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The whole Supremacy 1914 Team says „Thank you“

The year 2014 will soon end and we as Bytro Labs want to use these last days to thank all of you for your support and loyalty throughout the year.

Especially we want to show our respect and gratitude to all people who help us on a daily basis to get Supremacy 1914 a bit better. Because not only our main staff here at Bytro Labs work on Supremacy 1914 but also many moderators, game operators and admins as well. Not only do they take care of all support questions, but as well they report bugs, translate new features and much more. We know that this is nothing we can take as granted and therefore the biggest thank you this year goes to all current and past persons who helped!

As 2015 will definitely bring new features, whether it will be new maps, units or new games, we wish all our players and moderators and other supporters a happy new year and good battles in 2015!

Many thanks to:

Main Admins:
Hanni, Rodami, leftandblind, Sergeant_Merk, Imperador SPQR, Opulon, topikad, Dennisas, Cevat Paşa, Crassus_M

Super Game Operators:
CaptainHeiser, DoGeeseSeeGod, Monkey_D. Luffy, Dragonosca, Nashir, Enfant terrible, King Aerys II, Gorhan, Luango, Fury, as500, lookaround, 1914 kral , SpaunWin, outsider

Super Moderator and Game Operators:

Super Moderators:
Hotmen, Herbert Henry Asquith, DutchKing, OGUZKM , outsider

Game Operators:
Edge , Wrayth, Field Marshal Dan, Abtar, White Havoc, HiaiUsobuki, Tirah, Harry, Batlet, flip-, spoilergreen, Kaiser-M, Killer7, Wayne..., gismo.i, Mein Herz Brennt., Wilhand, Chereau, Relart, Squalito, Musashi, dissident_devil, Iug, sonja1976, Avcii, furkan99, Krooninen Kronos, teodore76, T.Lannister, mrser,

Charon, xgenoriginal, Sassy2, Fitzy, Nephthys, KillerKommander, Maastricht, Satans Slug, nkfanau, Sir Pignans, .quiete., M.Spielmann, Faber V, Jazson, cobreti_1999, john199213, Jowi07, Ingwerlord, -viper-, Sigarur, Wayne..., Hr.Doktor, Vasilias_Georgios, jurgenator, vori, JFKsniper, Zorann, R9Falcao, charlie20, Mozark, King Hossam, Joe Severus, Zero_Lelouch, Kruergel, Jabberw0ck, Lysistrata, Northern Pride, grzeniaa, Jozek8609, Sucharski, Defous. Von Ulms, Baric, FreakingDutchman, pinkduckie, vinneh, Komutan Kazım Karabekir, Rechte, EvrenosBey, Berkay CINKILIC, JahoBeyTR, JahoBeyTR, Hampy, Alexandr III, admiral_paulos, efprepios
Have fun playing,

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 29, 2014

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The year is going to end soon and as a small present to celebrate 2014 we decided to give you a little present for the last days of the year. From today on all players can play the new 1 vs.1 map! You always wanted to invade the USA as Mexico? Now your chance has come to show your skills in battle and conquer your enemy!

But the map will only be available for a short time. So if you want to collect the medals for the map or beat your friends in a short battle don´t wait too long! From today on till the 02.01.15 you can play the map. Afterwards the doors will close again and all rounds will end automatically. We wish you good battles

Balancing: Fortresses were too strong after the last patch – we reverted the changes and now infantry units will do 50% less damage to fortresses

A bug which prohibited zooming out on maps was solved

The build queue now starts the production of buildings when these are really unlocked

Have fun playing,

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 18, 2014


Supremacy 1914 Update – New medals& badges incoming!

Here are the most important changes in detail:

Medals: Released Medals for 2vs2 map and Armoured Car and Heavy Tank badges.

Balancing: Fortresses now are more durable and won´t take damage that easy anymore

Balancing: A declaration of war now grants morale penalties for both parties.

Balancing: The radius of splash damage to near enemy units not participating in a fight was increased in order to guarantee a correct combat behaviour.

A bug which led to wrong resource purchases in the stock market was removed

The stock market layout now works again correctly if high prices are displayed within it

In foreign provinces your own corruption value was displayed. This has been corrected.

Harbours can be placed manually again if they are built via the build queue.

A bug which caused land units to be displayed as sea units and disabled movement was solved

Many missing translations in the Daily European and the inventory were added.

The heavy tank has now a pin symbol within the java client

The max price at the stock market was set to 30 in the java client

Have fun playing,
December 16, 2014


Supremacy 1914 Update – Rebalancing of tanks and the Kaiser Wilhelm Channel

Note that you have to reload the game to enable these changes!

Changes related to maps are only valid on newly opened ones.
In the last months we closely had a look onto the balancing of several units within the game. After reviewing we now decided to bring in a major change to the units. Both the normal and the heavy tank will get buffed in comparison to other units that they are more durable during battles and will last longer. This should result in that tanks are more common to be seen on the battlegrounds of Europe.

4 normal tanks had a 20% chance to win against 30 infantry units. Now they should win in 50% of all battles with fewer losses.
Next to the rebalancing we reworked the 2vs.2 map.

Next to other changes Germany celebrated the opening of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Channel which grants Germany access to the Baltic Sea.

Here are the most important changes in detail:

2vs.2 map: Rebalancing of resources. Germany and England loose one double province.
2vs.2 map: Nobody can pass Switzerland anymore wihtout declaring war.
2vs.2 map: Germany gets access to the Baltic Sea
Middle East map: Tunis is no longer the capital of Abyssinia
A bug which caused wrong buy orders at the stock market was removed
A bug that old armies were sometimes not removed from the map when the client was open for a longer time was removed
Balancing: Tanks are now more durable

Have fun playing,

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
December 3, 2014

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