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Dear war correspondents,

It is time to take out your cameras and record the scenes of war for future generations. For this purpose we have even developed a new camera model, which not only captures the scenery, but also automatically adds important information to the image. Now that’s an innovation!
Just click on the new camera icon at the bottom right of the game menu and admire your work.

You can then save it as an image on the data carrier of your choice, or share it with your colleagues.

To test the server load, the feature is currently only active or users with a user ID that ends with an even number. However, we will soon activate it for everyone.

We also did the following changes to the game:
- Some bugs were fixed on the historical Europa map.
- Some bugs were fixed in the 10 player Europa map.
(please note that map changes only affect new games)
- Fixed a bug which let the diplomacy menu freeze.
- Ships purchased from the AI will no longer be placed in closed lakes.

We look forward to your feedback in the forum.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
June 30, 2015

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Dear Generals,

During our server maintenance today we faced some unexpected problems. That is why the downtime was larger than previously announced. Our technicians were hard at work in the frontline trenches to get the machinery running again. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
To compensate for the lost time we will give out additional Goldmark to each player tomorrow.

Additionally we are happy to introduce new ways for you to invite your friends to your ongoing games. In several places in the game you now have buttons that provide you with a direct link that lets your friends join directly into your game. This even works for players who do not have an account yet. If those new players reach the rank of Private First Class or obtain Goldmark, you even get a Goldmark reward. But that’s not all, you soon also have the opportunity to create a picture of your game state via the new “share map” button in the game to share with your friends.

We also implemented the following bugfixes and changes:
- Because of community demand we enabled kicking of inactive players from gold rounds again. Hosts can increase the inactivity threshold up to 5 days when opening the game.
- Fixed multiple pathing bugs on the 10 player map.
- Fixed a bug where diplomatic conversations did not update.
- Fixed harbors that had wrong prices on some maps.
- Fixed a graphics glitch when selecting icons in the game settings in a certain order.

We are happy to hear your feedback in the forums and wish you alot of fun playing.

Your Supremacy1914 Team
June 23, 2015


Greetings Generals,

we have to inform you that on Tuesday, the 23rd of June, between 9 and 10 o’clock CET there will be 10-20 minutes of downtime as our system undergoes maintenance. Don’t be worried, your battles resume shortly afterward.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Supremacy1914 Team.
June 22, 2015


Dear Generals,

lately some bugs build their nest in our Headquarters and impeded the work of the General Staff. The pest control department reacted immediately and took the necessary measures to counter this threat.

The following results were achieved:
- Railroad guns can no longer land on coasts without railway connection.
- Players no longer get the position selection of the harbor when building another building.
- The build queue no longer waits for other productions to finish when many build commands were given.
- Setting up two trade offers of the same resource one after another now works properly.
- Opening the diplomacy menu no longer produces an error message.
- It is not possible anymore to join a nation without provinces.
- Game admins can no longer kick inactive players from gold rounds.
- Some server processes were improved.

According to reports there are still some bugs hiding in dark corners, but our pest control department is already at work banishing them as well.

We hope our General Staff can resume work unhampered and excuses the interference.

Your Supremacy1914 Team
June 9, 2015


We want you! - Become a member of our Support Team

Step forward, volunteers!

You want to be more than just one amongst many players? You want to actively participate in the community, help other users with your knowledge and shape the future of our game? Then we are searching you! Become a member of our Support Team now and do your contribution for an even better Supremacy1914!

Which position are available?

-Main Admins (MAs)
-Game Operators (GOs)
-Moderators (Mods)

Which duties may I have?

Depending on the position you will have one or more tasks:
-Examination of problems and bugs, as well as helping the users.
-Collecting and forwarding the problems and suggestions to the developers.
-Moderating forums and chat.
-Answering players via PN and email, via our support software.
-Working in a team and participating in team meetings
-Teambuilding, recruiting and training of new members
-Translation of news posts

Is there a reward for serving the community?

-You have the gratitude and respect of the players of our community.
-You get monthly Goldmark rewards for your efforts.

Are there requirements?

-You have to be at least 18 years old.
-You have good writing skills.
-You communicate in a clean and diplomatic way.
-You are a reliable team player.
-You have experience with the game and with the detailed game mechanics.
-You are active in the game, in the forums and in Skype (for meetings) and you can work on your tasks multiple days a week.

How do I apply?

-Please open your inbox on the Supremacy1914 site, click on "new message" and send your application to "Sergeant_Merk" or the Main Admin of your language (please check the forums to see the team list for your language).

Your application should include the following information:
-Why do you apply for the position?
-How much experience do you have in the game?
-Do you already have experience in working with other persons, or even a position related to customer support?
-Your name, your age and your skype account

Please note that we may not consider all applications. You can also give us more optional information about you so we get an even better first impression. After joining the team you get a detailed briefing so that you are well equipped for your job.

We look forward to hear from you and count on your help in strengthening our community.

Your Supremacy1914 Team
June 2, 2015

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