People Also Played More... Visit Ork Buster Games Like Ork Buster Humans lived peacefully in the ancient Forgotten Lands with many other creatures for thousands of years... Except for the Orks. They only seek to conquer the Forgotten Lands, destroying everything in their path. Humans tried to protect their lands, but the Orks are powerful and persistent and all efforts seemed to be pointless. But one day, the elves came from far away to help and gave the humans the gift of magic and a new hope.

The humans formed a Guild where their best summoners and warriors could train day and night. And prepared for the battles to come. The stomping of the Ork troops can be heard from the distance.

But this time, we will not yield! Humans, protect the Gates! Protect the Forgotten Lands!
Card Strategy Tower Defense Fantasy Real Time Proficient City Browser PvP Free to play / Freemium RPG
Media Sources October, 2016

Ork Buster

OrkBuster is coming to an end.
We have had to make a hard decision and shut down the game servers. The recharge system will be closed on 10/31/2016 and all servers will be closed on 11/30/2016. We’re very grateful for your support and the companionship we’ve had during this whole time. In order to express our apologies and gratitude, every player will be given a reward pack. For more information, please visit:
October 28, 2016
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