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Update: Webservers had connection problems but are now back to normal. Sorry for the inconveniences and have fun playing! November 30, 2014

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Most devastating Battles of WWI:

The Battle of Mărășești – “You shall not pass!”

Make history yourself:
The Battle of Mărășești was a major battle between the German Empire and the Kingdom of Ramania. With nearly 500.000 soldiers in total, the battle is without a doubt one of the most devastating battles of the war. The Romanians participated in a joint-offensive with the Russian Army against the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s First Army. The offensive took place in the Mărăști area and the lower part of the Siret. Although the offensive showed some initial success, it has to be halted due to a counter-offensive by the Central Powers in Galicia.

Although the battle was thought to be taking place at Nămoloasa. Field Marshal August von Mackensen started his offensive on August 6th. His tactical skill forced the Russian Army to retreat. Without a doubt, this was an impressive result of the German offensive, but at this point the Russian Army was nearly useless and suffered from poor supply and fatigue. The Romanian Army however was eager to fight, stating their motto: “Pe aici nu se trece!” (“You shall not pass!”).

On the 8th of September both armies ran out of fresh units. The German and Austro-Hungarian Army did not manage to destroy their Romanian opponents or force them to retreat. However, the Romanian Army did not manage to expand their territory neither.
During the intense fighting, Romania lost over 27.000 men, while Germany and Austria-Hungary lost over 47.000 men. With their eager attempt to halt the German and Austro-Hungarian attack the Romanian Army made sure, that the Battle of Mărășești was the last major battle on the Romanian front.
November 21, 2014


Supremacy 1914 Update – New Alliance ELO-Ranking and Bug Fighting

Note that you have to reload the game to enable these changes!

Today we released an improved ELO-ranking. The new ranking lets alliances gain and loose points faster than before. New alliances can climb faster to the top. After some weeks, the ranking should look very different to what it looks now. We hope that you will now enjoy the alliance games more.

In addition, we eliminated some annoying bugs from the game. Especially the timers of production and construction should now always display the correct times. We also had a deeper look into the 2vs.2 map and adjusted it slightly.

Here are the most important changes in detail:

- Improved alliance ELO-ranking.

- Wrong production timers in espionage reports are history.

- Display of huge (and wrong) construction- and production timers are gone.

- White screens after resizing the client window and loading ads should not happen anymore.

- Armored cars can again be produced during construction of a level 1 factory.

- Unit tooltips for required upgrades during production have been repaired.

- The new 2vs.2 map is now ranked if four players join. Running games will be corrected as soon as one player logs into the game.

Have fun playing,

Your Supremacy 1914 Team
November 18, 2014


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The servers are back online now.

As the old database server turned into a smoking pile of worthlessness, the backup server had to jump in. Some statistics could be lagging behind a bit tomorrow, but we will take care of that then.
Thanks again for your understanding, and have fun playing (hopefully)!
November 11, 2014


To all our players: The Error 500 you are currently seeing on our website is caused by one of our database servers who decided to go on a strike. We are working on the issue and will bring the game back online asap.
Thanks for your patience!
November 11, 2014


Forgotten Battlefield of WWI

The Battle of the Gulf of Riga – Russia’s Baltic Fleet vs. Germany’s High Seas Fleet

Make history yourself:
The Battle of the Gulf of Riga was a naval operation of the German Empire with the clear intends to destroy the Russian naval forces stationed in the Gulf of Riga. However, the fleet failed to achieve and had to return to its bases while Riga remained in Russian hands until the 1st of September.

On the 8th of August, a first attempt by the SMS Braunschweig and Elsass kept the Russian battleship Slava at bay. Meanwhile, minesweepers cleared a single path through the inner belt of mines. It became obvious that the approach of nightfall would mean, that Deutschland would be unable to mine the entrance to Suur Strait, thus, the operation was abandoned.

On the 16th of August a second attempt to enter the gulf was made with the dreadnoughts SMS Nassau and Posen, several light cruisers and 31 torpedo boats. The minesweeper T46 was sunk the first day, sharing the faith of the destroyer V99. Only one day later, the Slava engaged in a battle with Nassau and Posen. After three artillery hits, the Russian battleship was forced to withdraw. On the 19th of August, the German fleet entered the gulf but was stopped by reports of Allied submarines in the area.

On the same day, the Moltke took a direct hit of the HMS E1. The following explosion killed eight men.Although nearly 480 short tons of water entered the ship, the Moltke returned to its base and was repaired at Blohm & Voss.
November 10, 2014

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