People Also Played More... Visit ourWorld Games Like ourWorld ourWorld is an online virtual world game where you create an avatar and enter a virtual world in the sky! ourWorld combines the top online games in to a rich virtual world with over 32,000 virtual goods! It is a place where you select from hundreds of the top online games with genres from puzzle to action, and play to win prizes such as hair styles, clothing, furniture, pets and everything else you need for your virtual life.

Hang out with friends in the fabulous dance clubs, coffee shops, beaches, and shopping venues in ourWorld. You have your own Condo and quests to perform as you rise through the ranks of the role playing meta game that glues the experience together.

Short description:
Play Games. Meet People. Look Good. =)
Kid Safe Virtual World Social FlowPlay Home design Free to play / Freemium Android iOS Pets Modern
Media Sources November, 2009


You should watch the new ourWorld Game Trailer!

You should watch if you're a sailor.

You should watch if your name is Taylor.


Argh! I can't think of any more words that rhyme with "Trailer."

So hurry up and go watch it now, not later!
November 24, 2009

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ourWorld shared a profile.

Have you visited the official ourWorld application page yet? We're having a fun, new photo-tagging game over there called "Which ourWorld Designer Are You?"
Follow the link below and "Become a Fan" of the page to participate! =D
November 21, 2009


ourWorld with Era Wanela and Emily Statham.

Winter has come to ourWorld! Check out these COOL new updates!
Get it? COOL? Like winter?

...don't worry, these updates aren't as lame as the joke I just made. ^_^;

* Starlight Skate *
Starlight has frozen over and turned into an ice rink, complete with hot cocoa stand!

* Frost Box *
Sleek, icy and exquisitely rare, these Mystery items let winter shine.

* Win Coins at Poker *
Over-13's can now keep the Coins they win playing Poker.

* Wishing Star *
Wish upon a lucky star and get up to 1000 Flow from this Mystery Box.

* New Games *
Battle monsters in 'Nanovor' or create a mall in.... 'Create a Mall'
November 16, 2009


ourWorld with Era Wanela and Nada Medhat.

What do guitars and poker have in common?

Absolutely nothing, except...

They're both new additions to ourWorld!

* Poker Cabana *
Jump into a tub and join the card-playin' fun!

* Amped Guitar *
Play some hot licks on this guitar - it comes with its own moves!

* Gift Gems *
Give your friends the ultimate Gift – Gems!

* Condo Amp *
Rock your Condo with a huge Amp that really pumps out the sounds! Residents only!
November 2, 2009

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