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Brand new - the Pirate Game Pirate Storm! Set sail and start wreaking havoc online now! Load the harpoons, turn sea monsters into chum, send your enemies to their watery graves and unleash the devastating power of your cannon fire - have your way with your opponents until all that’s left is the smoldering, tattered wreckage of their ships. In Pirate Game Pirate Storm‘s battle for glory and gold, the end justifies the means.

It doesn’t matter if you engage in PvE or PvP battle; Pirate Game Pirate Storm will knock the eye patch clean off your head with its non-stop action.

Set sail in Pirate Game Pirate Storm as a simple landlubber and make a name for yourself on the high seas. You will rise in rank with every battle, until you are the most feared pirate on the ocean - the mere mention of your name will strike fear in the hearts of the most weathered old salts.
Load the cannons - Pirate Storm is an intense Pirate Game with long-lasting action! Play now for free.
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Media Sources October, 2012

Pirate Storm

Starting immediately, on the first of each month, Pirate Storm will celebrate the start of the Open Beta which began on August 1, 2011!

Brace yourself for two rough challenges on these days! Two new maps overrun with blood-thirsty, gruesome sea monsters wait to be conquered. On the "Hurricane Archipelago" bonus map, if you win, you’ll score a wicked discount on the Small Tempest Bulkhead with its 4,000 hit points!

But that’s not all! Dangerous sea serpents also slither their way around many different waters! Rumour has it that they hold great power inside them, namely the rarely found Lighting Blade Harpoon − valuable booty just waiting to be reeled in. It’s especially important for your stormy adventures, so keep your eyes peeled for sea serpents and don’t let them get away!

Fair winds and following seas!
October 31, 2012

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Pirate Storm

How do you like our Halloween event so far?
Don´t forget the Double XP Day tomorrow :)
October 27, 2012

Pirate Storm

Every year on Halloween three terribly sinister creatures briefly come out of hiding to haunt the seas. So take heed out there once again this year ­− your lives are at stake!

The Headless Prince and his ghastly fleet are a real threat to all frigates and brigantines.

Madame Noir will ruthlessly hunt down any pirate ship which dares to enter her territory.

The Moloch is a creature of pure darkness that will stop at nothing to plummet the world into chaos, even if it means losing its own forces.

This Halloween you can get your hands on the one-and-only Godfather Death ship. The merchant’s got it back on sale as well as a brand-new deck for this ship, too.

On the spooky bonus maps, you can win yourself a Halloween Discount for the Godfather Death ship in battle.

Hoist the sails and chart a course to collect “Grinning death” event cannonballs. You’re going to need them on your scary adventures at sea!
October 25, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added 5 new photos to the album: Battlefield week October.

October 24, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added a life event from October 24, 2012: Release 1.1.3.

October 24, 2012

Pirate Storm

Happy Birthday Lena :)
And thank you for the delicious cake!
October 23, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added 5 new photos to the album: Wallpapers — with Inese Krasnova.

October 22, 2012

Pirate Storm

It is weekend and Deep Sea Diver Day :)
On the day of sunken treasure – On the 20th of October starting at 00:00:00 and ending at 23:59:59 local server time, when the prices for deep-sea divers will be slashed in half – you can indulge your zeal for diving and scour the floor of the ocean for jewels and more. Don’t let this deal get away! Who knows, you may even manage to get a hold of a piece of the rare bonus.
October 20, 2012

Pirate Storm

This week:
Battleground week Pirate´s Dominion :)
October 15, 2012

Pirate Storm

Sail into uncharted territories and show massive sea monsters and unscrupulous pirates who’s boss. Survivors can win cannons, steel cannonballs, diamonds and much more! October 14, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm with Victinho Souza and 3 others.

Ahoy Captains,
Release 1.1.2 is already live with innovative improvements that we hope will be a lot of fun for you.
First I’d like to mention the New Moon Raffle, which offers you the opportunity to win up to 10,000€; however, it will require you to do some work collecting doubloons. We decided the best way to determine the winner is to have a drawing every new moon.
There won’t be a Jackpot Battle or something similar in Pirate Storm, as we invested a lot of time and energy into a system that was secure enough to prevent our more “creative” players from arranging how they’ll split their rewards. We did have to place certain restrictions on the raffle in accordance with the laws of participating countries. Because of legal restrictions, we are not able to offer the raffle at all in certain countries.
To be able to participate in the New Moon Raffle, you’ll need to confirm your e-mail address which you can now do on the homepage.
As compensation, you’ll get a Diamond Pack from us for free!
There is also a brand new PvP ranking system that has gone live, which means that now it’s more lucrative than ever to sail the Pirate Storm seas. We’re pleased with how the new insignias turned out, as well as how incredible the new ships look. Considering all of the new rewards, there is a little something for everyone in the game. As you may have already noticed, we’ve transferred all of your points from the old system to the new. Rest assured no one has lost any points!
At the end of September, we introduced additional improvements to the guild islands. Initially, we set out to release improvements that would fix the pushing and island hopping problems that have been rampant. In October, we will be looking very closely at these issues and at how the ranking system is developing and, as always, we appreciate your feedback.
The next battlefield week is finished and, beginning in October, you’ll once again be able to fight for Eagle Medals and coins in Pirate’s Dominion. The Houses have been hard at work and their dedication has paid off – they’ve developed some prizes that are so incredible, they’ll have even the saltiest of sea dogs panting!
We’ll also be giving you the chance to set your own prices for prizes like ships, cannons, decks, etc. If you purchase more items in the current hour than you did in the previous hour, the cost of the items will drop in the hours that follow. For this offer, we’ll take the entire server, rather than individual players, into account. In short, the more you buy, the lower the prices will drop!
There are just two more things I’d like to discuss, since we’ve finally found the time to introduce some of the changes we’ve been planning for a while now.
First and foremost, now black powder and plates of armor will last until you are sunk or until you log out.
Secondly, we reworked the auction house so that it’s more difficult for players to drive up prices. Now, a player must have the current highest big in their account before they are allowed to make an offer.
You may be wondering what we’re working on at the moment … we’ve heard from a lot of you that you missed our birthday celebration, as well as the opportunity to get the Tempest Bulkhead. We took your feedback to heart and starting on November 1st, we’ll be celebrating Storm Day in remembrance of our open beat release on August 1st, 2011. There will be event maps and incredible prizes, in addition to the Tempest Bulkhead.
Our 3D artists have also been hard and work and have developed an amazing ship that will be available to successful guilds starting in November (based on the final rankings from October).

Arena season 3 will be soon before and we have a couple things we’d like to improve for season 4. The matchmaking will be better and there are few more items up for grabs for those veteran players who already have everything.
I’d like to thank you all for your feedback, as it helps us to pinpoint the aspects of the game that are most important to be fixed.
We’re working on ways that we can be more involved with the community and our Community Managers have come up with some great ideas, which we are now working on executing.
Until then, we hope you continue to give us your feedback so that we can make Pirate Storm better with every release.
May the sea always be beneath your keel, the wind in your sails and rum in cup!

October 10, 2012

Pirate Storm

Price Over Board Week!

Pirates do enjoy a mostly autonomous existence, but that doesn't change the fact that they can’t control everything. No, the only thing to do is learn to accept life as it comes. Mother Nature, for instance, is a force to be reckoned with – she makes the life of a pirate hard to cope with, as she is unpredictable and can’t be kept at bay. There isn't a pirate on the ocean who has not cursed her name because of violent storms on the horizon.

From October 8th, till noon on October 14th you can make your life sailing the Pirate Storm seas a bit easier by determining the prices of the items yourself. It’s really quite simple – the more pirates purchase one particular item, the more the cost of that item will drop. The cost of items will drop by the hour, so we encourage you to bargain and strike deals with your fellow players.

This deal is not limited to one particular item – cannons, harpoon launchers, ammo, anchors, decks, ships, sails and countless other items are on the table. With an offer like this, no one should sail away from this offer unhappy!

Log in to Pirate Storm and make our prices walk the plank! This deal is hard to beat.

Knock yourselves out, Pirates
October 8, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added a life event from October 8, 2012: Release 1.1.2.

October 8, 2012

Pirate Storm

Don’t miss out on Double XP Day where even the greenest sea dogs can become rough and tumble marauders!

Have a nice Sunday :)
October 7, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pillaging and plundering is hard work – all foolhardy pirates must be constantly on their toes to avoid being sent to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker. If you’re a pirate who likes to take life by the reins, then arm yourself with our top-of-the-line of equipment and set sail worry-free.

Ammo is on sale for up to 50% off, so make sure you’re paying close attention to the shop – it will surely pay off!

What are you waiting for, pirates? Set sail and head for Pirate Storm and stock up on cannons. Victory will never taste as sweet as it does at half off!

Get your hooks in these deals, you swashbuckling sea dogs.
October 6, 2012

Pirate Storm

Wir wünschen Euch allen einen schönen "Tag der deutschen Einheit"!
Habt viel Spaß beim heutigen Piratenfest :)
October 3, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added 5 new photos to the album: Battlefield week September winner.

October 2, 2012

Pirate Storm

Ahoy Pirates!
It happens to every pirate sooner or later: You've barely gone on shore leave when your thoughts drift back round to the ship and conquering the untamable seas. But what to do if the ship and your mates are out of reach for the moment? Simple! Download the free Companion app and you'll be back to your witty repartee in no time at all!

The new Companion app lets you stay in touch with your guild and mates any time you want. Once the Companion app is installed, you'll be always visible to your friends! Certain that your friends are still online and want to let them know on the fly that you'll be taking to the seas yourself a little later? No problem if you've got the Companion app! Facing trouble and need help but no allies are around just then? It's quick and easy to write to your friends via the Companion app! The new Companion app will also keep you informed about all news and events! You'll always be up to date.

The Companion app is more than just a simple communications tool, though! You can also use it to increase your stores of cannonballs, harpoons, sails and many other objects! Several times a day a fresh batch of scratch-off tickets invites you to try your luck. And there are also different mini-games with more chances to win scratch-off tickets. It's easy to transfer your winnings over to your Pirate Storm account!

So don't delay, download the new Companion app right away! You'll be more than just available for your friends at any time — you'll also be ready to play and bring home plunder in Pirate Storm, on the go! Enough to set a smile on the sternest pirate heart!

We wish you smooth sailing with the new Companion app!

The Pirate Storm team
October 1, 2012

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm added 71 new photos to the album: Monthly Heroes October 2012.

October 1, 2012

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