People Also Played More... Visit Pirates: Tides of Fortune Games Like Pirates: Tides of Fortune Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Form your crew from the most ruthless buccaneers to stumble the streets of Tortuga, then build a pirate fleet to bring whole colonies to kneel beneath your flag!

You’ll master game-changing Discoveries, Trade, and Diplomacy as you raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your seaborne Empire. Invite your shipmates along for a full share of the spoils as you sail the uncharted reaches of the Caribbean - use cunning, deceit, and the cutlass to make it all yours!

Mysterious Pirate Queens await your hand, your stalwart crew await your orders, and untold fame and treasure await your pleasure - if ye be bold enough to sail the Tides of Fortune.
What say you?
Pirates MMO Strategy Empire Building Fantasy Real Time Kabam Browser Guilds PvP Free to play / Freemium War Plarium
Media Sources October, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

We wish you a #Halloween full of moonlight and magic on the high seas!

Find all the traditional Halloween symbols and creatures in this picture – and post your answer in the comment section below!
#PlariumPirates >>
October 31, 2014

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

- I know a pirate with a wooden leg named Smith!

- What's the name of his other leg?

When the seas are rough, ye need a sense of #humor. Captains, how often do you use yours? >>> Play #PlariumPirates now -
October 30, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

All Hallows’ Eve!
New Haven Skin Available At The Smuggler's Den! -
Play #PlariumPirates now -
October 29, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

When I am sailing across the Seven Seas, I feel more alive than ever.

A pirate is for life, not just for Christmas, Captain!

Play #PlariumPirates, feel the #power
October 28, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy Captain!

Arrrrrr, it seems to me that the Captain of the Cyclops forgot to hide his ship and here is the result.

The loss of the ship USS Cyclops and 306 crew and passengers without a trace within the area known as the Bermuda Triangle remains the single largest loss of life in U.S. Naval history.

Learn more here

Always move your precious ships to the Harbor when going to bed.

#PlariumPirates # Mystery
October 27, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

"Inspiration is one thing and you can't control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving." - Kevin Eubanks

Caption this photo and be inspired by the coming #weekend

Play #PlariumPirates now
October 25, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Some assume pirates wore eye patches there to cover a missing eye or an eye that was wounded in battle, but in fact, an eye patch was more likely to be used to condition the eye so the pirate could fight in the dark.
It takes an average human eye about 25 minutes to fully adapt from bright sunlight to seeing in complete darkness.

The eye patch could be used to prepare one eye to see in the dark, so when they would go below deck they could swap over the eye patch from one eye to the other and see with the eye that has already adjusted to low light conditions. This would allow them to see instantly in the dark.
So for now, keep on wearing that pirate-y eye patch—you're actually looking like one smart #Pirate when you do!

Play #PlariumPirates now -
October 24, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Captains, what is the real treasure for you? shARRRe your comments below

Play now

#PlariumPirates #Treasure
October 23, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Boost Pearl Application And Upgrades! Upgrade Units Faster Than Ever Before! October 22, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New And Improved Smuggler's Den! Purchase Resource Packs And Improve Your Haven’s Efficiency! October 22, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Giant Halloween Sale! Special Ruby Discounts For All!

For a limited time only!
October 22, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Dragon Ladies or Bonnie's Beauties?

Pick your defenders! Hit "Like" for Dragon Ladies or "Share" for Bonnie's Beauties to choose your side!

Play #PlariumPirates
October 22, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Why did Pirates turn to piracy? Aye, they wanted to experience the freedom and benefit by the riches of a pirate’s life.

The ‘Golden Age’ of piracy in the 17th century was the greatest upswing in piracy ever.This era produced many of the most famous pirates, including Blackbeard, "Calico Jack" Rackham, Edward Low and Henry Avery.

Blimey! Jolly Roger belongs to the pirates of this age as well.

What a joyful time it was, Captains...

Grab your Crew and fight like a Pirate -->

October 20, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Feel how the heart of the Ocean sends a thrilling pulse through ye.

Set sail where the wind’s like a whetted knife and the sky is ruthless.

October 19, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Avast me Hearties!

Our Pirate Page has been officially verified.

Thank ye all who helped t' make it possible. Me Maties, it ain't just rum that put th' "jolly" in th' Jolly Roger, but the warm blood in yer Pirate veins.

Post yer favourite Pirate word in th' comments below 'n 15 random scurvy pirates receive a "jolly" gift from me.

Fair winds and safe travels, me hearties!

Piratically yours,

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley
October 17, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

A Pirates life fer me, a Pirate's Life fer ye!

How do ye all spend yer piratin' days? Leave yer comment below!

Ye can learn more about my pirate day here:

Get ready fer blood and victory -->

October 16, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

What if Pirates had this monster in the 17th century? Aye, frightful even t' think of it.

The littoral combat ship (LCS) is easy to reconfigure for different roles, including anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, homeland defense, maritime intercept, special operations, and logistics

Due to its modular design, the LCS will be able to replace slower, more specialized ships such as minesweepers and larger assault ships.

Ahead full speed! -->

October 16, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune


Do you dream of having your favorite actor drinking rum onboard your ship? Which actor-celebrity would you like to see sailing alongside you?

Let us know your choice and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

October 14, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Have ye ever thought 'bout #shadows?

Every creature, every deed, desire or word have their shadow.

Find th' right shadow in th' picture 'n message yer answer in th' comments below.

I be not sure if me black soul has a shadow too. But who knows...

Let yer scurvy pirate soul run wild! No meRRRRсy -->

October 13, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Have a great #weekend with #PlariumPirates!

Fight on the seas and oceans, storm the beaches and struggle for treasure!

Play now-->
October 12, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Global Mission!

The Globe of Vasco De Gama!

October 10, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Guess the #movie by the picture!

10 Captains who correctly identify the film will receive 1000 Rubies each!

1. Waterworld
2.Crimson Tide
3.Deep Blue Sea

October 9, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Ahoy, Captians!

As of this very moment, blockadin' enemy Havens is more efficient than ever. Once you blockade a Haven, resources will be accumulatin' immediately—no waitin'!

Get out there an' seize the booty faster than ever!

Fair seas to ye from yer lovely Pirate Queen,
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley

#PlariumPirates #Update
October 8, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Avast, me Hearties!

Don't miss your last chance to win fame as a brilliant scurvy Pirate writer!

Make it happen

1500 Rubies are at stake! Shiver me timbers, let's do it!

#PlariumPirates #TalkLikeAPirateDay
October 7, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Only brave souls can fight against the most intimidating creatures of this world!

ARRRRRe you a daring adventurer, Captain?

SHARE if you are undauntable!

Play now-->

October 6, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Captain! Always do what you exactly what you want to do in life.

Set sail, discover uncharted waters and fight like a Pirate!

#PlariumPirates #Weekend
October 4, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Check out the group created for #PlariumPirates fans, Captains!

Hit SHARE to invite more friends to the group!

Play Now
October 3, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Test yourself and save the Krakens!

My Krakens are in a spot o’ bother. Solve the #riddle and save them, and one of them will join your Crew!

Old pirate Flint has locked 10 Krakens into a vacuumed room, and has given me this riddle to solve:

“How much longer does a beam of light take to travel to the Krakens when I open the door wi’ me wooden leg? Will it differ from the speed of light travelling through air?”

I can’t work it out, Captains – I need yer help!

Post your answer below, and 10 RANDOM Captains will have one
o’ me Krakens join their crew as a reward!

October 2, 2014

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." - Grace Hopper.

Hoist your flag high and set sail!

#PlariumPirates #Quotes
October 1, 2014

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