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Seasons start- The Alliance League will begin soon

Make history yourself:

The day after tomorrow the first season of the Supremacy 1914 Alliance League will start. Within the next five months, all alliances will have the chance to become the best alliance in Supremacy 1914.

You can participate with your alliance if you create a game in the alliance league menu. The game itself can only be created by the alliance leader or a alliance moderator. Once done, our system automatically searches the best fitting opponent for you and informs you via PM if we have found one. Notice that you need at least five members to participate and that members can only play two games at the same time within the Alliance League. Thereby, the skill level of each alliance decides whether you get promoted or descended. If you win some games in a row, you will be promoted and if you lose some games in a row, you will be demoted. In the leaderboard, you can look up how many wins or losses your alliance needs to be promoted or demoted. Just hover over the name of your alliance and a tooltip will appear. For the start of the Alliance League, only five different players can play games at the same time. We will allow to increase this number in a future update.
Before a game starts, you can exchange players. Later on, this function will cost a few Goldmark and will also be possible to use during games. Please note that players which have been subbed out cannot be subbed in again.

All new games will start at 9 p.m. CEST (3 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST). Before a game starts, you will have 48 hours to prepare for the game. Every game starts with activated elite-AI and an unlocked techtree. By default, a freedom period of three days and switched off nation selection are set.

Here the dates of the first Alliance League season in detail:

Start of season: 01/29/2015
Season lock: 05/29/2015 (No more pro- or demotions possible)
End of season: 06/29/2015

The current ranking and ELO-system will still persist. If you like to play alliance games outside of the Alliance League, this will still be possible. All games within the league will also count for the global alliance ranking.

At the moment we still work on further improving the Alliance League. New cool features will be soon available like for example unlockable maps. We will inform you in a later post about some of the upcoming features. In the meantime we wish you exciting battles and a lot of fun within the Alliance League!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
January 27, 2015

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Sneak Peek – The alliance league will start on January 29th!

The long waiting has an end. The new alliance league will start for all users shortly. In the league, all alliances can battle each other to find the one and only champion of Supremacy 1914!. The first season will start on the 2015/29/01, so be prepared!

Here is a small preview what you can expect if you play within the league:

To participate, your alliance has to have at least five members. The league system itself consists out of four different leagues: the bronce-, silver-, gold- and platinum league. Only the best alliances will get to the platinum league to fight for overall victory!

One season takes five months and consists of two different parts. The first part will take four months and all alliances can be promoted and relegated in this period, collecting as many points as possible.Therby the skill level of each alliance decides whether you get promoted or descended. After this period, the league affiliation will be frozen. Now, it is solely important to collect as many points as possible to determine the winner of each division and the overall winner in the platinum league.

Your opponents will be selected automatically, to guarantee that you fight alliances who have a similar ranking to your alliance.There will be no fixed schedule and games can be started at any time (with some limitations). At the start, all games will be played on a 5vs.5 map. Later on, you will get the possibility to unlock several other maps. Some time after the initial launch, we will also integrate the possibility for goldmark free games.

This wednesday, all frontlinepioneers can already test the new feature. Be aware that you have to be in an alliance and that at least five members of your alliance have to be frontline pioneers in order to participate in the beta.

We will soon provide you with more information about the league system. Until then, have fun playing.

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
January 19, 2015
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