People Also Played More... Visit Pirates: Tides of Fortune Games Like Pirates: Tides of Fortune Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Form your crew from the most ruthless buccaneers to stumble the streets of Tortuga, then build a pirate fleet to bring whole colonies to kneel beneath your flag!

You’ll master game-changing Discoveries, Trade, and Diplomacy as you raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your seaborne Empire. Invite your shipmates along for a full share of the spoils as you sail the uncharted reaches of the Caribbean - use cunning, deceit, and the cutlass to make it all yours!

Mysterious Pirate Queens await your hand, your stalwart crew await your orders, and untold fame and treasure await your pleasure - if ye be bold enough to sail the Tides of Fortune.
What say you?
Pirates MMO Strategy Empire Building Fantasy Real Time Kabam Browser Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Plarium
Media Sources April, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Guess the Unit!

With upwards of 60 Guns, a thick hull, and uncanny speed, this monster ought by all rights be enough to bring entire towns to their knees and t’ white flag to yer enemy's mast! Any addled bilge-rat daft enough to use this fer defense should be keel-hauled by his own crew!

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April 30, 2015

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy Captains!
Every sea dog can come here to share sorrows and joys w’ other Pirates.

Today I want to share 2 wonderful German articles written by t’ good-hearted and extremely brave Captain Walter Dannehl from Germany.

You can find ‘em in our Blog >>>

I am sure there be many talented Captains on t’ Seven Seas. If ye want to see yer own article posted, feel free to contact me.
Let's raise t’ Black Flag and let t’ wind guide ye for yer next adventure!

Piratically yours,
Anne Bonnie
April 29, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Special Offer!
Get Your #Discounted Rubies Now!

#PlariumPirates >>>
April 28, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

"Great glory we have gained, though now or tomorrow we shall die. No one lives till eve against the norns' decree."

Look out for more, very soon…
April 28, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Get Ready For A Whole New Auditory Experience on the Seven Seas!

Enjoy New Music by Jesper Kyd!

Ahoy Captains!

Have ye heard? Pirates: Tides of Fortune now be featurin' increased audio quality and NEW custom-scored music by scurvy, award-winning composer Jesper Kyd!

‘ese tunes be sure to provide an excellent soundtrack fer yer ship as ye submerge yerselves in rum, pillage yer fellow scallywags, and attack Havens! Enjoy them, me hearties!

#PlariumPirates >>
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley
April 27, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Global Mission!
The Spice of Life

‘Ey up, Captain! I’ve got a bit of work for ye. Ye haven’t spent as much time at sea as I have, but, judgin’ by the way your crew are hobbling round your ship, yer probably more than familiar with Scurvy. Aye, it’s the worst thing that can happen to a proud pirate – it’s one thing to have a broken tooth or two, but you’ll have a hard time striking fear into a bloody chicken with naught but your gums to grimace with!

We need to get hold o’ some Vitamin C to prevent the disease. Them oranges go bad too quickly to be o’ much use on long hauls, but those Chili Peppers the Spaniards have seem to last ages. Go sink some Galleons and gather as many Chili Peppers as ye can while yer there!

#PlariumPirates >>>
April 27, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Watch the new Stormfall: Rise Of Balur Trailer!

Play on your Android or iOS device!

April 25, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

On deck, Captain!

Grab yer Crew and read this article to learn everything there be to know about Brotherhood Adventures >>>

If ye wear a tattered eye patch, it does not mean ye should close the other eye on what is happening during Brotherhood Adventures!

Let's take this new assignment in stride and rule the Seven Seas!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie
April 24, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ships ahoy, Captains!
Here be a Twitter Competition fer ye all!

Guess the name of a Unit that turned its coat and joined the brave pirates!

Solve the mystery and get 2,000 Rubies!

Steps to victory:

1) Follow @CaptAnn_plarium
2) Examine her tweets within the next 2 weeks and find the parts of the KEY WORD hidden on the images.
3) Send retweets to keep the images close at hand until the X.
4) Report the guessed KEY WORD and your coordinates to ‘Bonnie’ Anne on May 7th.

The 10 most observant Captains who submit correct KEY WORD will get 2,000 Rubies each!

Victors of the quest will be announced on May 12th!

Bless yer Piratin’ spirit, now get to Tweetin'!
Yer Pirate Queen ‘Bonnie’ Anne O’Malley
#PlariumPirates #Contest
April 23, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

What is yer favorite Brotherhood over the Seven Seas?

The Phantom Pirates, NEMESIS, =STAR PIRATES= , *ODISSEA ASSASSINA*, or maybe SEEBÄREN? Or perhaps ye prefer MEN of MAYHEM, THE SEA CATS, or Bombardiers elite...Aye it's extremely difficult to choose a favorite one!

Leave a comment with yer choice below! #PlariumPirates >>
April 22, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy, Captains!

The scurvy daredevils from our Pirate Crew be reportin’ on the work that’s been done while ye were plunderin' an' raidin' to yer black hearts' content.

Here be a list o’ bugfixes that we’ve implemented:

1) If you have more than 9,999 Units in the Pirate's Stronghold, the number is shown in full, without the use of the letter "K" to designate thousands.

2) Bonuses applicable to your Units will now be displayed when they’re in the Harbor.

3) When sending several Units of the same type to Raid or Blockade, their speed, number and characteristics will now be displayed.

4) Units’ travel time to Presidios is now displayed correctly in the “Send Units” window.

5) Units are now highlighted correctly in the Pirate's Stronghold

6) When taking a screenshot of a Battle Report, you now have the option not to display your Units.

7) Unit selection in the "Send" window will no longer be reset the moment more Units arrive at your Haven.

8) Troops now interact correctly with all Dread Fleet Units.

IMPORTANT! Use the "My" filter to display the bonuses of your Units in your Haven when using the "Haven" tab in the Pirate's Stronghold.

We were considerin’ throwin’ some of the engineers overboard to the Krakens, but settled on stickin' em with deck swabbing duty fer the next while!

Thank ye fer yer loyalty an’ patience, me Hearties. Weigh anchor an’ hoist yer mizzens, now – be off with ye!

#PlariumPirates #Update>>
April 21, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Sometimes by losin' a battle, ye come up with a new way to win a war. Has this ever happened to ye? If ye be a crafty sea dog, I'd expect so!

Wishin' ye good Battles this #Monday! Full speed ahead!
#PlariumPirates >>
April 20, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Keep yer head up, Captain! The hardest Battles are given to the strongest Pirates!

Play #PlariumPirates now and win all yer Battles this #weekend >>
April 18, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

If I were in t’ crew of King Carlos-Ferdinand IV t’ first thing I would do is ___________________

#PlariumPirates >>
April 17, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Special Offer!
Get Your #Discounted Rubies Now!

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April 17, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune


Today I will tell ye how brave Captains can calculate bonuses to their Units' characteristics!

Let us remember what bonuses can help ye to win t’ scurvy battle:

1. Discoveries. Ye can significantly improve characteristics of yer Units by upgrading yer Discoveries. Aye for or over 40%. Not bad, Matey?
2. Potions.
3. Prestige Status. Yer Units' characteristics can be improved by max. 5%.
4. Relics. Yer Skeleton Cave is full o’ useful bonuses, believe me.
5. Brotherhood Achievements "Empire Builders" and "Conquerors". On t’ 10th level they add + 5% to yer Offense or Defense.

How to calculate all these bonuses? Let's try using as an example t’ "Frigate".

Avast! Any Pirate foolish enough to use this for defense should be keel-hauled by his own Crew!

T’ Frigate’s basic offensive strength is 900.
As soon as ye upgrade "Naval Engineering" to level 20, its offensive strength increases by 40% and becomes 1,260.

Ye enjoy it and activate Prestige Status, use Potions, keep yer Crew fighting for Brotherhood achievements to achieve greater rewards!

As a result t’ Frigate's offensive strength increases by 26% (5% + 5% + 16%). Do not forget that we add 26% to t’ basic offensive characteristics, makin’ things round out at 900!

As a result we have the following calculation:

900 + 40% + 5% + 5% + 16% = 900 + 66% = 1,494.

Knowledge is boundless: use yer brain to win t’ battle!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie
April 16, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Captains, call forth Pirates from t’ whole o’ t’ Seven Seas!

Feel free to post ADD ME in t’ comments under this post! #PlariumPirates >>
April 15, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy Captains!

Yer videos be the best proof of t’ existence of never-dying Pirate glory! Aye it be everywhere: in every salty water drop, in every stone, in every breath of ‘ ocean and in every blackened Pirate heart!

Let's congratulate t’ winners of our #BestCrewEver video contest:

Ray Hamilton (~RIB~IIII)
Romain Rossi (☣ legion maudite ☣)
Dirk Smets (PIRATE)
Christophe Munck (Horde Jaguars)

Each Captain receives 3,000 Rubies. Yo-ho-ho!

Other videos were also so good that I I couldn't pry myself away from watching ‘em! I enjoyed every minute of t’ following lassies!

Pap Roland (Boobie snatchers)
Dirk Smets (The Phantom Pirates)
Gheorghita Ionut (Black Sea)
Adrian Sami Zieleskiewicz Steinway (Trinity 7 Nordic)

These scurvy Captains will receive 1,500 Rubies each. Well done, me Hearties!

Ye can see all scurvy videos here >>>

Piracy is t’ best way o life! Savvy, Matey?
April 14, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Global Mission!
Bombay Tea Party

Captain! Got a bit of a problem. Seems the Spaniards have developed a taste fer tea, and have been ransackin’ all the East India Company ships on their trade routes. It’s gotten so bad the merchants won’t even risk the voyage anymore. No amount o’ tea’s worth risking your life... Not at the prices we pay anyway! But, it does make a tidy profit for us when we sell it on in the capital.

Only solution I see is to steal the stuff back from the Spaniards. Go teach the Armada a lesson they’ll never forget!
April 14, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Scurvy Crossword: admission fer Pirates only!

Solve t’ crossword and win 2,000 Rubies! Write yer answers below or create a picture with t’ answers, using Paint or fer example.


2. Dreadful monster that protects yer Haven from prying eyes
5. What be t’ name o’ t’ 22th Adventure?
7. Pirates do it all t’ time. Matey!
8. This building allows ye to recover some Units fer free.


1. If ye discover this ye will be able to build a Sawmill
3. You cannot Buy, Exchange or Send these items to yer friends.
4. These Items help to improve yer skill tree
6. Who is William "Wee Eccentric" McCallan?
9. Here ye can bargain Resources and Sketches.

Get yer Scurvy brains working or make them walk t’ plank! Ahoy!
April 13, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ye do it, or ye do not! There be no tryin’! Yer enemy won't give ye a chance! Play #PlariumPirates now > April 11, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

WANTED: the scurviest Pirate on the Seven Seas!

If ye black Pirate heart desires a little honest pirating and ye know everything that happens in the Ocean, yer calling is that of Pirate journalist!

More details >>>

Ye tell me that Pirates never work for free? Aye aye, every Pirate journalist receives a salary, Rubies from t’ sea floor!

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie
April 10, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Brotherhood Adventure Update!
Rewards Are Now Easier To Earn Than Ever! Take Advantage Now!


Consider yerselves advised: startin' today, the Brotherhood Adventure Reward structure be changin' fer the better!
Now ye'll need less Points to earn the higher-level rewards. This means ye'll be winnin' the Units, Boosts, Resources an' other booty easier than ever before! Make sure yer Brethren all be takin' part, seein' as they'll all be reapin' the Rewards if yer Brotherhood be successful. There be no room for landlubbers or slackers on the Seven Seas - not with the scurvy Spanish Armada sailin' about!

Aye, and don't forget to claim her Rewards from the Smuggler's Den once ye've earned'em, 'fore they expire!

Piratically yours!
Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley
#PlariumPirates >>
April 9, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Special Offer!
Get Your Discounted Rubies Now!

#PlariumPirates >>
April 8, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Train Juggernauts and strike a devastating blow to yer enemy!

Carrying enough heavy firepower to turn a whole Armada into flotsam, it's yer most powerful offensive Unit without question!

Smash yer enemies and prove yer strength! #PlariumPirates >>
April 7, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Avast ye!

They say dead men tell no tales, but 'ere be an exception. Davy Jones! Davy Jones can not only tell ye harrowin’ stories about executions, but also give useful advice.

Today our old "almost-friend" Davy Jones tells us, with a special focus on fresh new deckswabbers, how t’ calculate Resource production, o’ course takin’ into consideration all the bonuses that can influence this rate.

Basic production be the sum of all yer Resource buildings plus yer Haven production (yer own Haven produces 50 Gold and Lumber and 191 Rum per hour, don’t ye know).

Example: Lumberyards produce 500 bits o’ Lumber per hour, which makes yer Haven’s total production of Lumber 550 per hour.

We sum up bonuses from all yer buildings- Royal Cannon (Gold, Lumber), The Pirate’s Den (all Resources), Goldsmith (Gold), Sawmill (Lumber), Windmill (Rum)- and add this amount t’ yer basic Haven production.

All other bonuses (+25% Resource Booster, Prestige Status, +7% boost to yer Gold and Lumber production when ye research all Discoveries and Relics) are summed up and added to the previous result (including bonuses from buildings).

Trust me matey, that’s a lot!

Davy Jones says good-bye to ye all and impatiently awaits for your Pirate soul to flutter down to ‘im. But not yet, Captain, not yet…

Piratically yers,
Anne Bonnie
April 6, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Happy #Easter, Captains!

Count up all t’ Easter eggs, if ye can! Three random Pirates who be giving t’ correct answer will get 1,000 Rubies each!

Comment with a number below!
#PlariumPirates >>>
April 4, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Captain, what does yer Brotherhood mean fer ye?

A. A crew o’ like-minded pirates
B. Pirates who became my friends
C. People who taught me everything about t’ Seven Seas
D. I don't know ‘ese scurvy fellows at all
E. I prefer to fight alone!

Leave yer choice below and bring fame and glory to yer Brotherhoods!
#PlariumPirates >>
April 3, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

From time to time "green" Pirates knock at me door always askin’ me t’ same question: "What can I do if numerous Captains constantly attack me Haven? They are merciless and cruel! I won't survive..."

Captains, ye know all the tricks and scurvy game strategies. What would ye suggest in this situation? Give up? Call t’ police? Shed floods o’ tears? Fight? Share yer tips w’ us!

T’ rougher t’ seas, t’ smoother we sail! Ahoy!
#PlariumPirates >>>
April 2, 2015

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New "Rubynapper" Raiding Ship is coming soon!

Ahoy Captains!
Every scurvy Pirate is craving fer battles and treasure! Savvy?

T’ powerful offensive Unit Robin "Rubynapper" Hood will bring ye not only Resources and fame, but also Rubies from t’ enemy Haven. Ye will be able to Raid a maximum of 5,000 Rubies every 7 days.

Have I intrigued ye, Captain?

Share this post and prepare fer new adventures!
#PLariumPirates >>>
April 1, 2015

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