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Soldiers Inc

New Feature - Special Operatives
Access New Flashpoints, Tactics, and Bonuses


I love the smell of war in the morning. Don't you? Then you will particularly enjoy our new feature - Special Operatives. These fellas mean business. Hire and train them at once! They have special Skills, which provide bonuses to your Base and army.

If you are Level 40 or above, you can access this new feature by clicking the Operatives icon on the right hand side of your Base screen.

Here are the key details about Special Operatives that you should know about:

- Hiring Special Operatives
You can hire Special Operatives and add them to your roster by signing Hiring Bonds. There are 3 types of Hiring Bonds. The type of Hiring Bond you sign determines the Tier of your Special Operative. Visit the “Items” tab of the ""Special Operatives"" window for more information.

- Special Operative Parameters
All Operatives have the following attributes whose Level determines the power of their bonuses: Tier, Rank, Level, Skill Level, and Promotion Level. All of these can be improved to make your Operative more powerful with the exception of their Tier, which can never be changed. The bonuses of the Operative are also determined by their Specialization and the Branch they belong to.
- Special Operative XP, Levels, and Ranks
Once you have hired an Operative, you can send them to engage Flashpoints. By engaging Flashpoints, they can earn Special Operative XP. After they have earned a certain amount of XP, the Operative's Level will increase and their statistics will improve.

The maximum Level your Operative can reach depends on their Rank. When they reach the maximum Level for their Rank, you will need to increase their Rank to continue progressing. You can do this by discharging Operatives of the same Rank in the ""Upgrade"" tab of the Operative interface. The maximum Rank that any Operative can reach is 6.

- Special Operative Promotion
Promoting your Operatives allows them to reach their full potential. There are 5 Promotion Levels, and each one boosts all the Skills of your Operative. To promote an Operative, you will need to discharge another one that has the same Tier and Specialization. The discharged Operative will disappear. An Operative with a Rank of 5 or 6 can only reach their highest Level after Promotion.

- Stationing Operatives at your Base
You can station Special Operatives at your Base to strengthen Base Defense, Recon, or to improve Resource Production. Operatives with the following Specializations can be stationed at your Base: Recon, Base Defense, Resources (Fuel, Munitions), Resources (Munitions, Rations), and Resources (Rations, Fuel).
- Defusing Flashpoints
You can send Special Operatives to engage Flashpoints through the ""Flashpoints"" tab of the Operatives window. Each Flashpoint mission requires 10 Energy. If you run out of Energy, you can either wait for it to restore over time or use Blue Diamonds to energize instantly. Diamonds do wonders for motivation! There are 20 Flashpoint Levels. By engaging Flashpoints, Operatives gain XP that counts towards their Special Operative Level. Through contacts at Flashpoints, you can sometimes obtain Hiring Bonds and Energy.
- Fight your Enemies

You can now crush the opposition with the help of Special Operatives. Send one with Supporting Units and give their efforts the boost they need with Operative bonuses. You can choose to send a Special Operative alone but they do best when leading an army.

- New Priority Missions
You can access Priority Missions for your Special Operatives. Find them in the main Base interface and test the caliber of your Special Operatives to earn big Rewards.

- Navigating the Operative Icon

Each of a Special Operative's key stats can be seen at-a-glance by viewing their Icon in your roster. The stars in the bottom left corner of the icon indicate an Operative's current Rank. The sphere in the upper right corner represents the Operative's Branch. The number in the bottom right corner of the icon is the Operative's Promotion Level. The top left corner will show the Operative's Level.
- Multi-Hiring Special Operatives
All players who activate Level 12 Executive Status or higher can hire up to 10 Operatives in one go. Activate your Executive Status and click ""Multi-Hire"" to sign 10 Regular Hiring Bonds simultaneously.

- New Ranking

A new Ranking Category has been added to the game - Special Operative XP. It will be based on the sum of Operative XP gained by all your Operatives within a certain period of time: current, one week, and all time. Reach the top 10 to get rich rewards! Go to the Rankings window and check your progress regularly.

Incorporate Special Operatives into your army shrewdly and create a juggernaut!
January 24, 2019

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Soldiers Inc

Update News!
Check Out the New Features Now!


This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made the following important update:

- Fixed an issue with discounts while restoring Offensive Units
- Fixed a bug that caused Unit travel time while returning to be different
- Fixed a bug that prevented Repositories from appearing in your Radar
- Fixed an issue with the Hero Gear Offers
- Tweaked Player Protection so it disappears after attacking a Mining Complex, Combine HQ, Repository, or Depot
- Added new Priority Missions related to the COBRA Base.

Alright Commanders, that's enough chatter for now. Our intelligence services have detected signs of destructive activity nearby - most likely Zheng Shi. Prepare your troops!

January 24, 2019

Soldiers Inc

Commanders, do you remember your the most legendary battle in Soldiers Inc? Did you take a picture of it?

Share the results of your best battles in the comments below! We'll choose the most epic screenshots and publish them so even more Soldiers Inc. folks would know about your heroic deed!
January 18, 2019

Soldiers Inc

Is it hard to battle in the winter? What would you do to win?

(y) - Dress your troops in warm armor and attack enemies;
😆 - Turn on heating in your Base and wait for guests.
January 4, 2019

Soldiers Inc

End Of Year Experience Race Tournament
Salute The Winners!



It's time to announce the winners of the End Of Year Experience Race Tournament. Join me in honoring these noble Commanders -


2. RIP F.U
3. 19.06-1
4. long rifle VN
5. Base Fenix
6. Fakes R4 Pussys
7. HOK with GRACE
8. SigmaChi SPOp
9. papy drone kill
10. MoooooD_


1. Big Cheese
2. apocalyspe
3. MIA AUC Bean
4. AUC
8. hell camp auc
9. Black Hawk
10. T.T.A. / AFO


1. MM
3. momo
5. good game :)
6. FW
7. aude
10. Bored

Hit ""Like"" to show your respect.

January 2, 2019

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