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Dear Supremacy 1914 players,

It is Christmas! We from Bytro Labs want to use this contemplative moment to thank all of you for your loyalty and support.

Additonally we also want to thank the members of our Support Team, who help us every day to keep Supremacy 1914 fun for everyone. We know that the outstanding work of our Moderators, Game Operators and Administrators can not be taken for granted and therefore give you a loud THANK YOU.

Many thanks to:

Community Coordinator:

Main Admins:
Wrayth, Rodami, El historiador, Hotmen, Stark, Opulon, howard2005, unquadium, Dennisas, JokerCix, T.Lannister

Super Game Operators:
Aeblemost, Lady Thumpry, Monkey_D. Luffy, john199213, Lord Helios, Gobe, Luango,
Chereau, lookaround, Amir al Khattab

Super Moderators:
Donrado, South Paw, Musashi, Hr.Doktor, anso101, Baric

Game Operators:
Sovereign, LightningTurk, XxEllxX, Cropduster, Don Viswanath, NightStalker, M.Spielmann, Faifus, Tirah, Ghilvir Aradas, _sensai, Aratan,, Hanhoo, sir-reaven, Dannecker, Wayne, Ingwerlord, Aquiles I, Sir. Weirdmind, Relart, Squal, Wolfswood, liroquois, szczerbiec,
isprokamil, El Binq, sonja1976, The_Didact, Reprobate, Krooninen Kronos, gioris, Καπετάν Βαγγέλης, Ace_of_Spades, Faithgr

-HAVOC-, Sassy2, Maastricht, Irish Chap, Kyndryd, The Illusive Man, TheDesertFoxTDF, DFoxS~Dragon, NarmerTheLion, Scottern, Pinguzard, Nephthys, Tamotsu Fujimoto, Baron von Münchhausen, Nittany, MajorMCDonalds, Thanatos1900, Euskara33, WarCityDriver, Thanatos1900, Darknight, FiveAL, Robner, Jowi07, Braveheart, Sigarur, v. Waldersee, R_E_Rommel, batlet, LordDima, Joe Severus, Strausser, vhln10, Zero_Lelouch, Kruergel, Thakys, descamps, Millenome, Cesarz Wilhelm IV, TOM EYE, Von Ulms, Tsaar, IJsmans, KaptanTurk, September, Hampy, Bap_Warrior

Also thanks to all the hardworking members of the Bugbrigade and to our translators!
(if anyone was forgotten: That was unintentional, thanks also to you!)

We wish all our community members a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 23, 2015

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Dear Generals,

many of you will have noticed, that the games were unreachable for several hours on Sunday morning.

Put shortly, the main problem was a database server which practically died, required a restart but did not get restarted in a timely manner.

As you may have noticed, we had some similar stability issues during the past couple of weeks which resulted in sometimes bad performance and, sadly more than usual, even unplanned downtimes.

In the context of readying our servers for the release of the Supremacy 1914 500 player map and to cope with the added load of Call of War, we have significantly upgraded our hardware and worked a lot on the performance of the complete server backend. From this side, the servers are therefore now faster than ever.

The big and in the past time very noticeable problem we still have is that some core-parts of the system need hands-on work, when they go down. During normal office hours, we normally recognise problems like this within minutes and react very fast. For all other times, we have a contract with a service provider which is supposed to take care of this type of problems.

Sadly, this does not yet work reliably. We have tried to improve the situation with a very high priority since the beginning of October working with them to remove all false positives from our alerting so that it is very clear when there is the need to react to problems. But, as yesterday’s incident showed, we did not succeed in getting our cooperation with them to a level that is applicable for our games.

Our goal is of course to provide a reliable and fun gaming experience to all of you and that is why all devs in the team have now volunteered to step in 24/7 if a problem like this emerges again to get it resolved quicker. We will change to a new professional service provider for monitoring and maintaining our servers as quickly as possible and in the meantime we will try to react ourselves as fast as possible to any problems.

Here we would like to thank all our hard working moderators, admins and game operators. It is thanks to them that we were able to detect and handle many of the issues - it is them who inform us when something goes wrong and take the courage to wake up developers in the middle of the night to get stuff fixed. In return we will work on improving the tools they have to smoothen out their daily work.

We apologize for the problems you had to experience and want to let you know that we are giving our best to get a grip on them.
December 21, 2015


Server issues ~ December 20th

Generals, we are currently working to solve server issues as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconveniences during the weekend, we know you are eager to return to your games and do everything we can to get everything up and running asap.
December 20, 2015


A Storm around the globe

Dear Generals,

For sure you already anticipated the upcoming storm around the world. After many weeks of hard work our cartographers have finally mapped the entire world to transform it into your epic battlefield! Countless hours have gone into the drawing borders, researching historical facts and names, as well as in the creation of flags and rulers. We now can proudly present to you this masterful new map:

The Great War - 500 Players
Here are the main facts about the map:
- 501 players battle for control over the world.
- 797 countries can be conquered.
- 5071 provinces have to be managed.
Since it is the whole world, the map is completely “round”. That means you can sail across the Pacific Ocean as well as across any other ocean. The only exception are the poles: It will not be possible to cross the North or South Pole to shortcut from Greenland to Russia, for example. It’s simply too cold for your troops.

We also introduced new features to improve the playability of the new world map:
- You can move all the troops out of your provinces on this map, there is no need to leave a unit behind. It is up to you to distribute your defenders in a meaningful way.
- You can sail and scroll around the world.
- The country selection has been revised and now includes 2 steps, the choice of region and country.
- Your provinces can be filtered by region in the province list on the right side.
- The newspaper and the diplomaty list also includes filters to filter out the relevant players or messages.
- Many performance improvements were made at both the server and the client side, so that this challenging map runs as smoothly as possible.
- The new unit and province selection features (see the last news) should be very helpful on this map.

To ensure that always enough human players are active on the map, it can not be opened by players but has to be created by our system.

In order not to overload the server during the introduction of the map, it will only be opened on the english server today. In the coming days the map will then on all other language servers, if no serious problems are discovered. Please have a little patience. If you can not wait, you can of course already play on the english server, but please respect the English chat and game rules.

You can report errors on the map in the forums. We will of course improve and correct the map going forward.

Have fun in your conquest of the world!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 16, 2015


Full speed ahead!

Dear Admirals,

The engine problems of your ships meant that your sailors were stranded on land. But the time for lounging is over now: Our best technicians could bring your boats up to scratch again. Simultaneously they also eliminated some other small problems. Here is their final report:

- Ships no longer get stuck after completion.
- The newspaper now updates the mightiest armies etc. at day change again.
- The guest login now works again.
- More filter options were added for the diplomacy list.
- By clicking on your flag below the ruler image, the screen now centers on your capital.
- Improve the descriptions in the country chooser.
- In the trade menu game code no longer appears when exchanging armies.
- When opening the diplomacy menu the list now automatically jumps to your entry.
- The "Share / Save map" function now properly shows the map again.
- The behavior of aircraft has been improved when their target is destroyed.
- Some errors with provinces, flags, names and the layout have been improved in a still secret map.
- Also several bugs have been fixed on this map, for example the recruiting offices.
- AI players with 0 provinces will be removed from the lists.

Now cast off and full speed ahead!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team.
December 15, 2015


Alliance League 2nd season awards ceremony

Dear contestants,

The second season of the Alliance League came to an end. Numerous alliances have fought for being crowned as the best alliance in Supremacy 1914, but only one could emerge victorious: The OLD BEARS 30! Congratulations to you for this overwhelming victory.

Of course we also have to pay respect to the second and third place finishers. Congratulations to Legion Imperial for securing second place and to the Alpha Company for the third place. Marvelous!

But the other divisions have their winners as well:

Gold 1:
1. War Pigs
2. Die Krieger Odins
3. Adults Only

Gold 2:
2. Liga Hanzeatycka
3. ODI

Silver 1:
1. Venezuela
2. Pheek Gaming
3. Gilde der Germanen

Silver 2:
1. Deutsches Reichsland
2. United Silesian Legion
3. Grey Flag

Silver 3:
1. Ordine Delle Ombre
2. Silent Hunters U96

Silver 4:
1. Syndicate-X
2. Die Germanischen Krieger
3. The International Conqueror

Naming the winners of the 22 Bronze divisions would unfortunately go beyond the scope of this News Post. We nevertheless also congratulate these brave participants.

Here is a list of the rewards again, which will be paid into the Alliance Warchests of the top 3 alliances of each division:
- Platinum:
1. 2.000.000 Goldmark + 6000 Blueprints
2. 1.500.000 Goldmark + 4500 Blueprints
3. 1.000.000 Goldmark + 3000 Blueprints
- Gold:
1. 1.000.000 Goldmark + 3000 Blueprints
2. 750.000 Goldmark + 2250 Blueprints
3. 500.000 Goldmark + 1500 Blueprints
- Silver:
1. 500.000 Goldmark + 1500 Blueprints
2. 350.000 Goldmark + 1050 Blueprints
3. 200.000 Goldmark + 600 Blueprints
- Bronze:
1. 200.000 Goldmark + 600 Blueprints
2. 100.000 Goldmark + 300 Blueprints
3. 50.000 Goldmark + 150 Blueprints
Note: Only alliances with more than 0 points will receive a prize.

Additionally all members of the victorious alliances of each division will get a winners badges in their profile. The prizes will be credited within a week.

Thank you participants! What will happen next with the League will soon be discussed in a separate news.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 14, 2015


Combat system changes - part 2

Dear Generals,

We listened to your feedback and now publish our second part of the combat system changes. This part addresses fights in provinces with fortresses.

One reason for the large variance in fortress battles in the past was that it was quite random when a fortress was damaged by a unit. Accordingly in some battles the defenders survived much longer, in others much shorter.

From now on the same system is used for fortresses, which has already been applied to units in part 1 of the changes. Each combat tick (every 60min) the system now calculates how much the fortress should get damaged based on the attackers strength, and only accepts a 50% deviation from that. The system then remembers whether the deviation was positive or negative and will increase or decrease the damage accordingly in the next combat tick to compensate for this. Thus, the battle results should now be more predictable and without extreme deviations. However, we have intentionally kept a small random chance just like in part 1 of the changes, so that not all fights turn out 100% the same.
A little side note: Contrary to popular belief the construction of other buildings in the province does not influence if or when the fortress is damaged.


100 infantry attack 75 infantry in a fortress level 2

Image 1 shows the variance of unit losses in the old system:

Image 2 shows the variance of fortress damage in the old system:

Image 3 shows the variance of unit losses in the new system:

Image 4 shows the variance of fortress damage in the new system:

As you can see, the variance was significantly reduced. However, the combat time remains the same.

Server downtime:
Today from 11pm to 1am CET there was a server downtime. We apologize for the inconvenience. All active players will receive 5000 gold marks as compensation.

Java Client:
Some problems have arisen in the Java client. This version is only used by a very small number of players, which is why fixing it has no high priority. Players who still use the Java version and have problems should switch to the normal HTML version until they are resolved.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Supremacy 1914 team
December 9, 2015


Secret investigations

Dear Generals,

On the advice of a concerned citizen the secret police once again investigates the mysterious disappearance of some soldiers. In the past, investigations like this occurred to be difficult. But now the investigators’ work is facilitated by new tools. The latest extension of the proven Search-O-Matic2000 allows for easy looking up of armies on the battlefield. Here is a list with details and additional improvements:

- In the search field for provinces (CTRL + F) armies can now be searched as well. Simply enter an army name (f.e. A22).
- In the diplomacy menu and in the "Create new conversation" window certain players can now be searched in a search field.
- In the build queue (premium feature) it is now possible to sort entries via drag & drop.
- In the province administration markers have been added to highlight the possibility of sorting according to specific building types.
- For gamblers: In the country selection there is now a button for random selection.
- Spoilers: On future large maps countries can be filtered by region or continent in several menus.
- Other performance improvements of the server.

We hope that the investigations will be successful and that the improvements are as always to your liking.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 8, 2015


In the comfort zone

Dear Generals,

Today your adminstration has become easier once more. Use our new comfort features to manage your subjects and provinces as you would travel in the first class. Here is a list of the improvements and other fixes:

- With the lasso tool you can now also select multiple provinces instead of armies (draw a frame via CTRL + right-click)
- Province popups are not in the way anymore when selecting multiple provinces
- The province administration list now scrolls automatically when holding the mouse button to select multiple provinces.
- In the province administration the multi selection with shift + left click now works even after the list was scrolled down so that far more provinces can be selected simultaneously.
- The ranking in the newspaper now scrolls automatically to the rank of the player.
- A new hint in the province administration shows the selection shortcuts.
- A new hint in the informational post in the newspaper (in the first 3 days) shows the possible selection shortcuts in the game.
- The map will not be displayed too large in the newspaper anymore.
- Viewing many countries in the maximum zoom-out level is now faster.
- In the maximum zoom-out level paths are now hidden for more clarity and performance.
- Fixed several bugs on the alliance league page

Have you already tried the multi selection to save valuable time? Give multiple armies movement commands at the same time, give construction orders to multiple provinces at once or select rally points for multiple provinces. We hope the new features makes the multi selection even easier to use.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 1, 2015

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