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Dear Generals,

Today we had another overhaul of our infrastructure and supply lines. The following improvements have been made:

- Improvement of certain paths on the world map, on the 10 player Europe map and on the 2v2 USA vs Mexico map (only applies to newly opened games).
- Improvement of the pathfinding of range units: These should no longer take suboptimal routes when ordering attack commands.
- The diplomacy settings between a banned player and a human player are no longer automatically changed so that there should be no unwanted declarations of war anymore.

In addition, the previously announced changes in the Alliance League were deployed:
- New info page with rules and calculations.
- Running League games are displayed.
- Changes to the MMR and points calculation, the division plays a greater role.
- Progress bar indicates how much MMR for ascenting or descenting into another division is missing.
- Match making now has a larger search radius.
- The entry fee for Goldmark free games was lowered from 5000 to 4000 GM.
- Further changes to the system, such as the even distribution of alliances in the divisions.

We wish you a lot of fun while playing and good luck in tomorrow's league start!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
July 14, 2015

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Competitors and contestants,

The time has come - the Alliance League goes into the second round. Surely you are already curious what changes were made to the league. These we want to present to you now:

The top 3 of each division will be showered with riches:
- Platinum:
1. 2.000.000 Goldmark + 6000 Blueprints
2. 1.500.000 Goldmark + 4500 Blueprints
3. 1.000.000 Goldmark + 3000 Blueprints
- Gold:
1. 1.000.000 Goldmark + 3000 Blueprints
2. 750.000 Goldmark + 2250 Blueprints
3. 500.000 Goldmark + 1500 Blueprints
- Silver:
1. 500.000 Goldmark + 1500 Blueprints
2. 350.000 Goldmark + 1050 Blueprints
3. 200.000 Goldmark + 600 Blueprints
- Bronze:
1. 200.000 Goldmark + 600 Blueprints
2. 100.000 Goldmark + 300 Blueprints
3. 50.000 Goldmark + 150 Blueprints

The rewards will be added to the alliance warchests at the end of the season. Additionally all members of the victorious alliances of each division will get a winners badge in their profile.

The league system will be changed aswell, the following improvements await you:
- The currently running league games are now displayed.
- The MMR (matchmaking rating) of alliances is now displayed. A progress bar shows how much MMR is missing for climbing or descending to another division.
- The division of an alliance now has a greater effect on the calculation of points and MMR, so that the promotion and relegation between divisions is faster.
- Opponents are now assigned with more MMR tolerance, games should start faster.
- On a new info page the formulas for the points calculation and the MMR calculation can be viewed.
- Official league rules have been defined, which can also be found on the info page.

The MMR determines in which division an alliance plays, MMR can be won or lost in each league game. Points on the other hand determine what rank the alliance occupies, points can only be won, not lost. Due to the new calculations a bronze alliance can now win many MMR points when playing against a platinum alliance, which on the other hand can lose a lot of MMR and only win a few points. We would also like to point out that 10vs10 games bring more points than 5vs5, which bring more points than 2vs2.

Last but not least, the entry fee for playing GM free games is lowered from 5000 to 4000 GM.

We hope you like these changes and look forward to welcome you in the new league season on the 15th of July 2015. This season will last until the 20th of December 2015.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
July 13, 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen,

After months of tough competition the winnders of this alliance league season are finally locked. Let’s get right to business:

Applause for the winning alliance: Honra e Patria [HP.]!

Honra e Patria was able to secure the first place in the highest of divisions, the Platinum Division, and prevailed against their tough pursuers from Gruba Berta [Berta]. With that they are irrefutable champion of this league season. Congratulations to the brave fighters of [HP.] for their victory, but also applause for [Berta] on the second place.

In other divisions winners were determined aswell:

The glorious victors of the Gold Division:
Legion Imperal [HGV]!

The famous victors of the Silver Division:
Das Kaiserjaegerregiment [KJR], HELIOPHYSIX [HP6], Bucaneiros [BUCs], PORN [PORN]

The honorable victors of the Bronce Divisionen:
Bloody Buckets [XMX], Espiones [SCIPI], Thug Life [THUG], Coalition of Enlightenment [[COE]], SKULL n DAGGER [WAR13], Castra Regina [*CR*], Fast and Forious [$FaF$], Guerra e Pace [Ciro1], War Pigs [PIGS], Young Guns [YG], Legio i Germanica [LeiGe], PheekSAMP [Psamp], Victory [V], Division Kavgam [DKv], DESTRIPAORES [TRIPA], El Ejercito de los Doce Monos [12M],The Hell Legion [THL]

All alliances that reached the first place in their division get a brand new victory badge in their profile. You have earned it!

We thank all league participants and hope to be able to welcome many of you again at the start of next season on the 15th of July 2015. Possible changes to the league system may be announced soon. We are also looking forward to your feedback in our forums.

Your Supremacy1914 Team
July 1, 2015

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