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He either unites with other players to form mighty alliances or fights his way alone through interstellar battles: To become the most powerful fleet admiral, strategic warfare is required. Spy probes send important information about the enemy, with effective research the extraction of raw materials can be improved as well as the efficient use of energy for attacking and defending, and the weapons factory keeps high class battle squadrons ready for fleet maneuvers.
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Media Sources September, 2014

Space Invasion

Topic: Micro Patch on Sunday, September 28th

Dear Space Pilots

We have again made some improvements, which will be implemented tomorrow, on Sunday, September 28th in our games. We expect a downtime of 5 minutes. Thus there will be no attack protection be set.

An error in the bonus code system was fixed that could cause false booking values.
An error was fixed that caused negative energy when solar cells were destroyed in combat.
A bug was fixed which could occoured at several points in the game and caused problems when displaying the coordinates.
A bug was fixed that caused a multi production not to be added to an existing multi production and instead overwrote it.
A problem was solved that caused messages to be blocked that shouldn’t have been blocked.

In addition, we have added mechanisms, which make it much more difficult to send bulk / spam mail.
We have taken actions by which lags and other problems on our game servers are reported to us quicker.

We wish you a lot of fun with our improvements.

Kind Regards

SpaceInvasion Team
September 27, 2014

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Space Invasion

Небольшое обновление 28.09.2014

Привет, пилоты!

Завтра, 28 сентября, мы будет иметь некоторые обновления в нашей игре. Это займет не более 5 минут, поэтому никакой защиты от нападений не будет.

В SI1 будет исправлено:

1) ошибка в получении бонус-кодов.
2) ошибка при появлении негативной энергии при разрушении солнечных спутников.
3) ошибка, приводящая к проблемам при добавлении мульти-выработки к существующей мульти-выработке.
4) баг при отображении координат.
5) проблема с блокировкой сообщений в тех случаях, когда они не должны быть заблокированы.

В SI1 / SI2:

Будет повышена защита от спама

Мы желаем вам хорошего настроения.

Ваша команда СИ .
September 27, 2014
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