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Media Sources November, 2012

Star Stable

Hello everybody!

Moorland Championships is still under development and is temporarily closed while we continue to work on making the race as fun and functional as possible.

We hope to start the daily championships again as soon as we have ensured that it works as intended!

Since the race has not worked as it should, we will not distribute ribbons to those who have won. But as soon as the race is up and running again and working as it should, everyone will get a new chance to compete in the race and win ribbons!

Star Stable Team
November 30, 2012

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Star Stable

Hello everybody!
We are taking the server down for a little while. We are updating the Multiplayer race and hopefully it will work a lot better after this update!
November 30, 2012

Star Stable

We're so glad you're enjoying the snowy weather on the game! What is your favourite part about Winter? November 29, 2012

Star Stable

Hello everybody!
This week's update is done!
Click on the image to read all about it:
November 28, 2012

Star Stable

Hi! The weekly update is done and the servers are back up again!

Read more about this weeks update by clicking on the image below!
November 21, 2012

Star Stable

This week's update is done and the servers are up and running again.
This week's update includes both a new race and story quests!

Click on the image below to read more:
November 14, 2012

Star Stable

We have received so many amazing entries for our Rider of the Week contest.. and it's definitely been a hard one to judge.

The winner of the contest, our first Rider of the Week is Roxanna Jansson! Congratulations! Yellow is a great color for your horse!

Our close runners up are: Sofie Starstorm and Paige Palethorpe!

Winners please send me a message to get your prize :)
November 12, 2012

Star Stable

Lifetime Membership is now available!

The Lifetime Membership that was previously only available in Sweden is now available to the rest of the world on a limited time trial basis!

Pay only ONCE for Star Stable and never pay another monthly membership fee ever again!

With your Lifetime Star Rider Membership you receive:

* Lifetime membership...always have full access to Star Stable
* 1200 Star Coins to Start! (2400 if you buy this weekend!)
* 100 Star Coins every week!
* The Full Deluxe Dressage Outfit, only for Lifetime Members
* More special Lifetime only clothes, right away in your mailbox!

Act now and don't miss your chance at this amazing deal at only a fraction above the yearly price!
November 9, 2012

Star Stable

Hi everyone!
The server is up now with this weeks update.

The Halloween celebrations may be over, but we have some new quests and clothes for you! :)

November 7, 2012

Star Stable

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach 2,500 likes!! Keep sending in your entries for our Rider of the Week contest. :) November 6, 2012

Star Stable

Hello! Hope you all had a great Star Rider weekend!

This week we are going to kick things off with a new contest.
To enter, simply add a photo on our wall of you and your horse in your best outfit!

The winner will be announced as Rider of the Week and will not only receive a shout out, but also 250 Star Coins!

Good luck! Can’t wait to see all of your amazing outfits!
November 5, 2012

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