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Stronghold Kingdoms

World 3 Is Now Live!
People are coming to the castle. So many, in fact, that we’ve had to launch a brand new game world! Since Kingdoms entered Beta in 2010 players have been signing up in droves and they’re showing no signs of stopping. To make room for all these new Lord and Ladies we’ve decided to launch our third English-language game world immediately.
It is with great pleasure then that we can announce the launch of World 3. The new World is now online, opening the way for new Kings, House wars and fresh in-game politics! We’d also like to thank you for your patience during this period of increased load on our servers.
World 3 is the first of many new additions to Kingdoms in 2012, some of which we have already alluded to in previous Year of Kingdoms posts. There is more to come, but for now please enjoy the new territory!
February 29, 2012

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Stronghold Kingdoms

World 3 Is Coming…

The Year of Kingdoms™ is upon us and to kick things off we will be launching a third English-language game world this week! World 3 is currently being set up to keep pace with our rapidly increasing player base. We’re expecting many, many more of you in 2012 from all corners of the globe and we’re hoping World 3 will be the first of several new frontiers.

As soon as we have a specific time and date for World 3 to go live we will let you know.

Thanks For Playing
February 28, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

The winner of our 50,000th Facebook fan premium raffle competition is none other than a Mr. “Lerud”! Congrats to you sir and enjoy your 30-day Premium Token. We would like to thank Mr. Lerud and all others who took part in the competition. Feel free to congratulate the winner… Or invade his castle!

Didn’t win? Stay tuned, there is still plenty to come in the Year of Kingdoms™!
February 27, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms has been nominated for another award! Following on from last year’s European Games Award nomination, our beloved MMORTS has also been nominated for 2011’s MMO of the Year award over at MMO Facts. We’re up for “Best Strategy Download MMO” in a player vote, so the power is in your hands to help us win!

Voting ends in a week’s time on 1st March, after which the winners will be announced. Click here to vote:

More information on the awards themselves can also be found at
February 22, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

House 17 has done it once again! On World 1 The Insane Squirrels acquired their second star in the race for Glory! Led by their proud House Marshall, Madscar, Faction General of the Mad Leprechaun Army they have dealt another serious blow to the once mighty Double Eagles of House 19, who have lost yet another star from their once proud banner. February 20, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Ever played Stronghold Kingdoms using only your *eyes*? Well that’s exactly what Firefly was doing this week at SpecialEffect’s GamesLab. Who are SpecialEffect? They’re the latest and greatest UK games charity, recently featured in Edge, The Guardian and Tim Schafer’s Twitter feed. In short, they help gamers suffering from visual, hearing, cognitive and motor disabilities to play the games they love. Being able to play is just as important to mental health as being able to eat or sleep and SpecialEffect are making a huge difference in the lives of disabled gamers.

Our visit to their headquarters in Oxfordshire highlighted many things we’re already doing to make our games accessible and a few areas we could improve on. We’ll tell you more as it happens, but in the meantime please give them your support by visiting their website at or following @SpecialEffect on Twitter. We're delighted to be working with them.
February 17, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Card Point Rebalancing and Missing Cards

Yesterday’s client update for Stronghold Kingdoms introduced some great features to the game. New cards and card packs were added, the user interface was improved with new graphics and “Invite a Friend” was instantly popular with players.

The process of balancing Stronghold Kingdoms has been ongoing since the game entered beta in November 2010 and in that time we've identified 20 cards that have become overpowered. These cards were unbalancing the game and to rectify this we increased their card points value. We are sorry for the lack of pre-warning but these changes were made in the interests of gameplay and not, as some have suggested, designed as a revenue raising exercise for Firefly.

As an example it is perhaps worth drawing attention to the popular army speed cards, Basic and the new Advanced Discipline. With the old Castle Pack now replaced by Army and Defence Packs, it is actually now easier and cheaper than ever to acquire army speed cards. The Army Pack costs less than the Castle Pack did, there are now 2 Discipline cards instead of 1 and because certain Castle Pack cards are now part of the Defence Pack you actually have a better chance of finding a speed card. After the Christmas giveaway players should have more card points than ever to play with and we have lots more planned for 2012, including additional giveaways and other opportunities for cards.

On the topic of missing cards, there was an error in yesterday’s client update which meant that players who bought the new Army and Defence Card Packs did not receive any of the new cards. We would like to apologise to these players, who have been compensated with 10 Crowns for each Army and Defence Pack purchased before the issue was solved.

As always if you are experiencing problems with the game please submit a support ticket.

February 10, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Client Update Now Live: Invite a Friend and Brand New Cards!

If there was any doubt in your mind that 2012 is the Year of Kingdoms™ then how about this: Today’s update, which is now live, adds new cards, new card packs, improved screens, bug fixes and the chance to earn up to $80 worth of Crowns for each friend you invite to play Stronghold Kingdoms!

Invite a Friend
We are offering players up to $80 worth of Crowns for each friend that joins Stronghold Kingdoms through our new “Invite a Friend” initiative. Players can invite their friends to play Kingdoms in-game by clicking on “Invite a Friend” under the “My Account” drop-down menu at the top right of the screen. You can then invite up to 30 of your friends to play, each of which could net you $80 worth of Crowns. That’s up to 1500 Crowns per friend! The amount you receive depends on the size of their first Crowns purchase, which we will match and add to your account.

New Cards & Card Packs
The Castle Pack is no more! This veteran card pack has been officially retired, with two new packs taking its place: Army and Defence. The two new packs also feature brand new cards for you to play with. Among the additions are Desperate Defence, which automatically repairs your castle after an attack, and Advanced Call to Arms, a souped-up version of the card you know and love.

Improved Screens and Bug Fixes
Various screens have also been tweaked and updated, this includes the reinforcement screen, capital troops screen and vassal troops screen. Bug fixes cover things like missing cancelled armies, correctly removing merchants from razed or abandoned villages and popularity correctly updating for enclosed castles.

For the full list of patch notes just follow the link: >

There’s more on the way! So stay tuned…
February 9, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

The update is taking longer than expected and will therefore be offline for an longer period of time. We will inform you when the game is online. Sorry for the delay. February 9, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

What better way to kick off the Year of Kingdoms™ than by announcing our 50,000th Facebook fan! And what better way to celebrate than with a premium raffle competition!

That’s right, the Kingdoms page has reached 50,000 Likes and to celebrate this monumental, world-changing event Firefly will be running a raffle, the winner of which will be given a 30-Day Premium Token! To enter simply follow the below instructions:

1. Like Stronghold Kingdoms on Facebook (if you haven’t already)
2. Comment on this post (include your Kingdoms Username!)
3. Share this post with your friends

We will announce the winner in a week on Monday 13th February, so get sharing!
February 6, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

2012 is the year of Kingdoms

There’s a lot to announce, too much for one post! We can’t spill all of the beans just yet, but here’s a taste of what’s coming this spring:

• New Cards and New Card Packs – The plan is to release these monthly, starting in February.

• New AI Castles – Your old friends The Rat, The Pig, The Snake and The Wolf have been busy. Watch out for their devious new castle designs, striking fear in the hearts of parishioners near you!

• New Sound Effects – From the game’s interface to the village screen.

• New Worlds – Believe it or not, Russia was not the final frontier! Expect new worlds and new territories for Kingdoms in 2012, ripe for the picking for veterans with plenty of space for newbies.

• New Medieval Sport – Bit cryptic this one, but we’ll let you try to figure it out…

We hope you’re as excited as the rest of us about all this. There’s much, much more to come!
February 2, 2012

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