People Also Played More... Visit ourWorld Games Like ourWorld ourWorld is an online virtual world game where you create an avatar and enter a virtual world in the sky! ourWorld combines the top online games in to a rich virtual world with over 32,000 virtual goods! It is a place where you select from hundreds of the top online games with genres from puzzle to action, and play to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture, pets and everything else you need for your virtual life.

Hang out with friends in the fabulous dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues in ourWorld. You have your own Condo and quests to perform as you rise through the ranks of the role playing meta game that glues the experience together.

Short description:
Play Games. Meet People. Look Good. =)
Kid Safe Virtual World Social FlowPlay Home design Free to play / Freemium Android iOS Pets Modern
Media Sources December, 2009


ourWorld with Era Wanela and 4 others.

What's your ourWorld New Year's resolution for 2010?

Make 10 new friends in ourWorld? Get the high score in Dance Planet? Save enough gems to finally buy a hoverboard? Create the biggest and coolest Crew around?

Write your own resolutions below!

Then check out these new updates for the new year!

* ourWorld Forums *
Love talking and hearing about ourWorld? Come chat in our Forums!

* Crew Photo Albums *
Display awesome photos of your Crew in its new exclusive Photo Album.

* Quantum Jan. 2010 *
Conduct a space-time experiment with mind-bending futuristic gizmos or a robot-powered bench!
December 30, 2009

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ourWorld with Era Wanela.

Suzie: So I go to open up one of these new "Surplus Mystery Boxes" and out jumps this huge shark! And I mean HUGE! It's teeth were bigger than my head! Now that I think of it, I have no idea how it even fit in such a small box. But anyways, I was terrified; I thought it was going to eat me! Luckily, I was able to get away by pretending to be a lamp.

Doctor: And that's where your fear of Sharks came from?

Suzie: No, that's when my fear of Boxes started.

Check out the "Surplus Mystery Box" and these other new features, now in ourWorld!

* Crew Decals *
Tag someone else's Condo with your logo, or proudly display it on your own turf!

* Crew Furniture *
Specially designed for your Crew Club House to make it totally awesome.

* New Games *
Melody of Difference - Don't let the soothing music fool you, this game is hard!
Jane's Hotel - The time management game you know and love.
When Penguins Attack! - Ahhh! Penguins! Ahhhhhh!
December 16, 2009


ourWorld with Era Wanela and 2 others.

Ever wish you and your friends had your own club house, matching jackets with your own logo, and theme music that followed your group wherever you went?

Well now you can in ourWorld!

.....everything except the theme music. =P

* Crews! *
Create a Crew for your friends to join and everyone can earn awesome prizes.

* ourWorld Videos *
Sideshow now has an ourWorld channel - check out our Halloween Video Contest winners!

* Winter Gear *
Try on some new winter threads or get toasty warm in front of your very own fireplace.

* New Games *
Experience amazing puzzle action in Civiballs or burn some rubber in the new racing game, Drift Runners!
December 1, 2009

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