People Also Played More... Visit Pirates: Tides of Fortune Games Like Pirates: Tides of Fortune Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Form your crew from the most ruthless buccaneers to stumble the streets of Tortuga, then build a pirate fleet to bring whole colonies to kneel beneath your flag!

You’ll master game-changing Discoveries, Trade, and Diplomacy as you raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your seaborne Empire. Invite your shipmates along for a full share of the spoils as you sail the uncharted reaches of the Caribbean - use cunning, deceit, and the cutlass to make it all yours!

Mysterious Pirate Queens await your hand, your stalwart crew await your orders, and untold fame and treasure await your pleasure - if ye be bold enough to sail the Tides of Fortune.
What say you?
Pirates MMO Strategy Empire Building Fantasy Real Time Kabam Browser Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Plarium

Pirates: Tides of Fortune


It is time for the quiz!!

First read the rules as usual:

1. LIKE and SHARE this post so that everybody could see the questions.

2. Send us the answer to with the subject QUIZ FB (please include the link to your profile to the letter)

DO NOT write your answers as a comment to this question.

You have 12 HOURS to submit your answers!

3 winners will be chosen RANDOMLY and will get 500 RUBIES. The time of submission doesn't play crucial role anymore! Everybody can win!

Here are today's questions:

1. What is the contemporary name for the Caribbean island 16th-Century pirates referred to as Hispaniola?

2. The modern dollar sign ($) is derived from symbols that appeared on which infamous manner of pirate currency?

3.What name did pirates give to ships they successfully managed to sack?

Good luck to you all!
Visit October 24, 2012

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