People Also Played More... Visit ourWorld Games Like ourWorld ourWorld is an online virtual world game where you create an avatar and enter a virtual world in the sky! ourWorld combines the top online games in to a rich virtual world with over 32,000 virtual goods! It is a place where you select from hundreds of the top online games with genres from puzzle to action, and play to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture, pets and everything else you need for your virtual life.

Hang out with friends in the fabulous dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues in ourWorld. You have your own Condo and quests to perform as you rise through the ranks of the role playing meta game that glues the experience together.

Short description:
Play Games. Meet People. Look Good. =)
Kid Safe Virtual World Social FlowPlay Home design Free to play / Freemium Android iOS Pets Modern
Media Sources March, 2010


ourWorld with Era Wanela and 3 others.

Elf: Hello there! I am Idona Veldar, a Wood Elf archer. Welcome to my condo!

Doug Bot: .......

Idona: I have decorated it to look like my homeland of Elwood, complete with a Sacred Tree!

Doug Bot: .......

Idona: look familiar. Oh, I recognize you! You're Doug Bot! I hear you've got a ton of new game challenges - over 80!!

Doug Bot: .......

Idona: And that for some of these game challenges, you can even win a cool new game decal to place in your condo.

Doug Bot: .......

Idona: Hello?...... wait a minute. You're not Doug Bot! You're just a Doug Bot decal! >_<;

Doug Bot Decal: .......
March 24, 2010

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ourWorld with Era Wanela and 11 others.

Weatherby: Pardon the intrusion, miss, but I seem to have gotten a bit lost. If you could tell me my whereabouts, that would be jolly good.

Ani: Hey, bear, no prob! You're on my new island, Beat Street! Whad'ya think?

Weatherby: Oh it's simply brilliant! But not quite the destination I had intended - you see, I have a number of delightful new game challenges to give out. But first, I need to find my way to Wonderland.

Ani: Hope you like walking! You'll need to go down that street all the way to Soho. Now take the shuttle to the Pier and head over to the Boardwalk. Follow the signs that say Electric Ave. Then hop in the Star at the end of the street and that'll take you to Wonderland!

Weatherby: times like these, I wish my legs were a tad longer.


* Discover BEAT STREET *
ourWorld's newest island has a fresh urban vibe and sweet new clothing from Ani!

* Hello Weatherby! *
He's a big friendly teddy bear in Wonderland, with delightful new game challenges.

* Otto's Shops *
Otto's UFO in Starlight is now selling gear direct from outer space!

* New Games *
Kyobi - A match 3 game with a physics twist!
Monster Truck Destroyer - Smash cars, collect bombs, smash cars
Spin the Black Circle 2 - You spin me round (like a record)
March 12, 2010
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