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A storm is coming - part 3


new information has been leaked to us in the form of another mysterious image. It looks like that we can expect a massive battle that will outclass every other fight we had so far.

The Headquarter is getting nervous. No one knows when this madness will end. Are you really prepared, Generals?

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 27, 2015

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Fresh off the press

Dear Generals,

Have you already read the newspaper today? No? You think there is too much unnecessary information in it? No problem, because now we have implemented useful filters in the newspaper with which you can filter the important information in just one click. Moreover, for the first 3 days there is now a Headquarters’ note in the newspaper that provides new players with useful links. Here is the current changelog for these and other changes:

- The newspaper can now be filtered for specific information.
- In the first 3 days important links appear in the newspaper.
- Rally points (High command feature) now snap to provinces.
- The error message for too many open alliance invitations has been fixed.
- Province names will no longer disappear when you close the espionage menu.
- The zoom function has been improved.
- AI now rather ignores diplomatic relationships with distant players.
- AI now sends fewer troops around uselessly.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and wish you good luck on the battlefield.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 24, 2015


Battle for the Balkans


The battle of the Balkans is raging! We urgently need reinforcement on site. Because of your outstanding experience, we put you at the spearhead of the assault. Set your troops in march and bring home a victory. Here are your operation details:

-Battle of the Balkans-
A new 3 vs 3 scenario in which the Entente of Italy, Greece and Russia is fighting against the Central Powers Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire for supremacy on the Balkans. Not all countries have the same starting conditions, but the teams as a whole are balanced and guarantee an exciting fight. The map should therefore be started with this team constellation.

-Weekly improvements-
In addition to improving the game performance we also eliminated the following bugs this week:

- Patroling aircrafts now cause the correct amount of damage again.
- Entries in the diplomacy are no longer doubled or disappear.
- Spy reports are sometimes no longer displayed in the wrong order.
- Tutorial players no longer get stuck when a province from a tutorial task is conquered by another player.

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to commemorate the victims of the Paris attacks and give their families our condolences. Let us not forget that Supremacy 1914 is only a game and that war or violence are no solution in real life.

And now good luck in your campaign in the Balkans, General!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 17, 2015


Combat system changes - part 1

Dear Generals,

We have exciting news for you. We heard your feedback about too much varience in combat results and therefore decided to make some changes to our game code.

In this first part of the update we changed the way how combat results are calculated in open areas, without fortresses affecting the outcome. This will already greatly reduce the varience and should make for more predictable battles. Please note that there is purposely still a little bit of varience left as 100% predictable results would be boring and open the gate for unfair combat calculator scripts.

The details of the new combat system are explained below, but let us first take a moment to witness the additional changes in this week’s patch:

- AI no longer idles in a province when you attack the province instead of the army with ranged weapons.
- The problem that users don’t get PMs when receiveing an answer on a ticket should be fixed.
- Province list multi selection experience should be improved.
- Alliance applications are now capped at 20 (improves server performance).
- Fixed wrong resizing of uploaded flags.
- Accepted AI offers won’t show up in spy results anymore.

New combat system explained:

The old combat system had the following calculation:

1. UnitHits = unit size * unit hitpoints.
2. Chance = Damage / Effective size / Hitpoints / 2
3. Roll dice for every single unit to get a value. (unit size = number of times)
4. If value > chance then reduce UnitHits.

The new combat system uses this:

1. ExpectedUnitHits = UnitHits * Chance + CarriedUnitHits.
2. AppliedUnitHits = ExpectedUnitHits +-50% (Roll dice once)
3. CarriedUnitHits = ExpectedUnitHits - AppliedUnitHits.
4. Directly apply damage or kill as much as AppliedUnitHits.

The main difference is, that the new system calculates how much an army should kill in each tick (expected hits) and defines a range in which variance can occur. It then remembers if an army had good luck or bad luck in the last combat tick (1 tick = combat calculation every 60 minutes). If it had bad luck (it lost more units than expected), it will get an advantage in the next tick and it is likely that it will lose less units to balance it out. The reverse would apply if an army had good luck (it lost less units than expected).
This means that the losses will even out in combats that take multiple ticks to finish. The last tick will also be remembered between combat to adress the fact that ranged units often disengage after using their tick.

Let’s take a look at some examples to demonstrate the change in results:

Example 1 shows 1000 fights between 2 armies with both 100 Inf and 100% morale. The colored lines represent the varience in outcome. Thinner lines are good and more accurate. In the old system (top) both armies could have won with up to 20 Inf left. In the new system (bottom) the results are much closer, with not more than 5 units surviving on either side.

Example 2 shows 1000 fights between 2 armies, one with 5 Tanks and 100% morale and the other one with 60 Inf and 100% morale. The colored lines represent the varience in outcome. Thinner lines are good and more accurate. In the old system (top) either side could have won, with nearly 20 Inf surviving or with 1-2 tanks surviving. In the new system (bottom) the results are much closer, with either 5 Inf or 1 tank surviving.

Example 3 shows 1000 fights between 2 armies, one with 100 Inf and 100% morale and the other one with 100 Inf and 90% morale. The colored lines represent the varience in outcome. Thinner lines are good and more accurate. In the old system (top) in some cases the army with lower morale could still have won with up to 10 Inf left, in other cases the army with higher morale may have had more than 20 Inf left in the end. In the new system (bottom) the results are more accurate, the army with higher morale winning every time and having up to 10 units left.

Please note that these new mechanics do not cover every case. As stated in the beginning, combat where one side is guarded by a fortress may still vary alot. We may have a look at those cases in the future as well, but one step after the other. For now we would like you to test this first part.

We are happy to read your feedback.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 10, 2015


The bugfix addiction is rampant

Dear Generals,

The bugfixing will not stop! We fear our coding geniuses are already too addicted to it and might start to neglect their other tasks. While we think about ways to keep them busy with developing interesting new features instead, you can enjoy the latest list of bugfixes and improvements:

- Fixed a bug where artilleries could fire on enemies while disembarking.
- Fixed a rare bug that led the AI take control over your troops.
- Fixed once more a bug that airplanes could not be destroyed in a conquered province.
- Fixed a bug that bombers could not be moved but only patrol.
- Fixed a graphics bug in Pin mode (skewed pins).
- Fixed a bug with the country list in team scenario games, it now shows up correctly again.
- Fixed a display bug in the resource bar: Spy costs are now correctly added to the money consumption tooltip.
- Fixed a bug with the province list not updating correctly while the build queue is opened.
- Fixed a bug with the build queue starting at wrong times, waiting for tech of higher level.
- Opening other menus while being in the spy view now closes the spy view (better usability for new players who often get stuck in it).

We also once again improved the tutorial. In the last reports we did not specify what exactly because we thought it might not be of great interest to a lot of players, but on the other side it is only fair to show the great effort that out developers put into it every week. This week we improved the following:
- Province names in the build recruiting offices task are now clickable.
- A refresh button for the chat was implemented after an email adress got confirmed.
- Already finished tasks are not highlighted better.
- Menus buttons are now hidden during the early tutorial tasks.
- The advisor now only shows 5 tasks at once to not overwhelm new players.
- Fixed an error message during the task about increasing morale with GM.
- Fixed a contradiction in the tasks of giving right away and ceclaring war to a neighbour.
- Fixed a bug in a task that the resource symbols were not blinking anymore.
- Added related menu button symbols to adviser tasks.
- Fixed some typos in tasks.

We hope you enjoy our detailed reports and wish you fun while playing!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 3, 2015

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