People Also Played More... Visit Pirates: Tides of Fortune Games Like Pirates: Tides of Fortune Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the Seven Seas! Form your crew from the most ruthless buccaneers to stumble the streets of Tortuga, then build a pirate fleet to bring whole colonies to kneel beneath your flag!

You’ll master game-changing Discoveries, Trade, and Diplomacy as you raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island to the bustling hub of your seaborne Empire. Invite your shipmates along for a full share of the spoils as you sail the uncharted reaches of the Caribbean - use cunning, deceit, and the cutlass to make it all yours!

Mysterious Pirate Queens await your hand, your stalwart crew await your orders, and untold fame and treasure await your pleasure - if ye be bold enough to sail the Tides of Fortune.
What say you?
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Media Sources March, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Captains! We need your help!

In a shameless effort to kick-start contributions to the Pirates: Tides of Fortune Wiki site, we're contemplating putting together a wiki submission contest where top contributors can win Rubies for the most useful articles, content, and gameplay advice. We'd like to run the competition in true pirate fashion: Everyone votes for their favorite submissions and we let you choose the winners.

Our question for YOU, the users: how should we structure the contest? What kind of information would you want to see? What would you like the criteria to be? How can we use this contest most effectively? What should the prizes be? (We can't wait to hear the suggestions on this part.)

Depending on how this takes off, we're contemplating making contests a more regular thing.

Here's the link to the existing wiki:

Again, this site belongs to you - so we'll be following the community's lead on this one.

Cpt. “Bonnie” Ann O’Malley

NOTE: This thread is ONLY for suggestions regarding the wiki competition - not general game suggestions. Please post those in the appropriate feedback thread.
March 23, 2012

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

New Discoveries and Units!


Part pirate, part patriot - the *Privateers* be masters of *Offensive* and *Defensive* tactics. These brave souls are willing to lay their life on the line for love of King and Country - and a modest share o’ the spoils. (‘Tis considered bad manners ‘round here to ask ‘em which particular King and Country they be fightin’ for from week to week - usually the one with the richest enemies. Har har.)
Build the *Privateer’s Fort* to start recruitin’ *Marines*, *Sappers*, *Luggers*, and the pride o’ the Privateer Fleet - the *Schooner*!
March 21, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides Of Fortune published a note.


Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune will be temporarily down later this afternoon for regularly scheduled maintenance as we scrape the barnacles off our hull and remove weevils from our servers. We’ll be announcing the times as we get closer. We expect the outage to be approximately 30 minutes, and we will be announcing the precise time later today. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
March 16, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune


All Captains are free to share, edit, add, and modify content on the Wiki page as they deem fit. It will be hosted on Plarium servers - but this archive is yours.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

March 14, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides Of Fortune updated their cover photo.

March 13, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Dark Corsair’s Graves
Advances in modern necromancy now let you summon extra Dark Corsairs each day! Check your Improvements to purchase Corsairs’ Graves - each one you dig gives you an extra Black Spot to use on your friends! Start digging!
March 7, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Brave Italian seafarers be no stranger to the Spanish Main!

Have ye not heard o’ Amerigo Vespucci - the brilliant navigator what discovered these ‘ere waters? Or the infamous Louis “Cut Nose” Chigizola and Vincenzo Gambi - two o’ the fiercest n’ most bloodthirsty buccaneers to ever sail with the famed Cap’n Jean Lafitte his own self!

Aye, ‘tis with great pleasure we be offerin’ Pirates: Tides of Fortune in the Italian tongue. Welcome aboard, and buona fortuna!
March 7, 2012

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