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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

You have not forgotten that every October we launch terrifying Halloween Events across all our games, have you? Fear not, Alex would always remind you, even if he had to do it from beyond the grave...

Hit (y) and leave a comment below, telling us what Halloween costume you want to wear this year!
October 26, 2018

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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Infestation Update!

New Additional Infestation Levels on the Imperium server!

Prove Your Superiority With Even Bigger Battles!
October 18, 2018

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Enable Sliding Map Mode
Enjoy Smoother Gameplay

You can now traverse the Map more smoothly than before. All you need to do is enable the “Sliding Map” option in the Settings Menu.

“Sliding Map” loads graphical content faster and allows you to scroll across the Map without jumping or stuttering.

Turn it on, go to the Map, and enjoy your new, improved exploration experience!
October 8, 2018

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Update News!
Check Out the New Features Now!


This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates:

- Troop info in the ""Tracking"" tab of the Command Center now displays properly.
- Modules in the Trade Gateway now display properly in the drop-down menu when trying to exchange them.
- Fixed an error when trying to make a purchase through the Discount Generator.
- The Joint Attack window will now remember where you last left off when viewing the list of participating Clan members.
- Discount Generator offers on Echelon Items now display properly in the ""My Items"" window.
- Fixed the Training window: now the list of Troops trained will display properly.
- Fixed the Clan dismissal timer.

Enough chatter - we've business to take care of! Our intelligence operatives have picked up signs of Mutants on their surveillance channels. There's no time to waste - we need to move quickly.

Ready your troops and move out!
October 4, 2018

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

This September, it's time to grab a beer, pull on your Lederhosen and get ready to rock the Oktoberfest Battlefest.

Hit (y) and leave a comment below, telling us how many glasses of beer you've noticed in the video!
October 3, 2018

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