People Also Played More... Visit ourWorld Games Like ourWorld ourWorld is an online virtual world game where you create an avatar and enter a virtual world in the sky! ourWorld combines the top online games in to a rich virtual world with over 32,000 virtual goods! It is a place where you select from hundreds of the top online games with genres from puzzle to action, and play to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture, pets and everything else you need for your virtual life.

Hang out with friends in the fabulous dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues in ourWorld. You have your own Condo and quests to perform as you rise through the ranks of the role playing meta game that glues the experience together.

Short description:
Play Games. Meet People. Look Good. =)
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Media Sources January, 2010


ourWorld with Era Wanela and 11 others.

"When you're a Greek Tiger Warrior of Light, you don't get too many vacation days.
So when I finally got some time off, I went to ourWorld! (it was a short flight from Mount Olympus)

I immediately got hooked on a new game there called Plants vs. Zombies.
Blasting zany zombies with all sorts of cute garden vegetables -- that's what I call fun!

Before I knew it, my vacation was over.
But I made sure to grab two 'I <3 OW' shirts before I left!
One for me, one for Zeus."

~ Adriana, Greek Tiger Warrior of Light

Check out these awesomely awesome new updates in ourWorld:

* Pandora's Mystery Box *
Open Pandora's Box and see what ancient surprise lurks within!

* Tiger Warriors *
Don your Tiger Warrior armor and ROAR your way into the New Year!

* Crew Directory *
Find the best and most rockin' Crews in ourWorld.

* New Games *
Plants vs. Zombies - Get ready to soil your plants!
Run Bobby Run - Your goal is survival, but it won't be easy.
Aqua Bubble - Match colored bubbles for some good clean fun!
January 27, 2010

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ourWorld with Era Wanela and Alisa Malchow.

Once upon an ourWorld dreary, while I sauntered bright and cheery,

Over to the quaint but curious Midnight Cafe door,

While I knocked, gently tapping, suddenly there came a clapping,

It was a Raven intently flapping, flapping to the Cafe door.

`Low prices every Wednesday,' it muttered, `at my Discount Store -

Here on the new island, NEVERMORE!'

~ Edwin (Allan Poe)
January 12, 2010


Watch the new ourWorld story video - "Azia's Journal" - and find out the answers to these questions and more!

Where does Flow come from?

Who created the islands?

Does Caden really have that stupid grin on his face all the time?
January 6, 2010

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