People Also Played More... Visit Pirate Storm Games Like Pirate Storm The Pirate Game Pirate Storm! Arr, it’s go time, matey – play now and experience the finest of thrilling pirate adventures

Brand new - the Pirate Game Pirate Storm! Set sail and start wreaking havoc online now! Load the harpoons, turn sea monsters into chum, send your enemies to their watery graves and unleash the devastating power of your cannon fire - have your way with your opponents until all that’s left is the smoldering, tattered wreckage of their ships. In Pirate Game Pirate Storm‘s battle for glory and gold, the end justifies the means.

It doesn’t matter if you engage in PvE or PvP battle; Pirate Game Pirate Storm will knock the eye patch clean off your head with its non-stop action.

Set sail in Pirate Game Pirate Storm as a simple landlubber and make a name for yourself on the high seas. You will rise in rank with every battle, until you are the most feared pirate on the ocean - the mere mention of your name will strike fear in the hearts of the most weathered old salts.
Load the cannons - Pirate Storm is an intense Pirate Game with long-lasting action! Play now for free.
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Media Sources October, 2011

Pirate Storm

Bigpoint's Community Team made a Halloween podcast for all users of its core games. Enjoy! :) October 28, 2011

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Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm with Will Smith.

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you'll have a lot of fun with the Halloween specials we've prepared for you. :) October 28, 2011

Pirate Storm

All Hallows’ Eve Event

Ahoy Captains!
Ready your ships and set sail for the All Hallows’ Eve event from October 28-31, 2011. Three of the darkest and most-tormented spirits to haunt the Pirate Storm seas will come out to play this All Hallows’ Eve. Complete the All Hallows’ Eve quests to bring forth the three bosses on three new event maps.
Starting October 28, each day the next of the three quests will be unlocked. The final boss and his minions cannot be subdued by normal human ammunition. Special All Hallows’ Eve ammo will be available to defeat these otherwise impossible demons. If you manage to defeat this final boss, you’ll be rewarded with the chance to purchase a brand-new ship based on his own.
But why should the hauntingly good time stop there? Those pirates strong enough to attempt all three bosses will receive a 10% reduction in the price of the event ship. In fact, each time you complete all three event maps you’ll receive an additional 10% reduction in price of the event ship – up to 100% off! But remember, each player can only buy the event ship once.
Good luck Captains and happy hunting this All Hallows’ Eve!
October 27, 2011

Pirate Storm

We welcome Zsolt Simon, our 200th fan! :) October 27, 2011

Pirate Storm

We are happy to announce our next release 0.4.6. which will bring you the following fixes and features:
Halloween Event
Have a spooky Halloween in Pirate Storm - Death or Glory with special quests and maps from October 28-31 and a special event ship available for a limited time during the event!

Added Region 4 with new NPCs, monster and quests
With this update, there will be even more exciting quests, new NPCs and monsters in an all new region 4!

More levels
More levels – more fun! We’ve raised the number of available levels from 30 to 35!
Added missing tooltips
Working with the guild window will be much easier and more comfortable since we've added some missing tooltips to it.
Click through the onscreen messages to navigate your ship
Sometimes it's been hard to navigate your ship when your desired destination was hidden under the onscreen messages in the game’s client window. It's now possible to click through these message which makes it much more easier to navigate your ship.
Several bug fixes
We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs such as the guild creation issue on our Latin American server as well as several minor bugs.

Unfortunately it was not possible for us to have all Halloween event texts translated in time. In some countries you don’t see texts in your preferred language.
We are very sorry for that since this does not meet our high quality standards. However, the only alternative to launch the Halloween event with the missing translations was to not launch the event at all – and we hope you understand that we decided to have the event.
October 26, 2011

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm shared their album.

Our team is very excited about the upcoming Halloween event and is working hard to present you a lot of spooky surprises at the end of next week. To get you into the right mood, we present you two awesome new wallpaper motives already today. :) October 20, 2011

Pirate Storm

Hi Captains!

Many of you have anxiously awaited this moment and now it’s finally here: Today’s Pirate Storm update includes a new guild system! Share the adventure with your friends and experience even more exciting action. Unite and sail into battle for treasure and the glory of your guild!
You’ll also find the Handyman 2000 and the Deep-sea diver.
We’re also looking forward to opening Pirate Storm today to the following countries:
• Bulgaria
• Hungary
• Slovakia
• Ukraine

Have more high-seas fun in Pirate Storm – Death or Glory!
October 13, 2011

Pirate Storm

Hi Captains!
our first podcast just went live! Arrrr! :)
October 12, 2011

Pirate Storm

Guild name and guild tag reservation

We know, that a lot of users are desperately waiting for our new Guild system which enables them to play together with their friends.

We are happy to announce that this feature will be released soon.

We’ve noticed that many of you already make use of the possibility to change their name to have “pseudo guilds” by putting a guild tag in front of one’s name already.

We would like to give you the possibility to reserve guild names and tags from now on.

If you would like to reserve a name as the future leader of a guild, please send an email containing the following information to :

• Guild-Name (min. 5, max. 20 characters)
• Guild-Tag (exact 3 characters)
• User-ID

The applications acceptance ends on Sunday, 09.10.2011 at 23:59 o’clock.

Q: What happens, when two future guild leaders apply for the same guild tag or name?
A: The highest PvP rank at the applications acceptance end date wins the tag/name. In case of double applications for guild tags or names, applicants with the lower PvP rank will be informed by a mail to be able to push their PvP rank before time runs out.

Q: If I reserve a name or tag, how do I get it?
A: To get the reserved name or tag, you will have to register a guild with any name/tag for 12000 diamonds as soon as the feature has been implemented into the game. Then just send us an email with the registered guild name that needs to be changed to the reserved guild name and tag.
October 4, 2011

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