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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

New Xenotype Units Are Here!
Use Protocrystals to Research New Tech!

Total Domination ->

Heads up, Commanders!
The STRATCOM R&D department has issued new Xenotype Units and Technology. All Commanders are hereby advised to adjust their training schedule to accommodate new Infantry and Armor Units in preparation for new additions to our combined forces.
Unlocking these new technologies will require participating in Global Operations to acquire sufficient Protocrystals. Go to the Black Market, open the “Protocrystals” tab and select a Module you wish to purchase. Once you’ve amassed all the required Modules, convert enough Bioplasma to incubate each of the new Xenotype Units –"Reaper" Assault Hybrids, "Aegis" BMD-1s, “Cutie” QT-7 Androids, and “Arachne” Assault Tanks.
STRATCOM strongly urges all Commanders to refer to the Bioplasma briefing in the “Help” section for more information.
Happy Hunting, Commanders!
-Gen. Trevor “Tornado” Winters
January 31, 2014

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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

New Resource and Global Operations!
Earn Protocrystals for New Units and Tech!

Play right now ->

Be advised that our Stalker allies were decimated during Operation Safari. They managed to defeat Morgana’s latest pet abomination, but not before it had driven them from their camps and out into the Wasteland. Be on the lookout for allied forces seeking shelter in the Wastelands. They may need our assistance.

All Commanders are advised to participate in a voluntary rescue operation. Participating Commanders will have the opportunity to receive Units, special items, new game features, and Protocrystals – a unique Resource which can be used to purchase the Modules required to train new Xenotype Units. Once you have collected sufficient Protocrystals, go to the Black Market, open the “Protocrystals” tab and select an item you wish to purchase.

All Commanders will be bracketed into Leagues, according to their Experiences Levels: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, and Expert. Your reward from Global Operations depends on the League bracket to which you belong at the start of the Global Operation. Not only experienced players will be able to win advanced rewards, but also Novice players who occupy the top positions in their League. You and your fellow Commanders will be divided into Leagues before each Global Operation, and cannot change your League bracket even if you level up during the ongoing Operation.

STRATCOM strongly urges all Commanders to refer to the Bioplasma briefing in the “Help” section for more information.

Happy Hunting, Commanders!
January 31, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

If you are familiar with classic music, notably with Wagner's operas, you know what unit will be posted on TD February Calendar.

The players who hit LIKE and leave 10 last COMMENTS with a right answer will get 1,000 crystals.

Play to dominate ->
January 30, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

STRATCOM requests your opinion, commander!

What are "pros" and "cons" of using Imperial Units?

Comment below and play here ->
January 29, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commanders, our Community has reached more than 800 000 members!

Thank you all for being a part of the great Total Domination world ->

LIKE & SHARE to get to a million!
January 28, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

These Clans did a great job to receive their Achievements:

German United, Total Potos, [ASTD], RUSSIAN BEARS, 义»C☆ TÜRK C☆«义, GE Die Bewahrer, ROSICRUCIANS and TURKİSH POWER got their Supermutants Gold Medals;

The Enclave Gold Medals were given to troupes de l'enfer, German Elite Soldier, ~Kingdom Of Legend~, The Friends Patriots and ARMAGEDDON II;

and KORKUSUZ TÜRKLER is a proud owner of the Chosen One Gold Medal.

Congratulations, commanders!

Hurry up to get more ->
January 28, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Are you ready for a new Total Domination week?

If yes, hit SHARE and click here ->

10 random players who SHARED this post will get 1,000 crystals!
January 27, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, if you cannot live without the sound of explosion, smell of propellant and taste of victory here is the right link ->

Have a great TD weekend!

January 25, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, share with us what your profession is.

Fill in the gap "Apart from being a brave warrior I am a __________"

Hit LIKE and play Total Domination ->
January 24, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Have you tried our new campaign missions, warriors?

What's your opinion on this update?

A. New challenges, new missions, new units - I definitely like it!
B. I like the idea but I want a better reward.
C. I don't care. I am a pacifist.
D. I don't like this idea.
E. Your option.

Leave your answer in the comment below
Play now and rule the world ->
January 23, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Special Crystal Offers!

Check this now ->

In recognition of your services, Strategic Command has granted you temporary authorization to acquire Crystals at a substantial discount!

Hit LIKE and SHARE to spread the news.
January 23, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Support Each Other! Send And Receive Free Gifts!

Play Total Domination ->


Fighting for Wasteland ain't that easy, as we at STRATCOM know that like no one else! Teamwork is the key here. Knowing that is already half the battle won.

From now on you are able to send and receive Free Gifts containing Resources to and from your friends. Don’t panic! The Resources that you send as a Free Gift will not be subtracted from Resources you currently own! These Free Gifts have no expiration date and you or your Friends can accept them at any time. Remember, that in one day you can only send one Free Gift per friend, and receive only 10 Free Gifts yourself. The amount of Resources you receive as Free Gifts depends on the upgrade level of your Resource Buildings - the higher the upgrade level - the more Resources you will get. So keep that in mind when you are thinking about developing your Sector! If you send Free Gifts to your friends they are sure to return the favor by sending some back! So the more friends you have - the more Free Gifts you will receive!

You will receive twice as many Resources as a Gift if you accept it within 3 hours of it being offered to you.

Stay generous and be the best Commander you can be!

Winters - OUT!
January 22, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

New Clan Diplomatic Options!

Declare War And Remove Attack Limits!

Check this now->



The times that we were afraid of have finally arrived in the Wasteland. The war for Emitters is currently raging across the Wastelands. A Clan’s diplomatic abilities, discipline, and coordination have now become the essence of warfare.

To help you with this entire situation, STRATCOM has authorized all Wasteland Clans to set five new Diplomatic Statuses for their relationships with other Clans: Neutral, Ally, Enemy, At Peace and At War.

From now on, all Clans will start with the Status “Neutral”, and then Clan Leaders and those entrusted with such privileges, will be able to change this status as they so decide. Commander, Neutral, Ally, and Enemy statuses are formal statements of relations between two Clans that are in no way binding.

However, At War and At Peace have a direct influence on Clan interaction. STRATCOM has decided to put an Attack Limit on Emitters, and only those Clans who agree to declare War will have all Attack Limits removed. Those Clans who have negotiated a Peace will be unable to attack each other’s Emitters until the Peace is formally broken.

To change your Diplomatic Status, go to your Embassy’s “Clans” tab, select the Clan you wish to interact with and then choose a new Diplomatic Status from the pop-up menu. Remember: The Leader of the other Clan, or those entrusted with it, will have to accept or decline this offer to change the Diplomatic Status.

The reports on your Clan’s interactions concerning Diplomatic statuses will come to your Diplomatic Advisor directly!

For more information consult the Guidelines. And remember: good Diplomacy is the key to conquering the Wasteland!

General Trevor "Tornado" Winters, STRATCOM
January 22, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commanders, here are two interesting facts about wars and their duration.

"Hundred Years War" between England and France was the longest war. It lasted for 116 years from 1337 to 1453. It may be said the ninth Crusades, comprised a single holy war, extending over 195 years, from First (1096 - 1104) to the Ninth (1270 - 1291).

The shortest war was that between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar, from 9:02 am to 9:40 am on 27 August 1896, after only 38 minutes of bombardment. The UK ships of war under Rear-Admiral Harry Rawson (1843 - 1910) delivered a final statement to the self-appointed Sultan Said Khalid to evacuate his palace and surrender.

What was your shortest and longest TD battle? Leave your comment below.

Play now ->
January 21, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

"We are not makers of history, we are made by history." -Martin Luther King

What history is made in Wasteland? Share your thoughts with us.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Total Domination ->
January 20, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy



Heads-up Commanders!

Our engineers worked hard for you to have more space in the sector.

For now you can place the Improvements on the Paved Road!

Check this now ->


January 18, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, we all had a difficult week!

Let's have some rest, sleep in afternoon and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT this weekend ->

Hit LIKE if you are going to spend your weekend with Total Domination.
January 18, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy



Check out the new TD video

Plarium CG-Team is proud to present a new and amazing CGI breakdown ready for all those fans who were craving for some behind the scene’s action of Total Domination™ online strategy game.

All warfare addicted Wasteland Warriors will get a chance to see more of their favorite Units and weapons.

We also have some fresh new music from Jesper Kyd AND an awesome Crystals offer waiting for you!

SHARE this post and get a chance to become one of 20 lucky Commanders who’ll win 2,000 CRYSTALS each.


January 17, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, no man is an island!

Ask for a piece of advice, share your experience and communicate to be a part of the great Total Domination world.

Join our Forum ->

Play Total Domination ->
January 16, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy



Check this now ->


Our R&D department is pleased to announce a new pilot program. All Commanders are hereby authorized to sell their unused Artifacts to STRATCOM for Resources.

Conduct an inventory and put that dead weight to use!

Gen. Trevor T. Winters

January 15, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy


Commander, STRATCOM requests your point of view!

Please comment below on the following questions:

- Do you like the idea of "Interesting Facts" posts?
- What topics would be interesting for you?

Let's make our Community page together!

Play now ->


January 14, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Are you ready to congratulate our Clans with new Achievements gained?

Seek for new victories ->

... FRANCE ... , DoomSayers and OLCAYTOO ELIT got their Supermutants Gold Medals;
Raiders Gold Medal now belongs to ℜegulators clan;
and OSMANLI SULTANLARI received The Chosen One Gold Medal!

Keep it up, commanders!

January 13, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Finally, here it is, our TD weekend!

Play now if you cannot live without challenges and victories ->

January 11, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, guess the movie by the picture!

A. American Psycho
B. The Machinist
C. Terminator Salvation
D. Equilibrium
E. The Dark Knight

Leave your answer in the COMMENT below

Play now ->
January 10, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commanders, each time when a Clan receives a new Achievement pride thrills through General Winters's heart!

Get more Achievements ->

This week we honour the following Clans:

UN - REGULATED received the Chosen one Gold Medal
LIETUVA and les amis got their Supermutants Gold Medals
THE LAST BUNCH hold the Enclave Gold Medal
and King's Assassins collected Raiders and Eclave Gold Medals!

January 10, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

How can you use artifacts more effectively? Using of what artifact really helped you in your progress?

Commander, share your experience with us!

Search for new artifacts here ->

January 9, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy


Check here ->


In the times before the HDS-2 plague that ravaged our world… before the brutal civil war that followed, and before Morgana rose from the ashes to lead the Mutants, there was once a great empire. Buried in the abandoned ruins of the Wasteland are clues to what befell us; and some say that there are those with links to the past still walking the wastes beyond the sectors...


New Campaign Missions have been added to the Battlefield! Destroy and defend Infested Sites to unlock special new Campaign Locations, meet new Total Domination characters, uncover the Wasteland’s history, and get exclusive new Rewards! By completing these Campaign Missions you will have the capability to:

Receive the new limited Imperial Class of Units for your Army. These advanced variants have increased speed and a reduced Credit consumption in comparison to regular variants. Imperial Units may only be obtained following the successful completion of Campaign Missions and Global Missions, and are not available via Military buildings or from the Black Market!

- Gain access to exclusive new storyline content

- Earn experience points

- Acquire Fleet Battle Group Units, and much more!


Upon successfully engaging their first Level 5 Infestation, all players will gain access to the first Campaign Mission in the new ‘Missions’ tab on the Radar interface. Each Campaign Mission will require engaging and destroying a special Mission Infestation (highlighted in YELLOW under the ‘Infestations’ tab of your Radar).

Each mission can be played twice – once using Offensive forces, and once using Defensive forces. Unlock additional Campaign Missions by defeating increasingly higher levels of standard Infestations. Refer to your game guidelines for a full overview.

You know what is needed!

January 8, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, do you know how tanks appeared in our military history?

Compare with TD tanks here ->

As the history says, the earliest concepts in recorded history include Leonardo da Vinci's late 15th century drawings of what some describe as a "tank"; a man-powered, wheeled vehicle encased in armor, with cannons all around it. However the human crew would not have enough power to move it over larger distance, and usage of animals was problematic in a space so confined.

In 1903, the French captain Levavasseur proposed the Levavasseur project, a self-propelled cannon, moved by a caterpillar system and fully armoured for protection. But the viability of the project was disputed by the Artillery Technical Committee, until it was formally abandoned in 1908.

H. G. Wells, in his short story The Land Ironclads, published in December 1903, had described the use of large, armoured cross-country vehicles with cannon, machine-guns and pedrail wheels, to break through a system of fortified trenches:

"They were essentially long, narrow and very strong steel frameworks carrying the engines, and borne upon eight pairs of big pedrail wheels, each about ten feet in diameter, each a driving wheel and set upon long axles free to swivel round a common axis."

Some eight years later, in 1911, two practical tank designs were developed independently by the Austrian engineering officer Günther Burstyn and Australian civil engineer Lancelot de Mole, but both were rejected by governmental administrations.

A tank has passed a long way throughout the world history to become the one familiar to all us.
January 7, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commanders, these fighters have started 2014 with new Achievements ->

Supermutants Gold Medals are granted to Good Fellas, les tueurs a gages, The Chacal, troupes de l'enfer, ↓Shø† Døψη↓, THE LAST BUNCH, ITALIAN'S FEDERATION and LIETUVA

OSMANLI SULTANLARI and TURKİSH POWER got their Brotherhood Of Steel Gold Medals

Massive Attack is now an owner of the Enclave Gold Medal

and the Chosen Ones Gold Medal belongs to UN – REGULATED

Let's honour our brave warriors!
January 6, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, you cannot imagine the weekend without conquering new territories?

Play Total Domination and accept new challenges ->

January 4, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Commander, do you agree with this statement - My Clan is like a second family?

SHARE your opinion and COMMENT below what is the best thing in the Clan you belong to.

Play here with your Clan mates ->
January 3, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

New year - new friends!

Commander, check our Add me list to find more brothers in arms ->

Play now to spread Total Domination ->
January 2, 2014

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

The first day of 2014 is the best one for planning your future victories!

Commander, download our January calendar and prepare for Total Domination ->

January 1, 2014

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