People Also Played More... Visit Stormfall: Age of War Games Like Stormfall: Age of War Step into a dark world of fantasy and myth - of ancient magic, dragons, destiny, and heroes. You have been chosen to be a champion in these dark times. Claim your Right! MMO Strategy Empire Building Browser Android iOS Plarium Fantasy Real Time Kabam Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Media Sources January, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Summon Vampires at Your Castle!

Build the Altar of Mara, Collect Soulstones!

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January 31, 2014

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Stormfall: Age of War

New Resource and Global Quests!

Discover more - >
Earn Soulstones to Unlock New Units and Lost Arts! - >

May the gods look upon you kindly during these dark times!
January 31, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Lords, need advice or help from other players?

Visit out our group created for the fans of Stormfall: Age of War.

Here you can discuss the game, share your success and find new friends in the game!
January 30, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

How does a Catapult work?

Castles and fortified walled cities were common during the medieval age – and Catapults were used as a key siege weapon against them. As well as attempting to breach the walls, incendiary missiles could be thrown inside.

The catapult has a basket on the end of a movable arm strong enough to hold the weight of the object. Tension is applied to the arm, which is forced down and secured in place; springs and twisted ropes are two ways to provide the necessary tension.

After the object is added to the basket, the bindings are cut or removed. The arm then fails to the tension and flips to the other side, like pulling a rubber band and then releasing. Then the object is pushed forward.

Go ahead and fortify your Castle - >!
January 29, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

You’re trying to raid the neighbor’s refrigerator for some food?

Take it easy! Raid your enemies - > >

January 28, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

To all mighty Marshals and their Captains!

You may now use the power of ancients to keep track of the troops’ flow on the Beacons!

Try this out - ->

No one will manage to slip in front of your glance now.
January 27, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War


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May the will of Gods be at your side!
January 26, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

My Lords and Ladies!

Today we glorify and honor the blood of those serfs and vassals that allow us to quaff mead and wage war upon the forces of darkness! Get a discount when you purchase our special Sapphire package and let the celebration begin!

They must return to the fields soon - act with haste!

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January 23, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Generosity Is A Virtue!
Send And Receive Free Gifts!

My Lords and Ladies!

From this time forth, you are able to send and receive Free Gifts containing Resources to and from your friends. Never fear - the Resources that you send as a Free Gift shall not be subtracted from Resources you currently have! These here Free Gifts have no expiration date and you or your friends may accept them at any time. But remember, that in one day you can only send one Free Gift per friend, and you may receive only 10 Free Gifts yourself.

The amount of Resources you receive as Free Gifts depends on the upgrade level of your Resource Buildings - the higher the upgrade level - the more Resources you shall receive. So keep all of these things in mind when you are thinking about developing your Castle! If you shall send Free Gifts to your friends they shall surely return the favor by sending some back! So the more friends you have - the more Free Gifts you shall receive!

You will receive twice as many Resources as a Gift if you accept it within 3 hours of it being offered to you.

Try it out - >!

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January 22, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

One Man's Refuse is Another Man's Treasure!
Now You Can Sell Relics For Resources!!

My Lords and Ladies,

The merchant’s guild has announced that they will be purchasing unused Relics at a reasonable price in Resources. You may now sell the Relics you do not intend to use to support your armies. If you choose to do so, visit your Temple of War and cast your eyes upon the Relics you have acquired - should there be any that have no use for yourself, you may sell them and receive Resources to help you keep fighting in the name of Weor!

May the gods cast clear skies for you all!

Oberon, Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall
January 22, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

New Feature - Saga Quests!

Destroy Saga Quest Battlegrounds For Guaranteed Rewards!
Read more - >

Follow them if you dare!
January 22, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

New mission for mind has been discovered!

Guess which unit is an OUTSIDER on this picture. The last 10 warriors who leave the right answer below this post will be awarded with these units.

Get a clue - >
January 17, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”
- Napoleon Hill

Lords, what was your biggest victory?
COMMENT below ‐‐‐‐ > PLAY
January 15, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Troops deserting? You cannot afford to waste your forces in such folly!

Place units to CATACOMBS. They shall not fall before the sword before you have a chance to lead them in the battle.

PLAY wisely - >
January 14, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Lords and Ladies!

No one conquers alone! Join an alliance and fight for a victory until the very end!
Check out the thread - >

Play now - >
January 13, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

"To maximize our success, we take user feedback to heart and frequently deliver on what our players want the most,”

- Gabi Shalel, Chief Marketing Officer at Plarium

Read more - >
January 10, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Prove your wisdom!
Guess the movie from a single Frame.
1.Robin Hood
2.King Arthur
4.Kingdom of Heaven
5.A Knight's Tale
January 9, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Behold, Castle Update!

You may now remove Non-Essential Buildings!

Check it out - >

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January 8, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Discussion Time!

Lords, is it worth occupying Castles? Name PROS & CONS.

SHARE your opinion and PLAY - >
January 7, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Ladies and Lords!

Hope you had a great weekend!!!
Prepare yourself for a week of excellent battles!

Play now
January 6, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Lords, have a great weekend with Stormfall: Age of War!

Always be ready for the battle!
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January 5, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Lords, tell us what your New Year's resolutions are.
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January 3, 2014

Stormfall: Age of War

Happy New Year!

Enjoy our special festive Calendar for 2014 and plan your victories in advance -

May the Gods bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve!
January 1, 2014

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