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Roadworks part 2

Dear Generals,

last December the Supremacy Traffic Office had announced large-scale renovations on the major roads of Europe. Since that time more construction sites occured that put the patience of our generals to the test. Fortunately, we can report now that the construction work was finished and many routes have ben cleared from roadblocks. This also applies to many routes overseas. Now you can finally make a "holiday visit" to your neighbours together with your tank battalion. We wish you a pleasant journey!

Moreover, there are also numerous improvements this week. Here are the details:
- Elimination of broken paths on many maps.
- Elimination of bugs and implementation of user feedback on the 500 player map.
- Text in the chat can now be copied with CTRL + C without jumping to the capital.
- The team ranking is no longer displayed when no Team game is played.
- The display of the South America map in the newspaper has been fixed.
- In the army split window four-digit numbers are displayed correctly now.
- Armies are sorted correctly in the trade window again.
- Messages are not sent to the wrong player in some situations anymore.
- A note regarding prohibited names has been added in the player profiles.
- On past days the correct country colors appear in the newspaper again.
- Content in the newspaper will now be loaded when scrolling down to improve the load times.
- The army strength is now displayed correctly even when units on the water are in the selection.
- A case has been fixed where the Goldmark cost of buying resources was displayed as 0.
- Users who are affected by the Chrome display bug now get a popup with suggested solutions. Sidenote: The bug will be fixed in Chrome version 52.
- With the guest login no applications can be sent to coalitions anymore.
- Applications for coalitions can now be accepted again after a leader change.
- When a premium account expires the diplomacy settings for coalition members now remain on shared intelligence.
- Elimination of a bug that a player could belong to 2 coalitions.

As always with map updates they should have no impact on ongoing matches. Should this not be the case we apologize for the inconvenience. For games which are opened after the update everything should be fine.
Missing Player statistics of recent days have also been added for the most part this week.

We hope you like the improvements this!

Your Supremacy 1914 team
April 19, 2016

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Spring cleaning

Dear Generals,
as the warm winds of spring draw closer, the impacts of battles and war keep lingering in the air. Our informants sent us reports about several problems the generals had to deal with during their war campaigns. Those were investigated and resulted in the following improvements this week:

- made the “create coalition” button more visible
- leaving a coalition will now set the relation to right of way instead of peace.
- fixed that shared intelligence in coalitions were not always forced
- fixed bug that caused players being unable to delete some messages
- fixed the missing attack button in split army windows
- improved performance bottleneck with shared intelligence
- fixed bug that prevented units to get the extra combat tick when defeating an army in one blow
- improvement of performance and some script problems

Furthermore, we are aware that the profile stats did not update in the last days and we are still working on that problem. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by that!

We hope you enjoy the improvements. Tell us your feedback in the forum.
Have fun playing!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
April 5, 2016
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