People Also Played More... Visit Red Crucible: Firestorm Games Like Red Crucible: Firestorm Compete with friends using some of the world's deadliest modern weapons and vehicles. Fight in unique arenas designed for infantry, vehicle, and air combat. MMO Shooter Tactical 3D Facebook Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium First person Team Based Rocketeer Games Media Sources July, 2013

Red Crucible: Firestorm July 29, 2013

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Red Crucible: Firestorm July 27, 2013

Red Crucible: Firestorm

Community Video Contest

We’re looking for community-made videos highlighting some of the most popular arenas of Red Crucible 2. The best video for each arena will win a Limited Edition weapon. Your videos should include:

1. A brief overall description of the arena.
2. Arena Highlights: the best aspects of the arena
3. Winning Strategies: best parts of the arena to hold and defend, best weapons/vehicles to use, Red/Blue attack strategies, best strategies for each game mode, etc.

For this contest, we are looking for videos highlighting Kiev, Red Dawn, Sand Storm, and Favela. Winning videos will be featured on the Rocketeer Games Studio Channel.

To Enter:
1. Upload your finished video to
2. Go to and fill out the form.

All submissions must be received by 12PM PST, Tuesday, August 6th. Winners will be announced on Friday, August 9th.

Contest Rules:
1. Do not include any references to your or other YouTube channels.
2. Do not have any personal titles in the video (focus only on the material requested)
3. No links to any other websites.
4. No offensive language or content in any form.
5. No references to any friends or clans.
6. No background music of any sort.
7. Have Fun!

Remember this will be judged as 4 different contests, 1 for each arena, and there will be 4 winners that will each receive a Limited Edition weapon.
July 23, 2013

Red Crucible: Firestorm

Red Crucible: Firestorm with Vitor Soares and 33 others.

Get the new Dual Uzis for a limited time only! Double XP & Honors starts now! July 12, 2013

Red Crucible: Firestorm

Red Crucible: Firestorm with Jazzell Robes Mercado and 42 others.

Double XP & Honors for 4th of July Weekend.
Special promos will be flashing all day.
July 4, 2013

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