People Also Played More... Visit Sword Saga Games Like Sword Saga In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war. Different from most of the other games, Sword Saga has unlimited skill combinations for players to decide as they wish. Apart from that, the way how a player arranges his troop formation is so important that it sometimes can decide the difference between winning and losing. Behind its most amazing graphics, Sword Saga is waiting for you with plenty of Quests and an intriguing and captivating plot. Browser MMORPG Fantasy Turn Based Proficient City Guilds Demons Dungeon Raiding Free to play / Freemium Mounts Pets Team Based Anime Media Sources March, 2016

Sword Saga

In order to know more about you,we would like you to tell us something about yourself.
Please send us MESSAGE about your basic information,including:
In-game name;
Your age;
Your real gender;
Browser you are using;
The time you spend on our game every day;
Your favorite gameplay type;
Paying player or not;
For example: nickwinson,s1,25 years-old,USA,Male,chrome,3hours,RPG;paying player.
We will send rewards to anyone who share his/her information to us.
This event will last until 3.16.
Thank you for your supporting!
March 9, 2016
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