People Also Played More... Visit Stronghold Kingdoms Games Like Stronghold Kingdoms Establish your own medieval empire, amass a formidable army and send them on your campaign of conquest in Stronghold Kingdoms, an MMO strategy game based on the highly popular "Stronghold" game franchise. Grow your empire and be strong enough to claim and defend your very own parish. Will you be able to unite and rule all of medieval UK? PC Medieval 3D Firefly Studios Download MMO Strategy Empire Building Historical Real Time Guilds PvP War Media Sources May, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

All worlds will be taken offline at 13:30 Game Time (GMT) for a small update. Downtime should last no longer than 30 minutes. May 30, 2012

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Stronghold Kingdoms

Win Two Tickets to Rezzed

We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to Rezzed, a new PC and Indie games show hosted by our pals at Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The event, which takes place on the 6th and 7th of July will be hosted in the UK in sunny Brighton. The show floor will be loaded with playable games, including the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands 2. Firefly will be also there, designing shields and showing off Stronghold Kingdoms (more on that soon).

To enter please follow these simple instructions:

1. Share this post by clicking “Share”
2. Comment on this post (include your Kingdoms username)
3. Like this post

Winners will be announced at the end of the week on Friday 1st June. Other games at the show include:

• XCOM: Enemy Unknown
• Serious Sam 3
• Sniper Elite V2
• Q.U.B.E
• Xenonauts
• Prison Architect
• Warmage Battlegrounds
• Nyamyam

You can find out more at

Good luck!
May 29, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

A new update is now available for Stronghold Kingdoms. The new patch fixes a few issues with missing shields, it will download automatically when you next launch the game. May 28, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms


The Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page has passed 60,000 fans! Don’t worry we won’t post the “It’s Over 9000!” video again, but we will say thank you for all your support and please look forward to the new quests system, which is being worked on as we speak.

To commemorate this historic event, here’s a video of 60,000 dominos being knocked over.

Roll on 100k!
May 28, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

33,333 New Shields Designed in 24 Hours

We hope you’re enjoying the new Coat of Arms Designer. 33,333 new shields have been designed since the tool went live, with one shield being designed every second in the hours after launch! Here’s a selection of our favourites, we particularly like the chestbursting swan, singing lady and the Super Mario-inspired design at the end of row 6.

Is your shield up there? Let know in the comments below!
May 25, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

New Coat of Arms Designer & In-Game Shields

We have completely revamped the Stronghold Kingdoms Coat of Arms Designer, adding new customization options and designs.

Players can now rotate, flip, shrink, enlarge and place charges anywhere they want. Shields are also now visible in-game on the map, player profile screen, leaderboards and on all in-game mail. This lets you see attacking players and their territory at a glance, show off on the leaderboards or stamp messages to your enemies with your fearful mark.

New designs are made available as you rank up, with designs unlocked through competitions and Quests (Yes Quests!) coming soon. Hundreds of designs are already available and others will be added in future updates. We plan to add well over 300 Charges, Subordinary, Ordinary and Field designs for players to earn and unlock. Add this to the 32 available colours and there are billions of possible combinations!

To get designing just log-in and click on your shield
May 24, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Today at approximately 12.00 game time we will be taking all game worlds offline for a scheduled update. We expect this downtime to last about 2 hours. May 24, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

How Low Can You Go?

Here at Firefly Towers we've been working with the innards of PCs long past their sell by date, which is why we'd like to know…

What is the lowest spec machine you’ve been able to get Stronghold Kingdoms running on? Firefly’s all-knowing game testers are betting on either a Pentium 4 or 3, but perhaps you’re working an i486 into an early grave?

The sky’s the limit! So post a comment and let us know what spec you’re running on. Have an old machine in the loft? Dust it off and boot up Stronghold Kingdoms
May 21, 2012

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