenshoo, Glow Digital and AD-X were invited by Facebook to join the Facebook Gaming Summit on July 24th, 2013. Future developments and web games plans were discussed in this meeting.

During the meeting, the most famous web games Wartune and Candy Crush were mentioned about as successful cases. Wartune was launched in August, 2012. Its monthly revenue reached one million dollars in two months. In this year, Proficient City has more in-depth cooperations with Facebook. More interactive functions have been added to the game to make it more social. After one year, Wartune has five million players.

Proficient City gained the Outstanding Advertising award from Facebook in the award ceremony.

Proficient City Ltd is an online game company that focus on web game development and operation. It is a leading company for free-to-play online multiplayer games, with a rapidly growing players and a great number of development partners.

The company’s partners come from different parts of the world: America, Europe, Malaysia, Japan etc. The main objective of Proficient City is to create fun and unique virtual game worlds, which shall be graphically impressive yet playable. ProficientCity Ltd. is the exclusive agency of Wartune and DDtank in North America.
August 1, 2013

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