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Propaganda management

Dear Generals,

at home the reports of disgruntled citizens are piling up. Therefore our psychologists and statisticians had to develop a new method to observe the morale of the population. From now on you have an overview of the morale of your empire in the province administration as well, so that you know exactly where another propaganda campaign is necessary. Use the sorting mechanism of the list and combine it with the political display option in the settings to never miss where worst comes to worst.

Furthermore, we have the following improvements this week:
- Introduction of some hotkeys for faster menu navigation, a shortcut list appears in the newspaper from day 4 to 8.
- Fixed a bug that you could attack on the water even before the peace period ends.
- Introduction of a button to skip the tutorial (solution for getting stuck).
- Improved the wrong province counter in the coalition list.
- Leaving a coalition should now immediately update the status.
- A faulty coalition flag no longer results in display corruption on the map.
- Games not loading should be fixed.
- Fixed some script errors.
- Fixed some bugs with the support tools.

We hope you enjoy the changes. Should you have any further suggestions for improving the coalition feature, please post them in last week’s news.

We also would like to use this opportunity to give our condolescence to the victims and their families of today's terrorist attack in Belgium.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
March 22, 2016

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The Great Coalition

Dear Generals,

the coalitions are now in the game! From now on you can show your flag and form an official coalition with your allies for the duration of the game. Show your strength by leading the new coalition ranking and let your coalition flag be waved in every corner of the world. Use the new coalition chat and the coalition message system to forge secret plans and tactics with your coalition partners. Click on the new coalition icon in the bottom menu to set up or join a coalition.

In addition to this new feature we have some bugfixes and improvements this week:
- Fixed a bug that submarines and ships are sometimes passing each other without fighting.
- Armies and provinces in trade offers are now clickable for centering the view on them..
- Units with range now have the movement command instead of the attack command as their default behaviour when dragging them in an empty province.
- Fixed a bug that the espionage menu was displayed behind the province graphics.
- Measures have been taken to prevent that players get stuck in the Tutorial (or players that join into the game after them).
- Fixed a bug that the status of multiple selected armies was displayed as "undefined".
- Fixed a bug in FP games that aircraft within a province is still considered flying after the destruction of the airfield.
- Fixed a bug in FP games that shared intelligence did not work properly.
- Victory Medals were added for the 500 players map.
- Various fixes and improvements for our support tools.

A note for Chrome users with the graphics problem that countries no longer be displayed: Please use another browser (like Firefox or Edge) or use an older version of Chrome or disables hardware acceleration of the browser to avoid the problem.

How do you like the improvements and the new coalition feature? Which additional features do you want for coalitions? Let us know in the comments!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
March 17, 2016


Time attack

Dear Generals,

the headquarters is pleased to announce that the latest technology in the measurement of time is now also provided to your soldiers. With this you should be able to perfectly time your attacks now.
To use the feature, hover with your mouse over a unit that is in combat. The time until the next attack will be displayed in a tooltip, as damage is dealt only every 60 minutes.

Other changes this week:

- The newspaper performance has been improved by loading content in chunks
- Armies and provinces are now sorted alphabetically in the trade menu
- Text in the newspaper can now be selected and copied.
- Fixed a bug about missing command buttons for units in fortresses.

Have a lot of fun playing!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
March 1, 2016

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