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He either unites with other players to form mighty alliances or fights his way alone through interstellar battles: To become the most powerful fleet admiral, strategic warfare is required. Spy probes send important information about the enemy, with effective research the extraction of raw materials can be improved as well as the efficient use of energy for attacking and defending, and the weapons factory keeps high class battle squadrons ready for fleet maneuvers.
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Media Sources January, 2013

Space Invasion

There was confusion with the announcements for today's patch day and the associated attack protection. We are very sorry for that.

We would like to honestly let you know what happened:

The patch day was announced for SI 1.3 as well as for SI 2.0 since maintenances of several servers were originally planned. But today it turned out that only the SI 1.3 servers would be affected by the maintenance. Thus it was "forgotten" to set the attack protection for SI 2.0 at 8:00 o'clock. Instead it was set 100 minutes too late.

We are very sorry for those who relied on our announcement and that the attack protection would start at 8 o'clock. If you've lost something, feel free to contact our support team and we will try to help you as good as we can.
January 29, 2013

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Space Invasion

Es gab einige Verwirrung um die Ankündigung des heutigen Patch Days und den damit verbundenen Angriffsschutz. Das tut uns sehr leid.

Wir möchten Euch nun ehrlich mitteilen, was passiert ist:

Der Patch Day wurde sowohl für SI 1.3 als auch für SI 2.0 angekündigt, da ursprünglich Wartungsarbeiten an verschiedenen Servern geplant waren. Heute Morgen stellte sich aber heraus, dass nur die SI 1.3-Server betroffen sein würden. Deshalb wurde "vergessen", den Angriffsschutz auch für SI 2.0 um 8 Uhr zu setzen. Stattdessen geschah dies 100 Minuten später.

Wir möchten uns bei allen entschuldigen, die sich auf unsere Ankündigung und darauf verlassen haben, dass der Angriffsschutz um 8 Uhr starten würde. Falls ihr deswegen etwas verloren habt, kontaktiert gern unser Support Team und wir werden euch so gut wie möglich helfen.
January 29, 2013

Space Invasion

Good morning! :) Please mind that we will now start our announced patch day. January 29, 2013

Space Invasion

We had some outage problems with our INT and RU database server lately. Since we couldn't find the reason yet, after the downtime this morning we decided to have a full server check which made it necessary to take down the server for several hours.

These checks are finished now and the server is back online.

- we've recalled all attacks
- attack protection is activated for 48 hours
- assistant runtime was extended by 3 days
- after the end of the attack protection, we will set triple production for the following 7 days

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
January 27, 2013

Space Invasion

Hello Spacepilots,

due to the consistent down of the RU & INT server we decided to send the issue directly to our server provider. We hope that they may find the error. Due to this we can not yet say when the servers will be up running again.

An attack protection will be set and fleets will be recalled when we have a reply of our provider. Further information will follow.

This applies only for Universes RU & INT - take care of your Retro/De and SI2 account if you have one!

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Your SI Team
January 27, 2013

Space Invasion

During yesterdays patch day we've changed the address of our Teamspeak server. From now on please use the address
January 16, 2013

Space Invasion

Während des gestrigen Patchdays wurde die Adresse unseres Teamspeak-Servers geändert. Bitte verwendet ab sofort die Adresse January 16, 2013

Space Invasion

Hallo Spacepiloten,

an unserem Patchday haben wir veraltete Userdaten gelöscht, doppelte Usereinträge repariert und einen neuen Zeichensatz eingefügt, der auch ausländische Schriftzeichen darstellen kann.
Hierbei mussten einige Namen geändert werden. Viele Spieler haben Sonderzeichen vor und/oder hinter ihrem Namen da der Name bereits vergeben war.
Daher haben wir für alle Spieler eine Namensänderung kostenlos gebucht.
Bitte beachtet, daß beim ändern des Ingame-Namens der Login-Name nicht verändert wird, dieser bleibt gleich.

Euer SI-Team
January 15, 2013

Space Invasion

Hello Space Pilots

On our patch day we removed old user data, repaired double user names and implemented a new character set which now allows foreign characters as well.
Some names had to be changed, other existing names have additional symbols because the original name was already taken. Those names might be available again now.
We booked all players the option to change their name for free once.
Please note that your login name will not change when you change your ingame nick.

Your SI-Team
January 15, 2013

Space Invasion

We are about to have 6000 Facebook Fans. Wow! :) January 8, 2013

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