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All Quiet on the Western Front

Dear Generals,

this week all is quiet on the western front. No enemy movement was detected, which gives our engineers the chance to tinker with our systems. The following improvements have been made:

- For anonymous newspaper articles a flag is no longer displayed.
- The selected chat room will now be highlighted.
- Scrolling down coalition descriptions now works correctly again.
- When you report a player you can now select whether it is a general report or a multi account report.
- Scrolling in the index of power now works correctly again.
- The search function (CTRL + F) now works properly in province names with space in between.

Even though it was a rather quiet week: Always remain vigilant, Generals!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
May 24, 2016

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Save your Allies

Dear Generals,

how often did you have to helplessly stand by while your allies were overrun, when there was no time left to help them? This is now a thing of the past! Based on the feedback of many Generals we now allow you to increase the morale of your allies and accelerate their production in order to deal with a crisis together. To use this feature, both sides must have at least the diplomacy setting "Shared Map" with each other. In this case the "lower morale" button is replaced with a "raise morale" button.

As usual here is also the list of changes since the last news:
- When having shared map, there is now the possibility to increase the morale of allied provinces and armies and also to accelerate the production of buildings and units that are under construction.
- The coalition list can now be sorted, for example after member count.
- Defeated and inactive players are now displayed as inactive in the list of members of a coalition.
- Armies no longer change their direction when the fire control settings (premium feature) are changed.
- Fixed a possible reason why sometimes Premium Features are reset.
- Fixed a bug that coalition invitations could not be accepted.
- Multiaccounts beware: GOs can now see deleted trades. In addition, there are some new tools to detect Multiaccounts.

A note to players who do not see any country colors: This is a bug in Chrome which is currently fixed by Google. Please use a different browser or disable hardware acceleration in the Chrome settings until the problem is gone.

Have a lot of fun playing!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
May 11, 2016
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