People Also Played More... Visit Pirates: Tides of Fortune Games Like Pirates: Tides of Fortune Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Form your crew from the most ruthless buccaneers to stumble the streets of Tortuga, then build a pirate fleet to bring whole colonies to kneel beneath your flag!

You’ll master game-changing Discoveries, Trade, and Diplomacy as you raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your seaborne Empire. Invite your shipmates along for a full share of the spoils as you sail the uncharted reaches of the Caribbean - use cunning, deceit, and the cutlass to make it all yours!

Mysterious Pirate Queens await your hand, your stalwart crew await your orders, and untold fame and treasure await your pleasure - if ye be bold enough to sail the Tides of Fortune.
What say you?
Pirates MMO Strategy Empire Building Fantasy Real Time Kabam Browser Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Plarium
Media Sources May, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

"I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea." - Alain Gerbault

What will you find this raiding weekend?

Glory, treasure and adventures await! >>> #PlariumPirates
May 30, 2015

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Aye, Captain, it be best that ye ain’t spoken to me yesterday, fer I were madder than a drunk hornet!

I left me offensive troops in me Haven. Naturally, they were smashed up faster than a silver-locked chest.

Lesson learned! Never leave yer offensive troops outside ye Harbor. Never!

Have ye ever faced the shame of such a grave mistake?
Share yer pain with us.
#PlariumPirates >>>
May 29, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Do not miss yer chance to win 3,000 Rubies and 3 Fireships!

#PirateFanArt CONTEST goes full blast >>
Ye are a talented lad, prove me wrong! Do some good work, Pirate!
May 28, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

The Five Worlds of Plarium album by #JesperKyd is coming out on June 2nd! Pre-order it now:
May 27, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Special Offer!
Get Your #Discounted Rubies Now!
#PlariumPirates >>>
May 27, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Global Mission!
Gut Reactions

I need a hand - the Admiralty’s got me shippin’ folks to settle in the New World colonies. You and I know that if one o’ me crew be complaining o’ seasickness, I’ll have ‘em tossed overboard faster than ye can say “fish food”... but these settlers they’re bringing over are real landlubbers. They’re spewin’ their guts at every little pitch an’ roll - can’t even keep good rat meat down! Never seen ought like it. They’re not gonna make it if we don’t do somethin’.
This nurse I used to court, she swore by Leaves to fix the green stomach… But they’s not exactly easy to come by round here. The stuff grows in the South Americas, an’ the Spanish be shipping tonnes o’ it ‘cross the Atlantic. Catch ‘em en route, if ye can, and send the leaves my way. I’ll make sure the Admiralty rewards ye. >>>
May 27, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Memorial Day. Celebrate. Honor. Remember. #MemorialDay #PlariumPirates May 25, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Revive Yer Crew Now And Take A 75% Off!

It’s yer lucky day, because for the next 24 hours any Units ye revive at yer Surgeon can be done so at a 75% Discount!

Ye be right to get yer scurvy knickers in a twist, Captain, but be forewarned: offers like this don't appear often! Get a peg leg up on the competition and build up yer scurvy crew to be the most fearsome pirate on the Seven Seas! Arrgh!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O' Malley
#PlariumPirates >>>
May 23, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Earning Prestige Points for participating in different game events!

From now all Captains will receive Prestige Points on a daily basis:

- for logging in - 5 Points
- for Quest Prizes - up to 16 Points
- for participating in Adventures - up to 25 Prestige Points
- for smashing enemies during PvP quests - up to 50 Points
- for participating in Global Missions - up to 100 Points

But this isn’t all! There are other ways to earn Prestige Points. Keep playing and destroying your rivals and you will soon know all that Prestige Status has to offer!

Piratically yours,
Anne Bonnie
May 22, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Tomorrow, Take A 75% Off To Revive Yer Crew!

The Witch Doctor has made a prediction that has just been confirmed by the ol’ seafaring, peg-legged soothsayers that hang out in the Tavern at scurvy hours o’ the night!

For 24 hours only, yer lost Crewmembers can be revived for a 75% Discount!

I swear I ain’t be pullin’ yer peg leg! It all starts tomorrow at 7 am UTC. Get it while it lasts, Captain!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O' Malley
May 22, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Avast me buckos!

Mr. Nasty Crab returned home to the serene harbor o’ the Seven Seas and brought with him Pirate news from the four corners of the earth. His scurvy claws prepared something new for ye, Captains. Don't judge too harshly and enjoy the story. >>>

If ye also have a good story to tell, don't be shy!
#PlariumPirates #News
May 21, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Weekly Update News!
Check Out the New Features Now!

This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates:

1. When viewing captured Targets in your Lighthouse, players’ avatars will now be visible.

2. The Dagger's Raid Capacity will now be displayed correctly.
The Bonus from Prestige Status will no longer be added twice, which caused a visual bug.

3. When viewing new Targets in the Lighthouse, the list will be refreshed more often, allowing you to detect new Targets more quickly.

4. Several in-game Chat improvements and fixes have been added.

5. New Presidios have appeared throughout the Seven Seas.

Arrh, that's enough chatter for now, Captains - get yerselves on deck and unfurl the main, I can hear cannons in the distance!

Piratically yours!
Anne Bonnie
May 20, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Receive Prestige Points in Various Game Events!
Increase your Prestige Level and Achieve Greatness!

Learn more here >>>

IMPORTANT! Your current Prestige Level will not change after the update.

Play yer part in the fight fer the Seven Seas and participate in battles to earn Prestige Points and show off yer scallywaggin' skills!

-Capt. “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley
May 20, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy me brave Captains!

What be yer Carpenter engaged in right now? >>> #PlariumPirates
May 19, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

My Matey had a sleepless night, because his offensive army was staved to splinters on an "Unclaimed" Target. Shiver me timbers, how can that be?

Me brave Captain, is it safe to attack a Target that is indicated as "Unclaimed"?

SHARE yer experince with us! Ahoy!
May 18, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Arrr ye still abed at this hour?! It be high time to start yer weekend raidin' in #PlariumPirates!

Play now! >>>
May 16, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Captain, it be time to share yer knowledge o' the seas with other Pirates.

What is the best use of Dark Corsairs ?

A. To Capture Targets
B. To Engage Prizes
C. To scare newbies to death
D. Other - Let us know!

Leave your answers in the comments section!

#PlariumPIrates >>>
May 15, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy Captains!

Check out the news from across the Seven Seas!

April has already come to an end and we are ready to give ye scurvy Captains a brief overview o' the major events that took place in April.

I would like ye to meet our little reckless Pirate journalist, Mr. Nasty Crab! >>>

Ye will see the next report pretty soon...

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie
May 14, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Check out our FAQ section to learn more about the game -> #PlariumPirates #FAQ May 13, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Global Mission!
Trial by Fireworks!

Cap! Ye might’ve heard, there’s to be a royal weddin’ soon. Not really me cup o’ tea, all that dressing up lark, but the royals always put on a good party. Speakin’ o’ which, they’ve asked me to deliver some Chinese Fireworks to spice the occasion up a bit. Those bloody Spaniards ‘ave got control the South China Sea, though; our ships would never get near Hong Kong.
There’s another way to get the goods, though… If you catch me drift? Wreck the Spanish ships, but don’t sink’em before ye take all their fireworks!

Play #PlariumPirates now!
May 12, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Rough seas can swallow yer Pirate soul, yer parrot can eat the last crumb o'bread, an' even yer best Matey can betray ye. Only yer Mum will stick with ye in spite o'everything.

Happy Mothers' Day, Captains!
May 10, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Have a great weekend with #PlariumPirates!

Steal! Plunder! Take what ye want n' burn the rest!
May 9, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Special Offer!
Get Your Discounted Rubies Now!

Play #PlariumPirates now!
May 8, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy Pirates!

Drop anchor and drink up, me hearties! Let us start the #PirateFanArt CONTEST, shiver me timbers!

Read the conditions here: >>>

I bet thar be many talented and creative lads in yer Crew. Prove me wrong!

The Grand Prize Winner shall receive: 3,000 Rubies and 3 Fireships!

As always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes for those who go above and beyond!

On yer way! I expect to be hearin' about yer adventures soon enough!
May 7, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides Of Fortune added an event.

May 7, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

French and German Forum Launch!
Join the Forum today!


We have recently launched official French and German Forums!

Join the new Forum in order to post your ideas, ask other players about their experiences, share tips, discuss game features, brag about your Clan, and find new allies!

You can find the new Forums by following the links:
French Forum:
German Forum:

Register on the Forum now!
May 6, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Sharpen your swords and axes...
May 5, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

What’s the first thing ye do after launching Pirates?

A. Check my Battle Reports! I want to know who dared to attack me!
B. I always start my day with Prizes!
C. Check my position in the current Rankings
D. Hire new Units! Each day I become stronger! Arrr
E. Something else

Leave yer choice below! #PlariumPirates >>
May 4, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy, Captains! Follow these steps t’ get guaranteed rewards for friends that ye invite at the Pirate's Den!

This is how your invitation must be accepted:
APPS -> Games -> Activity -> Accept
#PlariumPirates >>
May 2, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Get ready for N! May 1, 2015

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