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Media Sources July, 2012

Star Stable

Hello everybody!

Here are the lucky winners in our latest contest "find five differences"!

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!
July 20, 2012

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Star Stable

Hello everybody! Here's a new contest that we like to call "find five differences!"

Look at the two girls in the picture and figure out what is missing from the girl to the right!

Send us an email with your answers to: or a message to us here on Facebook.

All the correct entries will be collected and we will announce 6 winners from a random draw here on Friday. Five winners will get 10 days of Star Rider and 100 Star Coins each!

AND one lucky winner will win a lifetime Star Rider membership!

Remember not to comment here on Facebook! You don't want to give away your answers :)
July 18, 2012

Star Stable

Star Stable shared a photo.

Look at this amazing cupcake made by Cakes by Caitlin from Canada! Thank you, it looks super tasty! :) July 18, 2012

Star Stable

This weekend as a little special thank-you bonus we added an extra 100 Star Coins to all Star Rider accounts to celebrate the launch of the Television advertising campaign in Germany! It would have been much cooler if we had told anyone :)

We hope everyone found a good use for the extra Star Coins :) Thank you to our fantastic Star Stable players for getting us to this point!

Check out the German TV Commercial!
July 17, 2012

Star Stable

There were 11 Horses!!1 (A bit tricky...I got t WRONG myself so all the winners are smarter than me!)

So many of you participated in Friday's Contest we added two more Star Rider passes we put in a random drawing for "Bonus Winners!"

Winners send us a message so we can send you a "Star Rider" code you can enter on your membership page to get your Free 10 Days f Star Rider!
July 14, 2012

Star Stable

Amazing Friday the 13th night at Fort Pinta Disco!

How many horses are parked in this picture!

The first 5 people who didn't win LAST time :) (Be nice now!) win a 10 Day Star Rider pass!
July 13, 2012

Star Stable

Trailer StarStable German

July 13, 2012

Star Stable

About 40 minutes until we are open again!
Read about the exciting new content being added during this week's update downtime on the Star Stable news page:
July 11, 2012

Star Stable

We are now happy to announce that paying through your Mobile phone is now available in most countries!
For more information and prices, visit
July 8, 2012

Star Stable

There was a network outage at our web-hosting company which might have been causing some people to get a "Firewall and Router" error.

Restarting your browser should fix this problem.

Sorry about the little mystery today :) It was a hard one to find!
July 7, 2012

Star Stable

The correct number of horses was 17!!!

Though some of the people on the team think it was 18...we can't really the first 5 people who guessed 17 OR 18 are getting free Star Rider for 10 days!

Send us a message if you are one of the first 5! I think you might need to send us one before we can message you back :)

Congratulations to the winners:
Debra Herbert
Britnie Mallet
Katska Domanská
Alva Bäst (It CAN get up to 19 if you count the interface horses!)
Galambos Laura Seahorse

We'll send those keys out as soon as we get a message from the winners tomorrow!
July 5, 2012

Star Stable

Quick Contest!

Go USA & Canada! Getting pretty busy on that North American server!

How many HORSES are in this picture???

First 5 correct guesses posted here wins a 10 Days Free Star Rider!

One guess each only please!
(Anyone with an account can enter. We'll share the right answer tomorrow! We'll contact you to give you your time...don't tell everyone your character name here!)
July 4, 2012

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