People Also Played More... Visit Stronghold Kingdoms Games Like Stronghold Kingdoms Establish your own medieval empire, amass a formidable army and send them on your campaign of conquest in Stronghold Kingdoms, an MMO strategy game based on the highly popular "Stronghold" game franchise. Grow your empire and be strong enough to claim and defend your very own parish. Will you be able to unite and rule all of medieval UK? PC Medieval 3D Firefly Studios Download MMO Strategy Empire Building Historical Real Time Guilds PvP War Media Sources January, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

As you may have heard, the lovely people at Blizzard are auctioning off retired World of Warcraft servers in an effort to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. How much do you think we could get for our old Kingdoms server? January 24, 2012

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Stronghold Kingdoms

We get a lot of cool stuff sent to us at Firefly, but nothing makes a developer smile quite like seeing their game recreated in glorious Lego stop motion! Over Christmas one individual, who it’s safe to say is one of our biggest fans, sent us such a video.

Follow the link below to see a bustling Lego village built around one very drunk, sleepy bumpkin. See resource gathering, weapon making, castle building and cow catapulting all rendered in this wonderful bricky animation.

The attention to detail is fantastic, as are the sound effects. There’s even a “Making of” feature for what must have taken the creators many, many hours (and bricks!).
January 18, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Hello Strongholders!

Some players have been asking for clarification on the Glory system and how worlds might end, so we wanted to clear up a few issues and give guidance on how victory will eventually be achieved and declared. Kingdoms is currently in beta and as such some aspects of design are still unfolding as we play the game together.

That said we are now in a good position to reveal the final victory conditions.

Simply put, the game will be won by the last remaining House.

So far 2 Houses have been removed at each round of Glory, this will drop to 1 House when we are down to 5 remaining Houses. Any house that has achieved a Glory victory gains a star atop their banner. This star equates to a ‘life’, which will be used up in any situation where they would otherwise have been eliminated. These banner stars (or lives) can both increase and decrease.

House 19 is a good example of this in World 1 – Where they have gone from 5 straight Glory victories to near elimination, only to be saved by their hoard of stars.

Don’t worry – We will also track the historic number of victories.

We think that this mechanic will lend itself to some interesting political situations going forward!

January 17, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

As we’ve already pointed out the Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas Giveaway was a huge success. Looking at the numbers we can see that a) Most of you are a lot better off for it and b) Some weren’t so lucky. We could say that’s life, c’est la vie, so ist das Leben and Такова жизнь, but we’re not going to.

In the spirit of giving away free stuff, everyone who played the competition 10 times or more and failed to win anything will be given 2 Random Card Packs as a consolation prize! Please check the below list to see if you’ve been (un)lucky enough to qualify:

ballista, ThreeMerryWidows, dmjkpsolo, Slawas, edd20, RWM Blubla, King983, RedCrow88, Alkan, TigromM, Sir Wood, Lurden, MrFeathers, Dhalamar, solo99, set000, Kjedoran, BurzumFC, Sushi_is_Back

And finally “Sir_Ursu”, our most unlucky player with 16 attempts and 0 wins! Poor lad…

To honour the winners we’d also like to extend our congratulations to “Felczar”, who managed to win over 100 cards! “Koontz” was our runner-up, winning 16 Card Packs and 2 Premium Tokens.
January 16, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

Happy New Year Strongholders!

Hopefully by now you and your stomach will have recovered from the alcoholic and sensory overload that is New Years Eve. By now your account is probably overflowing with free cards and premium tokens, so you’ll know that the Stronghold Kingdoms Christmas Giveaway was a massive success!

Nearly 1,000,000 cards and over 10,000 rare premium tokens were handed out to you lovely Lords and Ladies. Your response to the competition was also fantastic, with around 40,000 English, German, French and Russian players taking part.

2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for Kingdoms. We have all sorts of additions planned for the game, as well as lots more on the community side of things. Expect more soon…
January 10, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

The Majestic Lionhearted ones have done it! Under the brave leadership of their proud Marshall, Autocrator, House 16 has won their first Glory round in World 2! Sadly we must say goodbye to the Houses 3 and 8 , as they will be removed from the Glory Leaderboard. We can only wait and see who will topple the Lions from the Throne. January 5, 2012

Stronghold Kingdoms

The good folks at Heavengames are holding a competition to find the best fantasy/fictitious scenarios user created map. Any Stronghold game can be used to create the map. Details can be found here : January 3, 2012

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