People Also Played More... Visit Star Conflict Games Like Star Conflict Choose to side with the Empire, The Federation or the Jericho Mercenaries and battle it out for supremacy in this epic, arcade-like, MMO space simulation game, Star Conflict! Play with friends or fight against them in the game's many game modes, enjoy the game's stunning visuals, and customize your spacecraft whichever way you like. Do you have what it takes to dominate Sector 1337 and be the best space pilot the game has ever seen? Futuristic Space Shooter Spaceships MMO PC Sci-Fi 3D Download Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium Perfect World Entertainment Gaijin Entertainment Media Sources September, 2019

Star Conflict

Star Conflict 1.6.3с: Враждебные воды

Разлом пространства, который образовался, как мы подозреваем, в результате некого эксперимента, позволил имперским военным со станции “Страж 17” проникнуть в локацию “Земля мечты” и даже собрать небольшой форпост у границы разлома. К сожалению, сил у Империи в настоящее время не хватает для полноценной операции. ЕЦН предлагает привлечь к военным действиям наемников. Курировать операцию будет трибун Службы Безопасности Империи Олаф Ларсен.

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September 5, 2019

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Star Conflict

Star Conflict 1.6.3с: Hostile Waters

The rift in space, which was formed, according to our guess, as a result of a certain experiment, allowed the imperial military from the station “Guardian-17” to get into the location and even assemble a small outpost at the boundary of the rift. Unfortunately, the Empire currently lacks the strength for a full-fledged operation. The UMC proposes to use mercenaries. The operation will be overseen by the tribune of Imperial security Olaf Larsen. September 5, 2019
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