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Roll up your sleeves and lay down your cards! Urban Rivals allows you to create your own gang and confront other players in fast and furious games.
The games are simple and in just a few minutes you can control whole neighborhoods of Clint City using your Pillz, Fury and bluffing skills!

Build your deck: with thousands of cards to win or buy, your collection will be constantly evolving.

Play anytime anywhere: your collection is connected to your Urban Rivals’ account so switching between your computer, mobile and tablet couldn’t be easier.

Fight and Evolve: once you're up and running, try out our competition modes and take on the world’s best players.
MMOCCG Boostr Card Strategy Fantasy Turn Based Browser PvP Free to play / Freemium Android iOS
Media Sources July, 2019

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals - les Comicstrips !

Le voilà! le tout premier vrai comicstrip Urban Rivals!
Disponible uniquement sur AMAZON ici:

Ou à Carcassonne!
ATTENTION: uniquement en français pour le moment!
July 23, 2019

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Urban Rivals

Terminus Trailer

In the Terminus, everyone hears you cry, but no one comes to your help! Ah ah ah…
Well, anyway, that’s the marketing promise being made to promote the new Freaks’ attraction in
partnership with the GhosTowns…

- A choice of 3 packs of pre-built decks each with a particular game style.
- The 3 packs will all be used during the season. You’ll need to select a new one with each defeat and for each new level.
- 12 fights to get through: split up into 3 levels consisting of 4 fights each.
- With each defeat, a whole level is closed down, which means your session is shortened and you’ll need to choose a pack from your remaining ones.
- When you level up, you max out on prizes, represented by various cases and coffers etc. These prizes are then collected at the end of the session.
- If you get through a session with no mistakes, that is 12 consecutive wins, you unlock “Ghost Level”.
- In this ultimate challenge, there’s no choosing packs: a deck is imposed on you!
- If you win the fight, you win a Mythic card, the game’s sure-fire thing!
- The first entry will always be FREE, so you can win enough CRyptocoinz to pay for your following entries.
July 15, 2019
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