People Also Played More... Visit Sparta: War of Empires Games Like Sparta: War of Empires Enter the ancient mythical world of Sparta – War of Empires™; a land in turmoil and chaos. Command your people as their mighty Leader, repel the powerful Persian Empire and expand your City State to greatness.

Do you have the strategic and diplomatic skills needed to lead your people, or will you rely on total War?

The choice is yours, the choice is Sparta!
MMO Strategy Empire Building Fantasy Real Time Browser Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Plarium

Sparta: War of Empires

Ask Leonidas a question and get a chance to win 3,000 Drachmas!

Leonidas accidentally sipped from a bottle with a ‘truth-telling’ potion. Is there anything you were dying to ask him about? Now is the time, Archon! The author of the most extravagant question will receive 3,000 Drachmas and the answer to their question!

If this post collects 500 (y), Leonidas will respond to some questions in the Comments section!

Think of a question:

Visit May 10, 2016

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