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Media Sources June, 2017

Imperia Online

Georgi Benchev - Strength and Honor (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Music video, inspired by Imperia Online.

Bad guys crew:
Antoni Davidov, Velcho Sokolov, Borislav Ilkov, LARP Bulgaria

Good guys crew:
Georgi Benchev, Svetlin Kostov, Niki "Odin" Kaiabashev, Metodi "Misho" Tashev, Kremena Radeva, Borislav Petrovski, Pavel Patev, LARP Bulgaria

Director and Screenplay:
Evgenia Koseva

Pepo "Casper" Kirilov

Producers: Imperia Online, BIIY, Evgenia Koseva, Georgi Benchev, Boian Karamfilov

Imperia Online Crew: Silvia Stefanova, Dobroslav Dimitrov, Rosi Tzvetanova

Dimitar Dimitrov

Music and Symphony:
Hristo Hristov

Arrangement: Todor Sanyov, Ilia Lazov "Sharky", Georgi Benchev

Video Drummer:
Viktor Marinov

Video Bass Guitar Player:
Petar Simov

Guitars and Bass:
Todor Sanyov

Montage and Special Effects:
Boyan Karamfilov

Camera: Stefan Gekov "RED", Petar Simov "Ronin", Dimitar Kolev - Drone, Eli Saraivanova

Makeup Artist:
Aleksandra Kostova

Support Crew: Georgi Yvchev, Alberto Dimitrov, Aleksander Vasilev, Dilian Ivanov, Aleksander Velev
June 26, 2017

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Georgi Benchev - Strength and Honor Teaser

Music video inspired by Imperia Online, performed by the X-Factor Finalist Georgi Benchev.
Info on how to get to the premier here:
June 7, 2017

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