People Also Played More... Visit Space Invasion Games Like Space Invasion This game is a strategic space simulation game: As Commander, the player fights for dominance of the universe. From an imperial star base, battle squadrons spread out through the vastness of space with the mission to settle new planets and mine their raw ores. The player builds up an industrial infrastructure and constructs weapons factories and strong defensive fortifications to protect his base.

He either unites with other players to form mighty alliances or fights his way alone through interstellar battles: To become the most powerful fleet admiral, strategic warfare is required. Spy probes send important information about the enemy, with effective research the extraction of raw materials can be improved as well as the efficient use of energy for attacking and defending, and the weapons factory keeps high class battle squadrons ready for fleet maneuvers.
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Media Sources April, 2017

Space Invasion

April 16, 2017

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Space Invasion

Hello Space Pilots

This year, SpaceInvasion is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
After the last stressful weeks, we want to give you some rest during Easter Festival and give you simple goodies, which nevertheless will enable you many functions.

Starting from Sunday, 16th April, we will increase the maximum number of planets to 14 in the SI Classic Universes (RETRO, INT, RU and DE) and the SI-2 Endless Universe! On that day you will be given an additional planet right away for free. You can get the second planet in the shop or at our next event (more about that later!).

On Sunday you get even more! All universities will receive:
All assistants for this day. Existing ones are extended by 1 day
Only in Ecowars: you will be able to deal with the merchant unlimitedly on this day, since the costs are reduced to 0
You get the 4-fold yield from the transmitter
Instead of the daily you get 10 free spins for the transmitter
Only on the day you will receive 10% Extra Urplasma for your Urplasma purchases

The next event, the Flower Event, starts on April 28th and goes until May 31st! The post-run time, in which you can still exchange your collected flowers, will run until 25th of June 23:59:59 CEST.
You have the opportunity to create flowers again that help you create goodies in the flower shop. As in the past events, there will be production multipliers, construction and research accelerators and the inactive farmer bonus.
In addition you have the possibility to get the additional 2nd planet (see above) by flowers! But you should be aware that we only give this planet to players who really collect many flowers (do not underestimate this task!);)

In addition, you have the opportunity to earn a bonus again if you have a look in Mebula, the new monster MMORPG by BitmeUp!
In the green forest of Mebula there is the peaceful town of Root Grove. Surrounded by nature, the people live there with their Mebulies. They produce healing and life potions to heal their sick or injured companions.
For this task, however, they need a certain pink herb from the forest. Through the cold winter in Mebula, many Mebulies have got the flu and need medicine.
Can you help the residents finding these pink herbs?

If you complete the task "Pink Herbs" during the period from 28th April to 31st May, which you will be given by the gardener in the greenhouse in Root Grove, you will receive 40,000 flowers for our flowering event on all your connected SpaceInvasion accounts! (Equivalent to 5 days triple production or our additional planet).

We wish you a lot of fun with the flower event and the additional planets! :)

SpaceInvasion Team
April 14, 2017
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