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Alliance league - the final sprint

Attention alliance fighters! Starting today, the 29th of May, the final sprint starts in the alliance league, because the end of the season comes closer and closer. That is why from now on a division lock is in place: You cannot ascend or descend into other divisions anymore, until the end of the season on the 29th of June.

Now is the time to accumulate more points and fight for the first place in your division, so that your alliance may receive honor and glory! The winning alliances in each division even will receive a new medal as reward. Give your best - it is worth it!

We wish every alliance luck on the home stretch and are excited for the end results.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
May 29, 2015

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Improved Balloons, plus posting pictures in the Daily European for everyone

Dear Generals,

your engineers have been working hard to improve your balloons. They now have an increased range. Additionally the material costs decreased - the balloon is now available for 5000 money, 1000 wood and 1000 gas. Balloons can still only be used in rounds with the extra unit air-pack or gold-pack activated.
We hope the General Staff is pleased with these changes and aproves of further enhancements in the future.

We also just received more news for you:
You can now post images next to your articles in the newspaper - previously this was only available for Members of the High Command. May the entertainment value rise!

From now on you need to earn 1000 points instead of 800 points to be victorious on the world map. But with your military skill that should not be a hurdle.

We always look forward to your feedback in our forums.

We wish you a lot of fun and successful battles!

Your Supremacy1914 Team
May 19, 2015


The Battle for the world begins!

Beginning today, you can test your skills with 84 other players on the new, huge world map. You always wanted to conquer the world with the Republic of Piratini? Now your chance has come!

The world map includes 6 continents, 85 playable countries, 800 provinces and 60 AI countries which want to be conquered by you. This map is by far the biggest map we ever have released for Supremacy 1914! To assure that you always have enough human players active on the map, it won´t be openable by players but only by us. But there will be always two open world maps available for joining.

The worldmap is the first map which was created via our “Your map for Supremacy“ event. Therefore we thank the creator of the map General Gunther! Without him and his love for detail, this map would not have been released in the way it was now!

Additionally we introduce the following changes to the game:
Moving air units from province to province now also works while flying
The AI now builds more air units
Fixed a bug with removing inactive players from a game
Fixed a bug with false production times being displayed for factory units
Fixed a bug with false costs being displayed for speeding up production
Fixed a bug with starting multiple constructions
Fixed a bug with constructions not finishing
The fog of war will now correctly be removed from your provinces, also for allies
The map in the newspaper now also shows the current battles of the day
Improved visualisation of army information from spy reports on the map, they are now also faded out when not plausible anymore
Small additional bug fixes and performance improvements

We look forward to your feedback and wish you a lot of fun conquering the world!

Your Supremacy1914 Team
May 12, 2015

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